How to Save Cash on Clothes

Buying clothes is fun but can get expensive. In addition, if not well planned for, it can cause dents in the pockets due to impulse buying, buying unnecessary items as well as spending on clothes that are not necessary. To curb this, here are some tips on how to spend less on clothing. Shop in … Read more

CS Bett Approves a Donkey Slaughterhouse in Baringo

The government has approved the establishment of a donkey slaughterhouse in Chemogoch, Mogotio, Baringo County. This comes after an October 2015 petition by more than 1,500 residents of Baringo County, wanting the government to approve the facility. Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries Cabinet Secretary Willy Bett has approved the opening of the abattoir in Baringo County, … Read more

How to Soothe a Burnt Tongue Pain Fast

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A burnt tongue can be painful. Whether it is attained from consuming hot food, coffee or chocolate, it is hard dealing with scalds in the mouth. We explore various options on how to soothe a burnt tongue fast, how to relieve the pain as well as taking care of a severely burnt tongue as it … Read more

Natural Home Remedies for Nail Growth and Hardening

Dark Eye Circles Remedies – Natural and Home Dark Eye Circles Remedy #9 – Cold Spoons

Although the rate of nail growth varies from one person to another, it is estimated that they grow 0.1 millimeters on average per day. Generally, finger nails grow faster than toe nails while all nails grow faster in men than women. It has also been noted that nails on the dominant hand tend to grow … Read more

How to Get Rid Of Bacne with Home Remedies

When acne occurs on the face, it is easy to deal with. Some concealer products can get rid of the zits super-fast and give you an instant acne-free look. However, this is not always the case with bacne which is the word commonly used in reference to back acne. In case you are determined to … Read more