Makeup for Small Eyes: Make Them Look Bigger

Makeup tips for small eyes

With every dawning day, new fashion or makeup trends emerge and c’mon who wouldn’t want to look like the next American top model? (I know I would!) Pretty sure you’ve noticed that the latest de rigueur is bigger, curvier silhouettes (I mean have you seen Riri’s curvaceous body, absolutely sultry, right?), bigger boobs, bigger lips … Read more

Makeup for Close-Set Eyes: Tips, Eyebrows, Liner

Close set eyes

Everyone is born with unique features and attributes that just enhances their beauty. Knowing your eye shape is just as important as mastering make-up techniques that flatter your face. For close-set eyes, the width between them is less than that of one eyeball. To figure out whether you have them, all you need to do … Read more