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Makeup for Close-Set Eyes: Tips, Eyebrows, Liner

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Everyone is born with unique features and attributes that just enhances their beauty. Knowing your eye shape is just as important as mastering make-up techniques that flatter your face.

For close-set eyes, the width between them is less than that of one eyeball. To figure out whether you have them, all you need to do is stare directly into a mirror and if you notice that there is more space between its outer corner and the temple, than that between the inner corner and nose then you have close sets.

Close set eyes

When it comes to makeup for this shape, the ultimate goal is usually to flatter your eyes by creating the illusion of more space in-between them. The trick here is basically using light eyeshadow in the inner corners to create the illusion of more space between them. Frosty white and/or sparkling nude hues, with a little dab of mascara or add some fake lashes on the outer corners to pull the attention outwards.

Wide and close set eyes chart
Closet image 

Makeup tips for close-set eyes

  • Always go for reflective or light eyeshadow on their inner corner.
  • Flatter its natural part by using techniques such as the Smokey eye might just be the best thing for this shape.
  • Never apply dark shades on the inner corner.

How to apply makeup 

Here are the very important steps to follow when applying makeup for the close-set.

Apply some primer

Prime them: apply cream, gel or powder primer on them to ensure your makeup lasts longer and to prevent creasing.


Apply some highlighter on the inner corners of your eyes to create the illusion of more space between them.

Shimmer it up

Yes, all that glitters is gold! Light shimmery (gray or beige) shades of eyeshadow are good for close-set eyes. Directly applying shimmery eyeshadow on the eyelids gives them a lifted look and eliminates creases as well. Also, Shimmery highlights used at the inner corner creates the illusion of a wider space from the nose.

The Smokey eye effect

This effect technique works very well for close-set eyes. Start by applying a darker shade of eyeshadow such as black, brown or even dark purple or blue on the outer corners to make them look wider apart. Using a fluffy brush to blend at the harsh edges gives it a fresh, sheen look.


When applying eyeliner choose a medium tone and apply it on the outer third of the eye to create an elongating effect and avoid applying under the eye liner all the way to their inner corner.

Additionally, applying dark eyeliner on the upper and lower lash line will flatter them. Go for nude or sparkling shades of eyeliner for tight lining the lower lid to open them up.

Contour your eyes

Yes, contouring is not for flattering your cheekbones or defining your jaws alone, but also can-do wonders in reshaping and enhancing their shape.

Adding some light on the inner half of the eye, while contouring the outer corners in the direction of the inner corner along the crease section and blending it to the central part will enhance their shape.

O’ holy mascara!

Applying mascara on the upper and lower lashes finishes up your makeup perfectly by giving them a dramatic look. Additionally, apply extra mascara or fake lashes on the outer corner of your eyes to draw attention outwards.

Shape your brows

For this eye shape, extending your eyebrows is the best idea. Long, wide arched and brows that cover the entire brow bone are best. In simpler terms, these shapes look best with wide brows.

To recap the ultimate goal for close-set to open them up. The goal is to create the illusion that they are further apart than they actually are, the balance should be key. Consider your eyes on a scale- area near the nose is heavier-so light colors on the inner corners while darker shades on the outer corners. Apply makeup from light to deep shades.


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