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Makeup for Small Eyes: Make Them Look Bigger

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With every dawning day, new fashion or makeup trends emerge and c’mon who wouldn’t want to look like the next American top model? (I know I would!)

Pretty sure you’ve noticed that the latest de rigueur is bigger, curvier silhouettes (I mean have you seen Riri’s curvaceous body, absolutely sultry, right?), bigger boobs, bigger lips and hey, why leave out the eyes?

Makeup tips for small eyes
Makeup tips

Okay, so anyone can apply makeup but it takes true make-up mastery to create the illusion that you crave to enhance your features. Having said that, for those of us inconvenienced with small eyes or mono lids creating the illusion of bigger eyes is the ultimate goal.

Bigger eyes make people look younger, brighter and awake. And studies also indicate that bigger or larger ones appear more attractive. Hence the dernier cri to enhance them using makeup tricks to get drop-dead large, beautiful, Disney princess looking eyes. Don’t get me wrong, all sizes and shapes are absolutely beautiful!

Makeup tips and tricks to try

Consider the brows.

Your eyes possibly being the windows to your soul, your eyebrows are definitely the ‘window frames’ and play an important role when it comes to creating the illusion of bigger eyes. Grooming and trimming your eyebrows according to your face shape is just as important.

For small ones, the shape of your eyebrows should neither be too thick or too thin to avoid drawing the attention away from them.

And most importantly, make sure your eyebrows are elongated at the outwardly at the corners. You can do this by simply fill them with a brow pencil or gel to achieve the perfect effect. This will perfectly elongate their shape making them appear bigger.

It’s also important to get rid of or rather trim any stray hairs to so that they don’t stand out once you Apply a lighter shade or color of eyeshadow on the brow arch which automatically, draws attention away from them.

Conceal any dark circles

It’s important to camouflage dark circles, puffed or swollen sunken eyes as this makes them appear even smaller. Also, darker hues will cause your eyes to appear smaller, therefore it’s important to master the art of camouflaging and masking imperfections using under eye make-up concealer.

Contour the crease area

Face contouring is just as important when it comes to make-up mastery. Especially, in cases where the brow bone is bulging outwards or you have eyelids are way too small-which is very common for people with small eyes.

Contouring the crease area makes them look deeper set which automatically makes them appear larger.

Which eye makeup will flatter them?

With just the right make-up mastery especially when it comes to creating contrast and shadowing, you will be able to achieve bold, big and beautiful eyes.

Eyeliner for small eyes

If they are small it is very important to downplay your eyeliner especially if it’s a dark shade of black.

Preferably, opt for lighter shades such as blue or any other brighter color. Contouring brighter shades of eyeliner on the upper eyelashes makes them pop, appear more awake and definitely make your eyes appear bigger.

But it’s really important to consider the color of your eyes in order to select the shade that best suits or compliments it. For instance, subtly smudged blue eyeliner on brown eyes will give an amazing desired effect as compared to other eye colors.

Go for an au naturel effect

Okay, so loading up on black kajal or kohl eyeliners don’t make small eyes appear large. Instead, they make them appear even smaller and caged in.  Nude eyeliner shades are much better especially when applied to the lower lash line. But if you must use kohl or kajal eyeliners, consider using it on the upper lash line only.

Keep it thin lines and simple

If you are inconvenienced with small eyelids, the most terrible mistake you can possibly make is using thick, solid strokes on them. Okay, mastering how to contour fine, thin, delicately winged looks isn’t as easy as it may sound, but it’s the holy grail step you need to master if you want your eyes to appear larger.

The trick is to get as close to the lash line as you possibly can and carefully contour the outer corner of the eyes and elongating the wispy lines to form a perfect wing. Practice makes perfect! Eventually, you will be able to achieve uniformity in both eyes and hence play up or improve the technique used to get even better iconic outcomes.

Achieving the perfect cat eye look

No doubt a perfect cat eye is gorgeous in every eye shape and always gives a bewildering, sultry look. Basically, the technique involves extending a winged eyeliner outwardly and blending a deep and lighter shade of eyeshadow on the outer wing with that used on the entire eyelid.

This makeup trick is totally the best if yours are small as it gives the illusion of deep eyes thus making them look bigger.

Use au naturel looking, light and neutral eyeshadow

Avoid dark eyeshadows if you have small eyes instead opt for lighter shades. When applying eyeshadow, consider that the standard makeup application of applying one third lighter shade on inner corners and two-thirds of darker eyeshadow on the rest will not work for you.

To draw attention to your eyes consider using nude, shimmery, neutral and light hues depending on your eye color, skin tone as well as the undertone.

Add some shimmer

Yes, in this case, all that glitters is gold! Okay, neutral hues are the best for small eyes but adding just the right amount of shimmer takes it to a whole other level. Applying pearly, metallic, frosty eyeshadow makes them appear bigger as well as brighter.

If you want to be extra with your look: you can blend out the shimmery eyeshadow to get a beautiful, fresh, natural look or just leave it out the way it is to get them sparkly.

The way you apply shimmery eyeshadow totally depends on you; you can choose to apply on the entire eyelid, on the inner corners only or the central part of the lid- just go with the method that best suits you.

Best eye pencil to try

Tight lining the inner upper and lower waterlines will make pop as well as make them appear bigger. While using white eye pencil may not be the best idea you can opt for nude, natural-looking shades for this effect.

Apply some mascara

To get absolutely beautiful, bold and big eyes don’t forget to use this magic wand. This makes your look extra, making your lashes look thick and fuller. For even extra glam apply 3-4 coats of mascara concentrating on the outer corners.

To avoid clumping or flaking of the mascara ensure you apply the second coat before the first coat dries up. Since they are small, focus on the middle and outer corners to create the illusion of bigger eyes. Apply at least two layers of both a lengthening and voluminous mascara to make the lashes really prominent.

Best lashes for small eyes

Putting some fake lashes enlarge them, making them appear doll-like. Depending on the lash strip, different looks can be created, so choose the one that best suits you. Preferably, to make them look bigger place the fake lashes on the outer corners.

Get yourself some curly, fluttery lashes

A lash curler is to a woman what a sports car is to a man! Curl up those lashes as close to the roots as possible.

Just a little mastery of bright eyeshadow and some black eyeliner where necessary will make them appear bolder, bigger and beautiful. You don’t need to go overboard to make them, even if they are small to really pop! Just a few tips and tricks and voila- Disney princess eyes!


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