Eyebrow Tattoo Aftercare, Cost, Removal & Celebs 

What is an eyebrow tattoo? Are they permanent or semi-permanent? What of temporary ones? Discover more including cost, aftercare, removal, celebrities with eyebrow tattoos, before, after, eyebrows gone wrong and places near you to get them. Cosmetic or micro-pigmentation meaning Eyebrow tattooing, dermapigmentation or micropigmentation refers to permanent cosmetic tattooing done on brow area that … Read more

Thick Eyebrows Men, Girls Trend, Growth Natural

Thick eyebrows are not considered the attractive, beautiful, best or perfect ones you can have but also make one look younger. Look at all the celebrities, men and women nowadays. They all are going for thicker, fuller and huge eyebrows. Learn more about their trends, how to get them as well as how to make them look … Read more

Eyebrow Dying Best Kits, Hair Dye, Lighten or Darken Them

Should I dye my eyebrows or not? Which color would flatter my hair color most? Can I do it myself at home or should I go to a professional? Learn how to dye your eyebrows, the flattering colors to use, some of the best kits, brands, and reasons why you should never use hair coloring … Read more

Does Eyebrow Threading Hurt So Bad?

Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes Black Purple 6L

Eyebrow threading is the most popular technique in town. Unlike its counterparts, waxing, tweezing, or electrolysis, threading is celebrated as an inexpensive technique that produces lasting results. About this hair removal process Eyebrow threading is a technique that has gained popularity only recently.  However, this technique has a rich history with historians tracing its roots back … Read more

How to Fix Bad Eyebrows with Pictures

Lourdes Leon - Madonna's Daughter once seen with a unibrow

Are you among the people who have bad eyebrows? What are bad eyebrows? how do you fix bad tattooed eyebrows? Which celebrities have bad eyebrows? Get this and much more on bad eyebrows.