Foods Not to Eat During Pregnancy, Food Safety While Pregnant

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The list of foods not to eat during pregnancy has become so long and debatable. This makes it difficult for pregnant women to know what to eat and what not to eat during pregnancy. Forget the old wives tales, here is a complete guide to things to avoid when pregnant.  While pregnancy comes with lots … Read more

Health Benefits of Garlic you Should Know

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While garlic is a common ingredient in many dishes around the world, it is not only great at adding flavor to food. Since the ancient times of Greek when Hippocrates was a physician, garlic has been recommended to people in its different forms for its benefits. This being the case, what are the health benefits … Read more

10 Ways to Lose Weight the Healthy Way After the Holidays

If you are still holidaying, you most likely are still indulging in prime delicacies as well as alcohol intake. The festivities have a way of making us abandon all caution we have so well maintained throughout the year. When it is all over though, you are likely to be left with an urge to undertake … Read more

How to Get Rid of a Double Chin Fast, Best Ways

Get handy tips on how to get rid of a double chin fast. You will also learn some easy to use exercises to get rid of double chin that will get you on fast track to a leaner, more youthful-looking face.

Double Chin Surgery Cost, Removal, Before and After Looks

Read on to find out more about double chin surgery including the basics of a double chin surgery and double chin cost. You will also get some before and after picture from real patients of double chin surgery for inspiration on what is possible.

Double Chin Exercises – Exerciser, Machine, Face and Neck

Read on to discover handy exercises to get rid of double chin. You will also learn about a helpful double chin exercise machine. We have also included some double chin exercises “Before and after” pictures to offer inspiration and what is possible.