10 Ways to Lose Weight the Healthy Way After the Holidays

If you are still holidaying, you most likely are still indulging in prime delicacies as well as alcohol intake. The festivities have a way of making us abandon all caution we have so well maintained throughout the year. When it is all over though, you are likely to be left with an urge to undertake a major dietary detox to help you lose weight after the holidays. This though should be carried out systematically as abrupt withdrawal from all the niceties may leave you suffering withdrawal symptoms.

Research carried out by the University of Montreal showed that a sudden withdrawal from sugary and fatty foods may cause you to suffer depression and anxiety due to the changes triggered by the sudden dietary switch. To avoid feeling low and irritable from withdrawing from these foods, it is important to clean up your meals in an orderly manner and thus minimize any negative effects. A few tweaks to your meals and gradual changes should work out well. Below are sustainable means and tips to help you lose weight after the holidays.

Upgrade the Quality of Your Meals

Start off by having meals that contain all essential nutrients. Ensure your meals contain enough vegetables, proteins, carbohydrates and healthy fats. Take frequent meals at least every three hours. These will help in keeping your energy levels up and thus help in avoid a drop in sugar levels. This will help avoid sugar cravings.

Water Intake

Water is quite essential in weight management. It is necessary in keeping you well hydrated. Ensure you start your mornings with a glass of lemon water before breakfast. Take the recommended amount of water within the day as well. You can as well take green juices.

Exercise More

Most of the time people assume that physical activity can only be done in the gym under a qualified instructor. This though does not have to be the case. You can opt for simple exercises to start you off. In case you drive to work, leave your car a few blocks away. When using public means, board the vehicle a point further from your normal stop. Also get into the habit of using the stair case as opposed to using the lift.

Keep Off Sodas and Alcohol

Soft drinks and alcohol contain empty calories causing a significant increase in weight. In case you crave for something sweet, do not opt for soda. Instead, opt for something to chew. Replace the soda with water or unsweetened tea. Make conscious efforts to help you stay away from alcohol if you are planning to lose weight after the holidays.

Control your portions

Portion control is inevitable in weight control. It is very easy to misjudge your sizes when not done using the right tools. Get your measuring spoons and weighing scale and take the right amount of every food component.

A plate Planner for potion control

A plate planner can go a long way in portioning your meals

Go Alkaline

Alkaline foods play a great role in balancing the body pH as well as reduce inflammation. These help in keeping the sugar level under control. Up your intake of parsley, kales, lemons and pears to help you achieve this.

Make Smart Substitutions

When picking your food, look for nutritious but low-calorie foods as alternatives to high fats and sugars. For example, instead of picking oil-popped popcorn, opt for air popped ones.

Always Have a Plan

When attending events, plan ahead. Carry your healthy low calorie snacks to prevent hunger pangs and avoid binge eating. When it is time to eat, pick on the available healthy choices and remember to watch your portions.

Be Positive

Low self-esteem and negative thinking are a major cause of overeating. Consciously allow yourself to focus on your positive side as opposed to the weak points. Dress according to your body type and current weight. These will help bring in positivity in your life and thus avoid stress eating.

Set Realistic Goals

Getting over ambitious may frustrate your weight lose journey. Your weight lose should be a process that will be sustainable. While not everything that has worked for someone may work for you, be patient and only follow what is sustainable. Avoid fad diets since these are only short term.

Losing weight after the holidays does not have to be hard. It takes a few positive changes and setting goals to achieve it. These will with time become a lifestyle and thus help in maintaining your desired weight. Remember to always celebrate your small achievements to help you keep focused on the main goal.