Tongue Frenulum or Web Piercing Guide and Pain

What is tongue web or frenulum piercing? What would a person inspire one to have it? Which are the best jewelry to go for? What risks are associated with it and how much does it cost to get your tongue web pierced? Discover more. Meaning of tongue web piercing The tongue frenulum otherwise called tongue … Read more

Tongue Piercing Healing Process and Aftercare

Tears Again Eye Ointment, Sterile Lubricant, Nighttime Relief for Dry Eyes

Tongue piercing is a form of body modification with its fair share of gothic appeal. It is a great way to make a statement and has a unique charm if worn correctly. Choosing to get your tongue pierced is a bold step. In the U.S, only 16% of the men, and 9.2% of the women … Read more