Top and Bottom Belly Button Piercing, Rings, Pictures and Jewelry

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After getting your top belly button pierced, you may get the urge for a bottom belly button piercing. Some people may also prefer the lower piercing as opposed to the top one. We give insights on top and bottom bellybutton piercing rings and jewelry, pain and some pictures to help you understand the look.

Double Belly Button Piercing Rings, Pain, Pictures and Cost

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Some of the concerns that you may have in case you plan on having a double belly button piercing may include the healing time, cost, and extent of pain experienced. The availability of double belly button piercing rings is another common concern. We delve into the details of these in this post.

Fake Belly Button Piercing, Make Fake Belly Button Rings and Bars

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Most of the time, people seeing it cannot tell the difference between a real and a fake belly button piercing. A fake one comes with the advantages of escaping the pain and infections that may be present in a real one. This post contains details on how to make a fake piercing and ring and what to expect.

Belly Button Jewelry, Rings, Gold, Cute, Dangle and Cheap

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For a belly button jewelry to turn out cute on you, you have to consider your type of piercing and physical characteristics. The amount of finances at your disposal should not limit you for drawing attention to you midriff using your jewelry. We delve into various belly button rings including gold, cheap and cute.

Belly Button Piercing Rejection, Gone Wrong, Risks and Pictures

Belly button piercing rejection is a piercing risk that can catch up with a piercee even years after the piercing has healed especially during pregnancy. It is possible to avoid the piercing from getting ripped off from the skin by removing the jewelry. We look into the details of this as well as cases of belly button piercing gone wrong.