Causes & Getting Rid of Keloids from Piercings

Keloids from ear piercings

Meaning  No one expects to develop a keloid following nose or ear piercing. However, bumps following these have become very common today. Even where care and hygiene are observed during piercing, sometimes these bumps are inevitable. What is a keloid then? If you have recently had an ear or nose piercing, …

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Scar Camouflage, Makeup, Retinal and Uterus Scar

Skin camouflage cosmetics are often used to conceal scars. Read on to learn more about camouflage makeup products including where to find them and how to make the best use out of them. We’ll also give you a comprehensive insight into uterus and retinal scar tissues.

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Episiotomy Scar Tissue, Painful, Itchy & Healed

Episiotomy scar is the last thing you have in mind during the procedure, but it is something you will have to contend with. Continue reading to learn more about episiotomy scarring including what it is, what it means to be itchy or painful, and treatments.

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