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Best Dark, Light, Electric and Navy Blue Eyeliners 

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Looking at how amazing blue eyeliner is, we totally understand why this is the world’s most loved color. It is also exciting the range you can get while still technically under the colors classification we know as blue. From a subtle blue-black to colors like turquoise, cyan, not forgetting metallic blue. You can trust there is eyeliner in your favorite shade and brand. If you do not have a favorite shade yet, you are missing out on great things.

Read on for how to incorporate blue eyeliner in your make up routine and convincing reasons why you should absolutely have one if not several shades available.

Stunning looks

Liquid blue eyeliner
Liquid brand

We are just going to get to it. One of the reasons we think this color is absolutely the look to go for is Pinterest! Check out pintest.com amazing eye makeup with it and be wowed like we were. Amazing right? You can do with blue eyeliner what you can do with black or brown eyeliner, but the looks done in blue just look so glamorous.

We already mentioned the variety, so many shades of this color to choose from.  We are also crazy about colored eyeliner and this is one of such a great color. Isn’t it? We also love that it has a softer effect than dear old black when used to line the eye. And also, navy and darker shades are as versatile as black too.

If matching your eyeliner to your eye color is your thing, then definitely read through the next section so you know the best shades of blue liner for your eye color.

 1. For brown eyes

Blue eyeliner on brown eyes
On brown eyes

Brown is the most common eye color in the world. It being common does not mean brown eyes do not have magic to highlight or a sparkle to bring out, because they do. There are also several shades of brown eyes but most are generally grouped under light brown or dark brown eyes. The right liner will help a great deal in accentuating brown eyes.

According to Marie Clare, blue liner, specifically navy or dark blue is ideal or brown eyed beauties because “as opposed to black, midnight blues will read softer on warm brown eyes.”

If you can get your hands on blue black eyeliner, then that would also be great to trace the shape of your eyes. A liquid type fo this color can pull off a fantastic winged or cat eye without looking too stark against your brown eyes. Consider this option if your eyes are on the lighter side of brown.

Other shades of this color that are fun takes on whether you choose to wear it on your upper lid or on the waterline. For example, you can choose blue pencil eyeliner to trace your waterline for a trendy look, evening or day because even the lightest shade of this eyeliner color is still pretty tame and subtle. For an everyday wear or school or work to go with brown eyes, the navy should be perfect.

2. Blue eyeliner on blue eyes

Blue eyeliner on blue eyes
On blue eyes

Blue eyes really stand out when lined with colors like gold, bronze, brown and green. This does not mean the same color but the right shade of liner is a no no if you have them. This is definitely a look and not just or denim.

The right shades will accentuate the blue in your iris. The trick is going for a shade that is darker than your eye color. Always two or three shades deeper. If you follow this simple tip, then this color joins the ranks of best liner for this eye color. Dark/ midnight  or navy eyeliner is perfect for dark blue eyes. If you have light blue eyes, you have the advantage of more shades of this color to choose from.

3. On green eyes

Blue eyeliner shades for green eyes
Shades to use for green eyes

Blue is not the first color that may come up if you are searching or eyeliners to flatter green eyes. You may come across purple, plum and colors close to that. But certain shades of blue and green do have a way of setting each other off.

This has to be dark blue liner though if you want the green color of your iris and any small flecks of gold to come out. As attractive as they may be, steer clear of eyeliner colors in lighter shades like cobalt and aqua if you have green eyes.

Dark blue eyeliner

Do you love dark intense lines on your eyelid and or waterline but struggle with it looking too bold? Then you should consider dark, midnight or navy eyeliner. “It’s easy to make your eyes stand out with blue eyeliner. Not only does it help to brighten eyes, but it’s currently one of the trendiest shades around.” According to popsugar.com

Navy is definitely subtle enough to work as your go to liner or day to day wear.

Dark or navy brands are available in pencil, gel and liquid form under various brand names. It should not be that hard to get something to suit your preferred look.

You can for instance make your smudgy eye sultrier by using a creamy pencil of this color. Go for sparkly or glittery midnight blue eyeliner for a soft yet glamorous look. According to a vogue.com article, Dior Diorshow Kohl in smoky blue is one of the good dark shades around.

Light blue eyeliner

Blue eyeliner on waterline
On waterline

Brands in lighter shades are perfect for a fun trendy interpretation of eye makeup. You do not need to be all out bold either to try a lighter shade. Because it is an eyeliner, you can start small; say a line along your waterline. You can also trace the outer edge of your cat eye with light blue liquid or gel liner. This color and black eyeliner are hot right now. If you want in, run to pinterest.com for some ideas.

Some of the shade considered light are turquoise, cobalt blue and aqua. Divinecaroline.com has this tip about wearing cobalt shade. “The easiest and most subtle way to wear blue is to line the inner rim of your lower lid with it. It makes the whites of your eyes appear whiter and adds interest without going overboard.”

We think this can also be true of any eyeliner that’s a this is shade if you are just buying into the trend.

The best or top brands

If you are looking for the best brands of blue eyeliner, there are so many. We may not mention every best brands but just a few of the great brands.

Urban Decay

Urban decay Chaos Blue eyeliner looks
Urban decay Chaos looks

Urban decay has to have some of the shades. Its glide on pencil comes in lots of interesting colors and to our delight, several are shades of this color. Chaos and electric are amazing. The reviews always say this is a great product too.

If you are looking for navy blue liquid liner for those precise lines that only liquid line will give you, then Urban Decay still got you.

Try MAC cosmetics

You can also try MAC cosmetic’s pearl glide intense, which they have christened petrol.


Eyeko have skinny eyeliner in navy blue that has rave reviews too. You can try it. We certain you will not be disappointed.

Revlon Colorstay Crème Liner in Rio

Xovain.com recommends Revlon Colorstay Crème Liner in Rio Blue on her piece about summarizing your eye makeup with this color.

CoverGirl liquiline

According to stylecaster, Covergirl liquiline blast is “as bright as the day is long, this eyeliner comes with a smudge tip on the opposite end, meaning you can go from a clean line to a smokey eye in seconds.”

Electric blue liquid eyeliner

Electric colors are a blast from the past that has seen a lot of love of late. From nail polish, clothes to makeup, feel like people want to do the sentries all over again.

It is a great way to do a seventies tribute without going all out. Don’t be terrified of the bright blue, the Cosmopolitan UK recommends a step by step tutorial to “Add a little black eyeliner on your upper lash line for definition.” Then “Take a really bright blue long-wear eyeliner. We’ve used Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeliner in Electric, £13, which is perfect! Draw it all along the lower lash line, corner to corner. It helps to trace the line slightly onto the skin at the inner corners to help the color pop.”

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