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Does Eyebrow Threading Hurt So Bad?

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Eyebrow threading is the most popular technique in town. Unlike its counterparts, waxing, tweezing, or electrolysis, threading is celebrated as an inexpensive technique that produces lasting results.

About this hair removal process

Eyebrow threading is a technique that has gained popularity only recently.  However, this technique has a rich history with historians tracing its roots back to Asia. The technique was used to get rid of facial hair including hairs appearing on the upper lip, chin, and sideburns. Here, a professional uses a cotton thread to pluck the unwanted hairs on the eyebrow through rolling and twisting it.

Does eyebrow threading hurt so much
Does it hurt so much

In most cases, if not all, the professional uses a 100% cotton household thread. There are those who use the traditional hand-and-mouth threading, where one end of the thread is placed in the mouth and gripped between teeth while at the same time being gripped by the fingers. Alternatively, the more common technique is the two-handed approach.

Why we love threading

Eyebrow threading is a quick process compared to waxing and plucking/tweezing.  Moreover, you do not run the risk of taking too much brow off. The procedure takes about 5-7 minutes. This technique is at the height of its popularity and you can easily get it done by a professional at your local salon. Once complete, you end up with an eyebrow arch and shape that will simply convert you to an ardent follower of this new technique. If you are one of those people who is not naturally gifted with an eyebrow arch then you need not worry. A professional will be able to design your eyebrows to your desired shape using threading.

It works by grabbing the hairs located in a targeted region of the brow and plucking them out. This is probably why the pain that results from the procedure is stated to resemble a pricking sensation. It feels like tweezing but one that is done at a faster rate.

If you have sensitive skin, then threading is a technique that you should consider. People with sensitive skin often have an issue regarding the chemicals used in waxing. Tweezing can also lead to the skin becoming red, inflamed, and irritated. On the other hand, it leads to minimum skin issues. It is advisable to go for threading if you are on prescription acne medication, or if your skin happens to be sensitive, particularly around the eyebrow area.

It is also dermatologically recommended as it affects the skinless compared to other eyebrow removing techniques.

Overall, the results obtained from treading last longer and are better compared to other techniques. Eyebrows that have been threaded can last up to 3 weeks looking fab. They look neater, with a cleaner finish.

Does threading hurt?

Yes, if it is your first time. There is a sudden flash of pain emanating from the hairs being plucked. However, this pain is less compared to plucking and does not last long as the procedure is fast. Also, experiencing a sudden pinkness of the skin is not uncommon. The good news though is that this flush of color usually goes away after about 10 minutes.

You are likely to get used to the procedure after three sessions. Some people have described the pain as being similar to being pinched. Overall, your reaction will depend on your pain tolerance level. From my personal perspective, it is a bit painful compared to tweezing. However, the results were worth it.

The eyebrow threading technique has received a mixed reception. To some, threading is worthwhile and the pain is bearable. On the other side of the spectrum, there are those who opt to steer away from the procedure. My advice to you, try it out. Look for a professional and give it a try. Do not let fear keep you away from rocking some fabulous eyebrow shapes.


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