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How to Fix Bad Eyebrows with Pictures

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I have bad eyebrows, how do I fix them? If you are looking for information on really bad eyebrows i.e. shapes, tattoos, celebrities, and pictures, you will get all that and much more in this article.

Lourdes Leon - Madonna's Daughter once seen with a unibrow
Lourdes Leon – Madonna’s Daughter once seen with a unibrow

Never neglect your eyebrows since they help frame your eyes and face. Invisible, badly shaped, neglected, badly colored, sparse or wispy eyebrows form what is part of bad eyebrows you should not have them. While most men might not care how they look like, they should not completely neglect them since they will look awful or horrible. To women, eyebrows are very important and they must be well shaped, trimmed and maintained.

How to Fix Bad Eyebrows – Shaping Them

If you have really bad eyebrows and you want to fix them, you need to let them grow for at least three weeks. During this time, you can fill or shape them with your brow pencils, powders, tints or gels.

Once they have grown, you need to trim them first, before you can begin plucking them. This will ensure you clearly see their natural shape and avoid plucking strands of hair you did not want to pluck. Most people accidentally overpluck their brows because they are too long. Brush them upwards and begin trimming them. According to Streicher, a pro at Warren-Tricomi Salon, “This lets you see the shape better, and you’ll notice you have fewer hairs to pluck.” For most natural looks, trim the hairs one by one.

Once you have trimmed them, you need to shape them well (see more on brow shaping) before you begin tweezing them. Ensure the shape flatters your face shape (see best brow shapes for different face shapes including round, oval, long etc). If you are not good at shaping them, let a professional help you or use a good eyebrow stencil. This can help make your bad eyebrows to look much better.

With the shape you need, begin plucking only the stray brows (outside your brow shape) and each time you pluck one or two hairs, step a distance away from your mirror and see how you look like. This will avoid overplucking them.

Fill them with a good brow pencil and set them using your brow gel to tame the unruly hairs that make your eyebrows to look bad.

Really Bad Eyebrows – Celebrities, Shapes and Pictures

We have seen how to fix bad eyebrows. In this section, we will not talk much but show you some photos and images of really bad eyebrows. We have divided it into a number of sections where will talk about those that have bad shapes, celebrities who have had bad brows at some point and finally give you more pictures of bad eyebrows.

Very Bad Eyebrow Shapes

Depending on your face shape and natural brow shape, you need to ensure your brows are well shaped. These are some people who miss it out here and completely come up with very bad eyebrow shapes that would scare everyone. Some might shave them off before drawing them on while others will simply shape them badly and they end up with awful, angry, scary looks or always-surprised looks.

Some of the common mistakes people do when shaping their brows include putting the arch at the wrong place, using wrong stencils, sharp transition from inner eye corner to outer ones, making them uneven or ignoring them.

Bad Celebrity Eyebrows

Bad celebrity eyebrows are nothing other than some celebrities who had bad looking brows at some point in their lives. Of course, they are many and some might have done it purposely while others had no idea on how they will look like. Furthermore, you might agree with us that some looks were horribly bad  while with others, you will still find them nice looking.

Pictures of Bad Eyebrows

Here, we decided to collect a few pictures of bad eyebrows to help you understand what we mean when we say some people have very bad brows. Whether they are badly shaped or ignored, you need to just have a look at them and ensure you never go for such looks.

Bad Tattooed Eyebrows – Bad Eyebrow Tattoos

Eyebrow tattoos are important for people who have very sparse brows or have lost them due to the various causes. However, when going for them, you need to ensure they do not look awful. Such brows could be as a result of going to an inexperienced technician, having them placed on the wrong place, having wrong shapes, color use or not clearly saying what you want. If they happened to you, you might consider a lawsuit, go for removal or just move on. If you have a bad tattooed eyebrow, you can go for laser removal that is fairly costly. Some of the bad tattooed eyebrows you should learn from include the following:

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