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Smokey Eye Makeup – Tutorial, Tips, How to Do, Get, Make, and Create Easy Smoky Eyes Look Steps

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Get the most comprehensive smokey eye makeup tutorial with tips, how to do smoky eye makeup,  get, create or make, as well as some tips, secrets and ideas. You will also have a list of celebrities who do smokey eyes lik

e Kim Kardashian and others. This Tutorial is a complete one with all that you need.

Smokey Eye Makeup Guide – Applying How to Do Makeup for Smoky Eyes
Smoky Eyes

No eye makeup can make you standout at your evening party or any other function more than the smokey eye makeup. It is amazingly stunning to an extent of giving you the looks of a goddess, if well applied. Of course, different celebrities or designers often tweak smokey eyes a little give a nerve-racking unique look. You can also do the same. It is not rocket science.

In fact, it all begins by following some basic steps for applying this makeup before you can add the tweaks. As a word of caution, if not done properly, smokey eye makeup could make you get the ‘sooty and muddy look’. You ought to know how to go about the whole thing before you try it. You do not want to mess up your evening!

Kim Kardashian and Other Top Celebrities that Do Smokey Eye

The popularly of smokey eyes is obvious. You can choose to call it the celebrities’ eye makeup because it is on almost every celebrity. Who does not do the this makeup? May be it is only you! Here are some celebrities fond of this makeup.

Smokey Eye Makeup - Keira Knightley
Keira Knightley
  • Keira Knightley
  • Kim Kardashian 
  • Audrina Patridge
  • Nina Dobrev of Vampire Diaries
  • Christina Hendricks.
  • Jennifer Hawkins
  • Rihanna
  • Hayden Panettiere
  • Lady Gaga
  • Angelina Jolie
  • Knowels  Beyonce
  • Leighton Meester
  • Cameron Diaz
  • Audrina Patridge
  • Claire Danes
  • Diane Kruger

The list of celebrities who do love smoky eyes is endless. You are a celebrity too, in your own small or big way and you deserve to get the eye makeup for smoky eyes done on you the right way!

What You Need to Create or Make Smokey Eye Makeup/Smoky

The exact things you need as during this makeup makeover might slightly vary depending on what you exactly what to achieve. However, in general, you need the following:

  • Mirror
  • Eyeshadow primer, Under eye concealer, eyeshadow base or foundation
  • Eyeshadow – a light and dark shadow
  • Mascara
  • Eyeliners
  • Cotton buds or Q-tips
  • Eye makeup brushes such as the blending brush, eyeshadow brush of varying sizes.

 How to Do Smokey Eye Makeup – Smokey Eyes Tutorial

Correct smokey eye makeup will not only ensure you are bursting with confidence and you have a celebrity or movie star appeal but also accentuate your great eye features while hiding some you do not like. This is the purpose of any makeup anyway.

Step 1 – Choosing the Right Eyeshadow

Smokey Eye Makeup Guide – Applying or How to Do Makeup for Smoky Eyes
Beautiful Smokey Eyes Looks

The first and most important step is to choose the right eyeshadow you your smokey eyes. It should complement your eye colors and other facial features. Most makeup artists suggest that the gold shadows will be great on people who have either brown or hazel eye colors. If you have blue eyes, you should go for the rosy pinks that have some undertones of gold, as it will make your smoky eye makeup perfect. Green eyes would look exceptional on violet and plum eyeshadow shades.

In addition, to get the glowing goddess look, try a rosy gold or shimmery bronze at the middle of your eyelid or at your eyebrow bones. For those who love plum, it works dramatically well with black or brown eyeshadow, especially when used on green eyes. Furthermore, if well applied, with lighter shades towards the lids and darker on the creases, plum can be worked up to make you look gorgeous. Of course, your choice of eyeshadow is going to influence the overall appearance of your smokey eyes as much as following the right technique will do.  André Drykin, a Giorgio Armani makeup artist advices people to stay away from some blue hues as they are likely to make your smokey eyes appear to be having the dark under eye circles.

 Step 2 – Skin Eye Preparation

Your success while doing a smokey eye makeup can be influenced by how you prepare your eyes skin for this makeup. For amazing smoky eyes finish, you need an eyeshadow base or foundation to make the surface over which you will apply your eyeshadow smooth.

Apply an under the eye concealer and/or foundation, and eyeshadow primer to ensure you not only prepare the surface but also make eyeshadow adhere firmly. Some eyeshadow at times fall off around your eye and they could make your smokey eyes look weird. Be very careful if you are using dark colored shadows since they tend to smear on the foundation that has been freshly applied. Similarly, poor foundation application may cause some eyeshadow raindrops down your eyes.

Finally, when choose an eye concealer; a good eye concealer should be slightly lighter than your skin to hide all the dark under eye circles, eye wrinkles and line. This will ensure you have a smooth surface over which to apply your eyeshadow.

Step 3 – Apply Eyeliner

Using pencil eyeliner, preferably gray or black, carefully trace your upper (top) lashes line. Begin from your inner eye corner to the outer one. To add some style, you could start with a thinner line and gradually make it thicker towards the end or make it thicker on the middle on your eyelashes only. You should then draw another thin line as close to your lower lash line as possible. The line could be complete from the inner corner or it can begin some distance away from the inner eye corner. It all depends on how dramatic you want your eyes to appear. Finally, using an eyeliner brush or cotton swabs, slightly smudge both the two lash lines.

While applying the eyeliner, you are liberty to vary the line lengths, appearance and thickness to get your unique look. Some makeup gurus can advise you to try the liquid eyeliners. This will however be perfect for people who are much more experienced. Liquid eyeliners can be perfect if you want first to dot your inner and outer lash lines before you can join them to make a perfect line.  When applying eyeliners, bear in mind the type of eyes you have since people with big eyes may be required to apply on the entire lash length.

Nevertheless, if you want intense smokey eyes, you should use eyeliner brush with a flat head and dip it into your liquid eyeliner before brushing your lash line. Plum and brick brown is ideal for green smokey eyes. You could also layer your eyeliners with different formulation i.e. powder, liquid or cake eyeliners.

Step 4 – Eyeshadow

The next step while doing a smokey eye makeup is to apply eyeshadow. Here, different techniques can be used depending on the types of eyes you have as well as the looks you want. Generally, dark color shades are applied on the eye creases and blended outwards to the eyebrow bone (this will make round eyes look longer). Women from Asia prefer putting a dark eyeshadow all over their eyelid hoods to create depth.

Pewter eyeshadow covering the whole area of eyelids, some charcoal on the crease and brighter or ivory shades on eyebrows will make you look fabulous, if you want standard smoke eyes.  The very important consideration for irresistible smokey eye makeup is blending your eyeshadows with eyeliners. Generally, brown, gray and dark green eyeshadow will work well with gray or black eyeliners.

For this makeup, some of the best smoky eyeshadow to go for include the following:

Smokey Eye Makeup - MAC Packed to Go Warm Smokey Eyeshadow Palette
MAC Packed to Go Warm Smokey Eyeshadow Palette
  • Almay Eyeshadow Trio Smoky Smoky Brown
  • Urban Decay Smoked Eyeshadow Palette
  • MAC Packed to Go Warm Smokey Eyeshadow Palette
  • 28 Color Smoky Eyeshadow Palette
  • Maxfactor Smoky Eyes Effect Eyeshadow
  • E.L.F. Smokey Eyeshadow Set
  • Naturale Beauty Mineral Eyeshadow Set, Smokey Eyes
  • Bourjois Smokey Eyeshadow Trio Lady Vert De Gris
  • Max Factor Smokey Eyes Effect Eyeshadow in Bronze Haze
  • MAC Fabulousness Smoky Eyes Palette Review
  • Smoky ShadowBlast Eyeshadow
  • Too Faced Smokey Eyeshadow Collection Full

The above represents some of the best brands to go for. Are you looking for cheaper brands? Compare prices now for more insight!

 Step 5 – Final Touch

For your smoky eye makeup to be enhanced, you need to apply some neutral tone lighter eyeshadow using either a wet or dry large eyeshadow brush.

 Step 6 – Clean Up

You are not yet done with your smokey eye makeup! Is it clean? Using a fluffy brush, brush-off any shadow that might have fallen on any areas of your eye. Use a Q-tip to clean any areas that might have been smeared with the shadow.

Additional Optional Step – Mascara

Apply Mascara – if you want to the best looks on your smoky eye makeup, it is advisable to curl your eyelashes and apply two to three mascara coats – black to be specific.

Smokey Eye Makeup Tips, Secrets, Advices and Ideas

The above steps on how to apply smokey eye makeup will work perfectly for you. However, you still need some smoky eyeliner tips, secrets and ideas to ensure you look fantastic. Here are some tips you should follow:

  • If you do not want your smoky eye makeup to fade after some time or if you want it look shimmerier, immediately after you have applied your concealer, you should apply a cream eyeshadow that matches your eyeshadow choice.
  • Avoid heavy eye and lip makeup.  Instead, concentrate on one and leave the other to avoid it stealing attention on your face.
  • Invest on a set of good brushes that will make the exercise more professional
  • Ensure your hand is firm as you apply your smokey eye makeup. It is advisable to put your elbow on the table while you are sitting, as this will make it firmer.


You have learnt quite a lot on smoky eye makeup. This could be one of the most comprehensive guides on how to do a smokey eye makeup or how to apply it.  The length should not worry you because it is much clearer that way. Follow each step, and if you do if for some time, the whole process can be done less than 5 minutes and it will look like it was done by one of the coolest smokey makeup artist in town.

We have gathered information from various top sources such as Marieclaire.com, Allwomenstalk.com, Cosmopolitan.com, etc. as well as ideas from some of the finest makeup artists across the world to come up with this guide on how to do smokey eye makeup. Here are some of our references.

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