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How to Save Cash on Clothes

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Buying clothes is fun but can get expensive. In addition, if not well planned for, it can cause dents in the pockets due to impulse buying, buying unnecessary items as well as spending on clothes that are not necessary. To curb this, here are some tips on how to spend less on clothing.

Shop in Cash

It is always advisable to shop for clothes in cash. This is because it gives the illusion of using much more that when it is deducted from the card. Shopping in cash also helps you to stay within your budget as well as cushions you from having to pay an interest on amount used on clothes as when this happens it ends up making them more costly.

Shop off Season

When it is cold, the demand for warm clothing is high. Everyone will be looking for trench coats, hoodies and boots to keep them warm. The cost for these items is likely to be high in season than it would be off season. Train yourself to but clothes off season for better bargains. This will save you some cash all through the year.

Take Good Care of your Clothes

To get the best out of your clothes and make them last long, it is important to take good care of them. Not over-stuffing your drawer, keeping clothes folded, hanging items and removing clean pieces from dry cleaning bags should help extend the life of clothes.

Shop for your Current Life and Size

While shopping for clothes, only pick pieces that are appropriate for the life you have now. Only pick items that are suitable for your current routine, work life as well as body physique. Avoid buying clothes to wear when you shed a few kilos. Instead, pick something that is fitting at the moment. Learn how not to spend your cash today for the dream you hope to attain in the future.

Launder Properly

To prevent dirt from ruining your clothes, ensure that stains are washed off promptly. Also learn to use the right amount of detergent as well as correct bleach. Cleaning your clothes in the right way will see them lasting longer and thus cut down on amount used buying clothes.

Use Coupon Codes to Shop Online

In case you are a fan of shopping online for your clothes, check out if the specific store has coupon code programs. This should reduce the overall cost of the item you want to purchase.

Befriend a Seller

Whether you love shopping in major clothing stores, boutiques or open second hand markets, it is important to make friends with a salesperson. This way they can give you updates on when there are nice items, special sales as well as great bargains.