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Stuffy Nose at Night Causes, in Baby, Chronic and Getting Rid

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Having a stuffy or congested nose for adults is normally quite irritating. This must be even worse for babies. This is more so at night. What causes stuffy nose at night? How do you go about newborn stuffy nose at night? What leads to chronic stuffy or nasal congestion?  Read on to find the answers to these questions and to learn more about stuffy or clogged nose.

What Causes Stuffy Nose at Night?

Stuffy Nose at Night – Causes, Baby, Chronic and Getting Rid - How to Get Rid Of a Stuffy Nose at Night
Stuffed nose at night

There are a number of reasons why noses get most stuffy during night.  Inadequate humidity levels hinder the process of air preparation before it gets to the lungs. As a result the nasal membranes fail to produce enough mucous. This leads to the drying up of nasal passage which leads to its irritation and swelling. As a result there is stuffiness.

When people are asleep they breathe deeper. In case one is having a nose that is stuffy problem, it is amplified at night.

The laundry detergent and material used to stuff your pillow could cause allergic reactions at night. This could lead to stuffiness of the nose at night.

A deviated septum which could be a birth defect could cause stuffiness if one sleeps on the side. The nose will tend to be congested on the side where the deformity is.

Baby Stuffy Nose at Night or Newborn Stuffy Nose at Night or Infant Stuffy Blocked Nose at Night

A small baby’s immune and nasal systems are still developing. These make them vulnerable to nasal infections. A baby is likely to get a cold frequently and as a result have stuffed nose at night.

A stuffed nose in an infant is usually indicative of a cold. Other symptoms that may accompany an infant stuffy nose are a suppressed appetite, irritability, sneezing, coughing, low grade fever and difficulty in sleeping. One may also notice nasal mucus which starts off being clear and becomes thicker with time with a change of color from colorless to yellow and lastly to green.

Babies are also quite explorative. They may insert foreign objects into the nose. This may not have severe effects until at night when humidity is necessary for breathing and there is an obstruction. They may also hurt their noses with toys during the day and the effects only felt at night.

During the cold seasons it is possible for homes to use indoor heating. This may dry up the nasal passages. The effect may be felt at night most when heavy breathing is necessary.

Allergies in babies may also cause a nose that is stuffy. If a baby is allergic to the detergents used to do the laundry, their noses will become stuffy.

Though they may not cause any serious health risks, stuffed nose can be uncomfortable. Some help is necessary to ensure the baby’s feeding is not affected. Generally, when the nose is blocked, babies tend to breathe using the mouth. This makes breathing whilst breastfeeding problematic. A way has to be found to unblock the nose so they can manage to swallow.

Chronic Stuffy Nose at Night

When a baby suffers from a nose that is stuffy for long, they may develop chronic stuffy nose at night. This may require medical intervention to cure. Consult a doctor so you can be advised on the best cause of action.

How to Get Rid Of a Stuffy Nose at Night and What to Do for a Stuffy Nose at Night

When a stuffy or blocked nose strikes at night, it could make one sleepless. One needs to know how best to get rid of it so they can have a good night’s sleep. Below are some tips on what to do to get ease the effects of a stuffy or blocked nose at night.

Home Remedy for Stuffy Nose at Night

For babies, use the following natural remedies to relieve a stuffy  or clogged nose.

Stuffy Nose at Night – Causes, Baby, Chronic and Getting Rid - Newborn Stuffy Nose at Night
Baby stuffy nose during nighttime treatment
  • Squeeze some milk into the baby’s nostril. This tends to work well for breast feeding babies..
  • Purchase preservative free saline drops and use them when the nose gets stuffy.
  • Bring some water to boil and place it in the room where the baby is. This will keep the air humid and the steam will help to unclog the baby.
  • Give her a steam session. This involves getting into the bathroom and turning on hot water. The warm and steamy environment will help to improve the problem.
  • Place a rolled up blanket or towel under the baby’s crib to elevate it. This will help in keeping her nasal passage clear when she is sleeping.

For grownups, use the following home remedies:

  • Put some just-boiled water into a vessel
  • Add a few drops of any essential oil such as tea tree to the water.
  • Use a towel to cover your head and bring your face towards the vessel. The result should be that your face is placed directly above the steaming vessel while the towel covers your head and the other parts of it extend to cover the vessel. This forms a steamy enclosure with the area in between filled with steam.
  • Take deep breaths while giving yourself breaks in between to  breath fresh air

Another way to make use of steam to unclog a stuffy nose is by having a steam session.

  • Get to the bathroom and have the door closed
  • Run  hot water
  • When the place is filled with steam take slow deep breaths for at least 15minutes.

Nasal irrigation: This is yet another way to unclog a stuffy nose at night. It is also known as nasal lavage.

Stuffy Nose at Night – Causes, Baby, Chronic and Getting Rid
Getting rid
  • Mix ¼ teaspoon of table salt with 1 cup of boiled or distilled water.
  • Add a pinch of baking soda to improve the efficacy of the solution
  • Use a bulb syringe to draw some of the solution
  • Lean forward with one nostril towards the sink and the other on top. This should be done without tilting the head backwards.
  • In the nostril that is on the upper side, insert the syringe tip.
  • Let the solution into the nasal cavity by squeezing the bulb. Use the mouth to breath while in the process.
  • One should remain in the same position until the solution drains out through the lower nostril or through the mouth. If it comes out through the mouth it should be spat out though there should be nothing to worry about if it gets swallowed.
  • Do the same for the other nostril.

Stuffy Nose at Night Cure

  • Use decongestants. These could be in the form of sprays or tablets.
  • If the congestion is being caused by allergic reactions, use antihistamines.
  • If you have tried medication but it doesn’t seem to help, use acupressure massage on your sinuses
  • Corrective surgery could be used as a last resort to cure nasal deformities which may be causing a nose that is stuffy at night.

How to Stop Stuffy Nose at Night

  • Prop your head and stay upright when you sleep.
  • Avoid milk and other dairy products.
  • Eat spicy food for temporary relief

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