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What Helps Stuffy Nose, How to Unclog, How to Fix Stuffed Nose

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During the cold seasons, it is possible for a stuffy nose to strike any time. Knowing what helps to unclog it will save you some discomfort. Wondering what helps a stuffy nose or how to fix a stuffed nose? Read on to get the answers.

What Helps a Stuffy Nose- How to Help a Stuffiness of the Nose

Young woman cough and  holding pills for protection her health
Young woman cough and holding pills for protection her health

There are a number of things that help a stuffy nose. These include:


A stuffed nose is normally caused by swollen blood capillaries. These may have been caused by breathing in dry air which in turn dries up the nasal cavity. This is more so in the cold season when warmers are used to kill the cold. They tend to suck up moisture in the air.

Breathing in steam helps a stuffy nose by adding into the air the much needed moisture. One can inhale steam by filling a vessel with hot water and bending towards it with their head covered. The bathroom is also a place that could be used to get steamed by taking a hot shower and using the time to breathe in the steam. Running hot water with the bathroom’s doors locked could also generate enough steam for one to breathe.


Like discussed above, adding some humidity to dry hair helps nasal congestion. Use a humidifier for the same. Ensure it is always well cleaned and use distilled or boiled water. A vaporizer could also serve the same purpose.


Some herbs act as irritants and decongestants. Inhaling them will help clear a stuffy nose. Using them in tea will also help. The herbs that can help a stuffy nose include ginger, tea tree and rosemary.


Sniffing at the right odors helps to relieve a stuffed nose. An onion offers instant relief for nose stuffiness. Cut it into two parts and squeeze it out as you sniff it. Sprinkling some eucalyptus oil on a cloth and sniffing it will help to unclog the nasal passage.

Saline solution

whether one uses it as a spray or in a neti pot, a saline solution does wonders for nasal stuffiness. It helps to clear up any sticky nasal discharge and thus reduce the possibility of germs adhering to the nasal membranes. This helps to clear a stuffy nose.

Head elevation

One should prop their head up when sleeping. Lying flat adds to nasal congestion and increases nose stuffiness. To help this problem, sleep with head elevated by adding more pillows. Where the congestion is being experienced by a baby, place a rolled up towel beneath the mattress in their crib. This elevates the head a little bit and helps in sinus drainage.

How to Fix a Stuffy Nose

At times, the cause of a stuffed nose is structural abnormalities. If this is the case, the only way to fix a stuffy nose will be a surgery. The conditions that may require this are:

Stuffy Nose – What Helps, How to Unclog, How to Fix - Home Remedies
Home remedies
  • Deviated septum: This refers to a dislocation of the septum which may occur as early as during birth. To fix this, a septoplasty operation will be necessary to correct the deviation.
  • Enlargement of the inferior turbinates: turbinates are responsible for facilitation of cleansing and humidifying of air before it gets to the lungs. This they do by changing their size depending on what process the body is undertaking; whether breathing in or out. If the turbinates become permanently enlarged, they block the nasal passage and the nose becomes stuffy. To fix this, a turbinoplasy operation is needed.
  • The presence of nasal polyps is yet another one of the causes of nose stuffiness. This is fixed through a polypectomy operation
  • The adenoid tissues tend to increase in size after one is born. After the age of four years they should start shrinking. In some children, this does not happen. Other times, children are born with enlarged adenoids. These block the nasal cavity and cause a stuffed nose. To restore normal breathing and ease the stuffiness, an adenoidectomy operation is necessary.
  • In case the cause of a stuffines of your nose is collapse of the external valves, they will have to be fixed through a functional rhinoplasty operation.

How to Unclog a Stuffy Nose or How to Get Rid Of a Clogged Nose

There are a number of processes that one can adopt to get rid of a clogged nose. These fall under various categories as discussed below.

Home remedies for a clogged nose:

Stuffy Nose – What Helps, How to Unclog, How to Fix - Herbs
Try herbs
  • Take a lot of fluids to help unclog the nose. Water, tea and juices will keep you well hydrated. They will also help in thinning the mucus thus unclogging the nose. Chicken soup is great for a stuffy or congested nose. To reap the best out of it, add spices such as chili if you are not allergic.
  • Nasal saline sprays also help to unclog a stuffy nose. One can purchase saline drops from a drug store or make the solution at home. For a homemade saline spray, add a tea spoonful of salt to a cup full of distilled water. If there is no distilled water boil some. Use this as a spray or for nasal irrigation. It helps to clean up the nasal passage and hence unclog a stuffy or congested nose.
  • Sleeping with a raised head helps to drain the nasal mucus. This keeps the nose unclogged.
  • Breathe in steam to unblock the nose. Adding drops of eucalyptus to a vessel full of water will increase effectiveness.
  • Sniffing onions also helps to clear up a stuffed nose.

Medication for unclogging a stuffy nose

One may opt for medication where the home remedies don’t work. Antihistamine medicines may help to unclog stuffy nose resulting from allergic reactions. Decongestants are also great. Some are only available on prescription while others can be gotten over the counter.

Surgical Procedures

If the stuffed nose is caused by structural deformities, the only way to unclog the nose would be to have a corrective surgery. This is applicable where the stuffiness is being caused by enlarged adenoids, septum deviation, props, and enlarged turbinates.

People who suffer from nose stuffiness as a result of allergies should learn to avoid their triggers. This will save their noses from getting stuffy. Remaining indoors when it is too dusty or when pollen is being produced could help a great deal too.

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