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How to Cure a Stuffy Nose

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What is the best stuffy nose cure? Is it possible to cure a it? Most of the times, a stuffy or congested nose is not usually a lasting condition. It tends to disappear within two weeks. Living with it this long can be bothersome with a simple body function such as breathing being difficult. Sleeping may also be hard when one has a stuffy or clogged nose. How, then can one cure a stuffy of blocked nose? Read on to learn the natural cures, stuffy nose cure for kids and nighttime cure.

How to Cure a Stuffy Nose, Stuffy or Congested Nose Cure

Stuffy Nose Cure – How to Cure a Stuffy Nose Quickly
How to cure a nose that is stuffy fast or quickly

A stuffy nose cure can be dependent on the cause though there are some that are general and can help to cure them irrespective of the cause. Below are some cures:


When the nasal membranes dry up as a result of inhalation of dry air, there is an irritation of the sinuses.  Using a humidifier can help to add humidity to a room. To prevent it from aggravating the situation, be sure to keep it clean and free of fungus. Also ensure that you use boiled or distilled water in the equipment. Filling a vessel with hot water and placing it in a room could also help to humidify the air through the vapor produced.

Ginger tea

Ginger has antibiotic properties that help the body to fight infections. Sipping hot ginger tea and inhaling the steam acts as a stuffy nose cure. One could also mix crushed ginger with honey to relief a stuffy or blocked nose and sore throat. This will result in easy breathing.

Hot shower

While using this to cure a stuffy or congested nose, take a shower with the hottest water that your body can stand. Take caution not to get scalded. Keep inhaling the steam produced until the nose gets unclogged.

This will also help to make one feel relaxed by cooling the nerves. It is great when used before retiring to bed. This though is not suitable for people with fever.

Nasal Spray

Nasal spray bottles are available without prescription can also help cure a stuffy nose. One can buy one together with nasal drops or sprays. It is also possible to prepare homemade nasal spray. This is better than the purchased one as some of them turn out to be addictive due to addition of decongestants in them. Use a cup of distilled or boiled water. Add a teaspoon of table salt to it. Put this in the bottle and pour some drops into the nostrils each at a time.

A saline solution could also be used for nasal irrigation using a neti pot. The moisture helps to thin the mucus while salt draws the water found in swollen blood vessels. This helps to cure the nose.

Stuffy Nose Cure – How to Cure a Stuffy Nose - Sniffing Onions
Sniffing Onions

Chicken Soup

Chicken soup is said to possess some medicinal properties that can cure a stuffy nose. The effectiveness will be much more if it is prepared using some spices such as pepper, garlic and some lemon juice. These will help to clear off a nose that is stuffy within no time.

Sniffing onions

Onions act as decongestants. While sniffed, they help the nose to produce some nasal secretions which help to clear up the nose. To take full advantage of this remedy, cut a fresh onion into two halves and hard press it. Sniff it deeply.

Spicy food

One could prepare their food with a lot of spices to relieve a stuffy or blocked nose. For those who are really strong, they can have them raw. Chew a piece of raw chili or eat some chili sauce. The same can be done for horse radish. This though should not be overdone as it may cause stomach upset.


This helps to unclog the nose by releasing adrenaline. Adrenaline helps to narrow the blood vessels thus reduce their swelling. This way there is no congestion.

Breathing strips

A stuffy  or blocked nose could be unblocked with the help of breathing strips. Sticking one across the nose bridge will help relieve stuffiness. They also help to prevent snoring and are therefore suitable for use at night. To ensure they stick and remain in place at night, do not apply moisturizer on your face. Doing so will make the face not to hold onto the adhesive found on the strip.

Eucalyptus oil

Sniffing on a tissue or a piece of cloth on which this oil has been sprinkled helps to clear the nasal passage instantly. Adding it to a bowl of water for steam therapy could also help.

Chronic Stuffy Nose Cure

To cure chronic stuffy nose, one can only have it done in the hospital. If the causes of the stuffiness are deviated septum, enlarged turbinates or enlarged adenoids, a corrective surgery will be necessary.  If the cause is chronic allergy, one has to go through immuno therapy where some allergens have to be administered to desensitize them against the allergens.

Whenever a stuffy or congested nose lasts for more than two weeks, one should see a doctor. This is because the stuffiness could be chronic. The doctor will carry out examinations and advice accordingly.

Natural Cure for Stuffy Nose or How to Cure a Stuffy or Blocked Nose at Home

The natural cures for a stuffy nose include:

Stuffy Nose Cure – How to Cure a Stuffy Nose - Natural Remedies
Natural Remedies
  • Inhaling steam
  • Consuming spices
  • Sniffing onions
  • Ginger tea
  • Breathing in eucalyptus oil.
  • Using a saline solution

Stuffy Nose Cure for Kids

Most cures used on grownups can also be used on kids. These include:

  • Steam therapy
  • Herbal teas
  • Chicken soup
  • Propping their heads at night
  • Kids breathing strips.

Stuffy Nose at Night Cure

Eucalyptus oil: Sprinkling some drops on the pillow will help to relief a stuffy nose at night. The smell from it will help to unclog the nose. Tea tree and lavender oils could also be used.

Elevation: propping your head helps to clear a stuffy or clogged nose too. This makes breathing easy and thus one gets no problem sleeping.

Decongestant ointments: Applying ointments on the forehead and nose helps to open up the nasal passage. This helps to provide an instant cure.

Herbal tea: Taking ginger tea at night just before sleeping will guarantee one an unstuffy night.

How to Cure a Stuffy Nose Fast

For fast relief of stuffiness:

Use spices:  Chewing on chili pepper or horseradish will provide instant results.

Sniff on onions:  This will also give results immediately.

Eucaluptus oil: Its smell will work down the passage for immediate relief

Decongestant ointments: These too will help the flow of mucus immediately thus help to cure a stuffy nose fast.

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