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Nose Piercing Cost or Price, How Much Are Nose Piercings

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Should I get my nose pierced? How much does a nose piercing cost or how much are nose piercings? This article will shed more light on  piercing price or cost as well as give you an idea on where you can get best service where you can have your nose pierced. 

Should I Get My Nose Pierced

Nose Piercing Cost or Price – How Much Are Nose Piercings - How Much
How much

So, you saw that nose piercing on Miley Cyrus and are wondering, “Should I get my nose pierced?” perhaps the better question should be what are the risks associated with getting your nose pierced?

As with any form of body piercing, piercing a nose involves some degree of pain, especially given that it involves sticking a needle into the nose cartilage. This is however something that most people would tolerate.

There is also a risk of infection during the healing phase but this should not happen if you practice proper after care measures.

Some people also wonder what would happen after they have outgrown the desire to have the nose piercing. The good thing about piercing your nose is that the hole closes up if left without jewelry for some time.

With these in mind, it is up to you to decide how to best answer the question, “Should I get my nose pierced?”

How Much Does a Nose Piercing Cost or Price

The first question that comes to mind when you are thinking about having a a piercing on your nose done is “how much does a nose piercing cost?

As with anything, there is no single nasal piercing price that applies all across the world. Nose piercing cost varies from one piercing studio (or piercing shop) to another, from city to city and from one country or state to another. The price generally ranges from $25 to $60 based on our research from user reviews in online forums). This is however a general estimate of the cost of getting your nose pierced, and therefore, it price go up or down.

While this is the average cost for the actual procedure, the overall nose piercing cost may vary depending on the type of jewelry you choose. The price can for example shoot through the roof if you decide to get one of those shiny diamond studs that you see adorning the looks of your favorite Hollywood celebrities.

For example, it cost the lady in the above photo $50 for the piercing (including the jewelry) at a professional piercing shop.

I watched a video recording of her getting pierced and it was a breeze. It took less than 3 minutes and apparently the lady was so satisfied with the healing process that she seem to have all positive sentiments about the piercing experience (in an online forum). She reports that the pain was very minor and even says, “I didn’t even flinch”. Note however that perception of pain varies from one person to another.

Nose Piercing Cost or Price – How Much Are Nose Piercings - Laser Nose Piercing
Laser piercing of the nose

Even with this price range, the best way to know how much it costs to get a nose pierced in your area is to simply ask from some of the piercing shops in your area. As with any “shopping”, it is also advisable to shop around to get the best price.

But don’t trade in professionalism for low nasal piercing price. Make sure that the piercing shop is registered and the most stringent of hygiene standards are observed to avoid infection.

There are some shops that bundle in aftercare services as part of the nose piercing cost. This might not be necessary as any professional piercer will take the time to explain to you how to take care of your new piercing as it heals to avoid infections. If you request however, the piercer can provide aftercare solutions (and of course you charge you a price for it).

Where Can I Get My Nose Pierced or Where to Get Nose Pierced

After “what is the cost of getting a nose piercing done?” the next one (or previous one for that matter) is “where can I get my nose pierced?” The general answer is always: at any piercing shop or studio in your area. But how do you find one?

You can identify for piercing shops in your area by searching in the “Body Piercing” section of the yellow pages. You should then call them to ask more about their services and price. Some shops that pierce noses may offer aftercare services but this will roll down to a higher cost compared to their “basic packages”. You can decide to just do away with such extra service bundles as you will most likely be good to go with the instructions given by most professional piercers.

Whatever services are offered, ensure that you get value for your money. Don’t go to the first nose piercing shop you come across if you have a choice of more than one in your area.

Where Can I Get My Nose Pierced

Try to compare the prices but don’t forego professionalism just for the sake of low price. Getting an infection in the pierced nose a few days down the line is not something you would want.

The internet can also help with your quest to know where you can get your nose pierced. I still can’t figure out how we were able to survive all this time without Google (and the other search engines of course).

Nose Piercing Cost or Price – How Much Are Nose Piercings
How much do they cost?

Once you have identified a good shop  for piercing your nose, in your area and maybe made a call, you may then consider paying them a visit to get a feel of how they work and ask any questions that you may have.

Most professional piercer will be able to answer your questions and some will even book you an appointment. If however you feel that the piercer is ignoring you or you are being rushed, consider looking for another nose piercing shop.

Body piercing studios are regulated by regional health bodies and registered under relevant local authorities. It is also a great idea to ensure that the shop is compliant with any relevant requirement in your city in that context.

We sincerely hope that we have been enable to answer any questions you might have had about the cost of getting a your nose pierced and you now have a general idea of where to get your nose pierced and what to expect from your nose piercing shop in terms of price and services. The ball is now in your court.

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