Types of Nose Piercings Including Magnetic, Keloid and Cute Nose Piercing

What are the best types of nose piercing? Does the question sound familiar? We have got you covered. In this article, you’ll learn various types piercings that you may consider to make that artistic statement which include magnetic, cute and keloid nose piercing.

Best Types of Nose Piercings

Types of Nose Piercings – Magnetic, Keloid and Cute Nose Piercing - Cute Nose Piercing

Cute piercing

Nose piercings are no longer a reserve of Indians. It comes second in popularity among piercings worldwide after ear piercings. Before you get one however, you might want to learn some of the best types of piercing on the nose you can go for or that exist, so here we are.

But before we begin, we need to clarify that although there are various parts of the nose where piercing can be made including the septum, the nose bridge, the curve of the nostril, this article will instead concentrate on the various types of nose piercing jewelry that you can use on the pierced nose.

Types of Nose Piercings – Magnetic, Keloid and Cute Nose Piercing - Keloid


NB: for the sake of clarity in this article, we will use the term “nostril piercing” to mean the more traditional piercing that is done on the curve of the nostril. See the image below.

In addition to mentioning some of the best types of nose piercings, we will look at the pros and cons for each of them to help you make decision if they are appropriate for you. We’ll also mention something about the appropriateness of the different types of jewelry for use on new piercings since choosing the wrong type of jewelry for the fresh wound can delay the healing process or even make the piercing susceptible to infections.

Nose Stud

Nose Stud

Nose stud

Also referred to as a nose bone or a nose pin, a nose stud is one of the best types of piercing on the nose and is in fact the most popular nose piercing jewelry.

As you can see from the picture above, a nose bone typically have a small bulb at the end that holds it in place once slid through the nose. Nose bones are usually used in “nostril piercings” and commonly come in 20 and 18 gauge.

Although they are the most common type, they are not the best option for new piercings. It is advisable to use a nose ring and change to a nose stud later on when the piercing has completely healed.

Nose rings

Nose Rings

Nose Rings

Also holding a special position among best types of piercing on the nose, a nose ring is a hoop-shaped nose piercing jewelry that is normally self-clasping. Nose rings are the best option for use on a new piercing and during the healing phase. This is because they allow for easy cleaning of the piercing area which is important to avoid infection. They also allow ample room for any swelling.

Nose rings can be classified into various categories:

  1. Hoop nose rings
  2. Captive bead rings
  3. The horseshoe or Circular Barbell

Hoop nose ring

Nose Rings

Nose Rings

This is the most obvious form of ring. As the name suggests, it is a simple hoop that snags into the piercing on a nose.

Captive bead ring

Going on with best types piercings, captive bead ring comes with a small bead (made of colored glass, ceramic, gemstone or acrylic) which fits securely into the end of the hoop. The bead can easily be changed to a different colored one to get a whole new look. A captive bead ring can be used for septum piercing or for “nostril piercing”.

The horseshoe or Circular Barbell

Horseshoe or Circular Barbells

Horseshoe or Circular Barbells

This jewelry is more of a barbell than it is a nose ring. It features small beads or balls on both ends and can be for septum piercing as well as nostril piercing. It can also be used for nose bridge piercing.

Nose Screws

Nose screws also play in the league of the best types of  piercings. A nose screw features with a short, straight stem that then curves into a small curl which acts as a screw, holding the jewelry in place. It is normally used in “nostril piercings”.

Nose Screw

Nose Screw

Their ease of insertion and clean up coupled with their comfort and intactness makes them one of the best piercings for the nose and a darling for most people. They however don’t make for a good choice during the healing phase of the piercing.

Magnetic Nose Piercing

If you have always relished the prospect of getting a piercing on your nose but just can’t withstand the associated pain, then you will delight to know that you can live your dream, thanks to magnetic nose piercings.

This is a perfect choice for working professionals who just can’t stand the idea of walking around the workplace with a piercing on their nose. It is also a great option for teenagers and adults alike whose grandmas won’t hesitate to curse at the very first sight of a piercing; just wear it while away and remove it while visiting your grandma.

All you have to do is to place a small magnet inside your nose and the jewelry on the outside and the two will attract each other in a seamless manner.

Who would ever tell that this lady is wearing a fake magnetic ear piercing?

Keloid on Nose Piercing

magnetic nose piercing

magnetic nose piercing

Formation of keloids is one of the risk factors associated with nasal piercings and any other body piercing for that matter. A nose piercing keloid is a scar tissue that manifests itself as a growth on and around the pierced area as a result of over-defense by the body following a surgical incision or trauma.

Keloids are usually not painful and contain nothing inside except for the scar tissues. So, if any suspicious bump on or around your piercing is characterized by discharge of pus or bleeding, then that is not a keloid; it could be a sign of infection.

Keloids typically vary in size from small to large and although not very common, some people are more prone to keloids than others. Keloids on nose piercings (or any other body area for that matter) require medical treatment or surgery to be eliminated.

African-Americans tend to be especially more vulnerable to keloids even though people of any ethnic descent can be prone to them. Keloids also have a genetic aspect and if someone is knowingly predisposed to keloids, then he/she should do away with a piercing on the nose.

Cute Nose Piercings

Types of Nose Piercings – Magnetic, Keloid and Cute Nose Piercing - Cute

Cute looking

How can someone increase his/her chance of making it to the league of people with cute piercings? Well, you can ensure that your piercing on your is cute by seeking the service of professionals with good reputation.

During the piercing process, the piercer will most likely use a surgical marker to place dots on different places on your nostril in order to allow you to make your mind about the spot that makes the piercing look the cutest on you.

Nose piercing jewelry also come with different designs and colors, and each jewelry item will look different on different people. Taking your time to select the best fit for your specific facial features (maybe even asking the opinion of your girlfriend/boyfriend or your fellow shoppers) might make you go home adorning the most cute nose piercing. On that note, here are a few people with cute piercings on the nose:

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