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How to Get Rid of Smelly, Stinking or Shoe Odor, Shoe Deodorizer

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Whether you call it stinky shoes, foot odor, shoe odor, or simply smelly shoes, bromhidrosis is a common problem that can be very embarrassing. Imagine your colleague from the other corner turning up his nose or complaining outrightly as soon as you kick off your shoes. If you have experienced this problem, then read on to find out how to get rid of shoe odor using simple measures.

How to Get Rid Of Shoe Odor or How to Remove Odor from Shoes

How do you get rid of shoe odor? Well, before we discuss that, let’s take a brief overview of the causes of shoe odor in the first place.

How does the odor from shoes come about?

Foot odor is mainly attributed to the bacteria that usually live around your shoes, feeding on the dry, dead skin that usually forms on the skin. In ordinary circumstances, these bacteria are usually in small numbers and not problematic. However, if your feet become particularly sweaty or dirty, the bacteria can build up rather quickly.

When that happens bacterial activity increases accordingly. The amount of the smelly by-products (such as methanethiol and isovaleric acid) produced as by-products of feeding on the dead flaky skin on your feet also increase. This results in odor from shoes and feet.

How to Get Rid of Smelly, Stinking or Shoe Odor, Shoe Deodorizer
Stinking or Shoe Odor

A fungal infection called athlete feet can also lead to shoe odor. You can pick up athlete feet in gym’s changing rooms or by touching feet with someone who has got it. [Read more on causes of foot odor]

So how do you remove that offensive odor from your shoes? Here are a few tips:

  1. Use cedar wood chips or cedarsoles: putting cedar chips in your feet before storing them is a great way to get rid of that embarrassing shoe odor. In addition to fighting the bacteria responsible for the smell, cedar wood chips also give your shoes a pleasant smell. These days, you can as well use cedarsoles instead of the regular insoles.
  2. Wash and dry your feet daily: nothing is as important as keeping your feet clean and free of moisture when it comes to eliminating and preventing shoe odor. Washing your feet everyday prevent a build up of feet bacteria.

Using warm water and soap is advisable. You may also consider adding some salt into the water. After washing the feet, you should dry them thoroughly as bacterial growth is favored by moist environment.

  1. Dry your shoes with powder: bacterial growth is not favored by dry environment. Making the shoes inner side dry can thus help remove odor from shoes. To dry out your shoes, can add some baby powder before storing them or before wearing them. Talcum powder is also a great option.
  2. Blow-dry your shoes: the moisture in the shoes provides a favorable environment for growth of bacteria. It is a chief suspect if you are experiencing a shoe odor problem. Consider blowing warm air into the shoes using a blow drier set to the minimum temperature.
  3. Aerate your shoes: keeping your shoes in the open air every now and then allows air circulation into the shoes which can help decrease odor from the shoes.  You can as well consider putting the shoes in direct sunlight for a short time.
  4. Wash your shoes often: with time shoes can get dirty and collect dead flaky skin from the feet. Washing your shoes removes these dead skin cells which bacteria typically feed on. This can help to get rid of shoe odor.
  5. Wear socks made of appropriate materials: to get rid of shoe odor, it is not only important to wear socks every time you have your shoes on, but to also choose socks made of appropriate materials. Cotton and woolen socks do a better job at absorbing sweat and allowing your feet to breathe than polyester and nylon.
  6. Change your socks everyday: changing your socks every day should be an integral part of your personal hygiene. This prevents build up of the dry, dead skin cells from your feet and, of course, the bacteria that feed on them.
Shoe Deodorizer - ShUVee Shoe Deodorizer
Shoe Deodorizer – ShUVee Shoe Deodorizer
  1. Wash your socks in the right way: If you have been washing your socks everyday but foot odor doesn’t seem to clear completely, try to wash your socks inside out. This ensures a more thorough removal of the dead skin collected on the inside surface of the socks.
  2. Alternate your shoes: another effective way to get rid of shoe odor is to have at least two pairs of shoes and alternate them daily. This gives the shoes some time to dry which then helps to minimize growth of bacteria.
  3. Use the right pair of shoes: If you have been washing your shoes everyday and alternating them on a daily basis, but shoe odor doesn’t seem ready to give you a break, you could probably be wearing the wrong type of shoes. Plastic shoes don’t allow your feet to breathe and can increase the degree of sweating. Instead, try using leather or canvas shoes.
  4. Use shoe odor eater: these days you can use shoe odor eater to get rid of shoe odor. These are simply products with antiseptic and/or antiperspirant properties. They come in various forms ranging from sprays to creams and powders.

Shoes Deodorizer

Using shoes deodorizer is also a great option for getting rid of shoe odor.  Shoe deodorizers typically have antibacterial properties to eliminate fungi and bacteria that cause shoe odor.

Some also have antiperspirants in order to reduce the level of sweating of the feet. You can easily but one at a pharmacy.

A good example of a shoes deodorizer is shUVee Shoe Deodorizer

That is how to get rid of shoe odor. So, if you are constantly worrying about the prospect of having to remove your shoes, use these tips to remove the odor in your shoes and avoid unnecessary embarrassment the next time you visit a friend or family member.

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