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How to Use White Eyeliner, How to Apply White Eyeliner, Tips, Secrets & Tutorials

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White eyeliner can help make your eyes brighter, bigger and dazzling if you know how to use it well. You have seen top celebrities including Tyra Banks looking super fabulous in this eyeliner color. Who said you cannot look good too? 

In summary:

  • How to use or how to wear white eyeliner including using it in waterlines – 9 Ways
  • Best brands of white eyeliner and where you can buy them
  • How to apply white eyeliner, tutorial
  • White eyeliner tricks and tips for great looks

If you walked to your drugstore, you will notice some sticks of white eyeliner. If you do not know, this is one of the most feared eyeliner because most women do not know how to use it. They are afraid it might make them look awful while it make smaller eyes look bigger!

White Eyeliner – Tyra on White Eyeliners
Tyra on White liners

However, if used well, you stand a chance of becoming dramatic and hilarious. Haven’t you seen so many celebrities using it and they look awesome? Being a lighter  or bright color, it will help highlight your eyes, make them magnificently outstanding. So how do you use this eye liner?

How to Use White Eyeliner or How to Wear, 9 Ways to Use

Bad use of this can make your eyes glossy, dropping and very big. People with big eyes should be careful when using it. Furthermore, not everyone can use it. If you want to use this liner, here are some of the instances you can use it:

1. As a Conventional Eyeliner

When applied on inner lash lines, it makes the eyeballs to appear bigger by extending its white color. This use can also be applied on people who have oriental eye type or deep set eyes to help transform their looks to be more tad, bigger and nice looking.

In addition, it could make you look dramatic and very noticeable and it can help reshape your lash line, if you know how to go about it.

However, my general advice is that unless you are an expert in blending white eye liner with other best eyeliner colors, for modeling purposes or when taking modeling photos, avoid it on your lash lines, as you would look awful irrespective of how beautiful your eyes are.

2. Inner Corner Highlighting

For a pop or awake looks, you can use it in your inner eye corners. If you envy them, opera looks can also be achieved by using this liner on your lower lash lines only.

This will require blending with other types of eyeliners. Using white eye liners in this way will brighten your eyes, and make them look much wider. To apply it, make a V on your inner eye corners using this eyeliner and smudge it or blend it with other colors.

3. White Eyeliner on Water line or Highlighting Eye Waterlines

Apply this eyeliner  it on the inner waterline to make your eyes to look much bigger, if you have small eyes. This is suited for people who have small eyes and they want them to appear bigger.

People who have big eyes should not use the it on their inner lash lines. Their eyes will look bigger and droopy. Just like, you do not want your bust to look saggy; neither should your eyes look that way.

4. To Form Color layers

You could use it in forming color layers. For instance, you can begin with a thick layer, twice the normal size; follow it with a good brown or black eye liner on top of it about half the thickness. This will create two layers, which will make your eyes to look dramatic and incredible.

5. Tinting other Eyeshadow or Eyeliners

No other eyeliner color can tint or soak eyeshadow colors better than while eyeliner. Are you unable to get a certain shade of color? By lining  it and dusting it with that particular color, your color will slightly vary.

Furthermore, your it will help the end result color you have to stay intact the whole day. In fact, people who buy white eye liners and they do not seem to like them after trying can use them as primer or base for other colors. Paint this liner first then cover it with the color you want. This will modify your final appearance.

6. Shaping Eyebrows and Highlighting Brow Bones

White eyeliners could be used in shaping your eyebrows i.e. apply around your eyebrows to make the shape you want. In addition, you can use it in highlighting brown bones. Apply it below your brown and then slightly smudge it along this bone.

7. Hiding Blemishes

This eye liner could be perfect in hiding any reddish blemishes on your eyelids especially those caused by dark circles under eyes. You will apply it first before you use your eye concealer. This is particularly important for people whose red lines or marks still appear after applying a concealer.

8. On your Nails

If your nails are undone, you can use the white eye liner on their tip to make them very neat and bring the French manicure illusion.

9. On the Brow Bone

To make vivid the color of your eyeshadow, it will be perfect when used on brow bone.

Best White Eyeliner, Top Brands and Where to Buy White Colored Eyeliner

Having looked at ways you can use white eyeliner; it is worthwhile look at some of the best white eye liner. This list is not conclusive and if you do not find your favorite brand, you need not to worry.

White Eyeliner Colors
Applying Pencil White Liner
  1. Prestige Eyeliner, White, 0.04 Ounce
  2. NYX Mechanical Eye Pencil, White
  3. NYX Slim Pencil 918 White Pearl
  4. Artist’s Eye Pencil – #10 Writer – Estee Lauder – Brow & Liner
  5. Rimmel pencil
  6. Stila Kajal pencil
  7. Giorgio Armani Smooth Silk Eye Pencil in #0
  8. Baby Eyes byPaula Dorf
  9. Starry Long Lasting Waterproof  Gel in Snow
  10. Jane Iredale’s
  11. Wet ‘n’ Wild Eye Pencil
  12. Dolce & Gabbana – Crayon Intense
  13. Prestige Classic Khol in E30
  14. NYX Retractable

We are not recommending any of the above best white eyeliners. You need to do your independent research and read reviews and see how they are priced before you can make your own independent choice.

On where to buy white eyeliner, you are likely to find them on most of your local beauty stores as well as leading online stores such as eBay, Amazon.com and the specific manufacturer of there the various top brands.

White Eyeliner – Ways How to Use, Secrets, Tips, Advices and Best White Eyeliners
Highlighting Inner Eye Corners

How to Apply White Eyeliner or White Eyeliner Tutorial

The steps of using white colored eyeliner are same, as those on you will follow as you apply any other eyeliner. Whatever is here is just a small addition to ensure you do it correctly.

When applying on the waterline, gently press your eyelid using the back of your finger just below your eyes to see the lower waterline more clearly as the eye will roll out and the waterline will be more visible.

You should then draw a line without freaking out carefully to avoid poking your eye. It will look a little stark at first but you need to blink several times to transfer some of of it to your upper waterline. This will soften it. See how to apply eyeliner with tips, secrets, using some of the best eyeliner brands if you are a newbie.

Tricks, White Eyeliner Tips & Secrets

White Eyeliner – White eyeliner Looks
White liner Looks – on Waterline

You definitely want to look great. Here as some of the tips, secrets and advice that have kept most of the top celebrities looking great.

  • Avoid using it on your lash lines without finishing it off with black eyeliner close to your lash lines. Similarly, avoid thick white lines around your entire eyes unless you know the techniques to use as this could make you look like a ghost! However, you have a chance to experiment and see if you like the looks, you get.
  • When applying on your inner lash lines or rims, avoid using too much as the excess might gather at your eye corners after some time and this might make you look terrible.
  • Close-set eyes will be better with white liner around the inner corners. People with wide set eyes should use it on their outer corners to bring their eyes a little closer (inner). Ensure you both smudge as well as blend the line you created.
  • Using white eye liner on your upper lash line and blending it with mascara, especially the brown mascara or black mascara close to your eyelashes will make you look attractive and your eyes will be brightened.
  • For people whom white does not work well with their skin color, they could try silver, pearly off white, gold or champagne eyeliners depending on the choice of other clothing they are wearing.
  • When applying the it on your waterlines or inner lash lines, be careful not to poke your eye.

How to Use White Eyeliner Video


Try Banks puts a spark of silvery white liner her eyelids and she looks incredible. Many other models use this eyeliner so much. The important thing is you should know is how to use white eyeliner and keep on experimenting.

Following the above secrets, tips and advice is necessary if you are to achieve great looks. Otherwise, doing it wrongly might make you get everyone scared by your ghostly looks.

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