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Kohl Eyeliner or Kajal Eyeliner – What Is, Best, Pencil, Tips, and How to Apply Kohl Liner

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Learn what is kohl eyeliner also known as kajal eyeliner, some of the best brands including kohl pencils, pros and cons. You will also know how to apply it, tips and secrets to get the best looks with this darkest ever eyeliner!.

Kohl Eyeliner Pencil or Kajal Eyeliner Looks
Kohl or Kajal Eye liner Looks

For ultra sultry or ultra-smokey eye looks that celebrities have, try kohl or Kajal liners. You will get dramatic looks that other black eyeliners might not be able to achieve. However, before we learn how to use them, let us know what it is first.

What Is Kohl Eyeliner – What Is Kajal Eye liner

Kohl eyeliner, also known as Kajal eyeliner is essentially made from lampblack (soot) and other natural ingredients with a purpose of soothing, cleansing and protecting the eye against infections as well as the sharp sun glares.Of course, kohl eye liner pencil closely resembles pencil liners but this crayon has a softer texture.

Traditionally, Kajal pencil has been used in IndiaEgypt and Middle East and it is one of the oldest types of eyeliners to be used. It was traditionally made from heavy metals (lead sulfite), galena or antimony. Due to the effects of heavy metals, modern kohl pencil is made from ingredients that are non-toxic such as resins, plant extracts and soot.

When using it, you will realize that Kohl glides easily but you need to be careful while using it unless you want to get the Panda looks.

Kohl Eyeliner Pencil-Kaajal Eyeliner – Pros, Cons, Tips, Best Types and How to Apply Kohl Eyeliners
Great Looks

In North Africa, it was used by people of all ages and genders, as it was believed to protect the eyes from infection and desert sun as well as moisturizing and protecting the skin around eyes. Egyptians, who are believed to have pioneered in making  it made many other colors except black such as malachite, lapus lazuli.

Pros of Kohl Eyeliners (Kajal Eyeliners)

  • Ideal for sootier smudge intense black looks (smoky, smoldering smudged look)
  • Kajal eyeliner can help protect your eyes from infections since it is made from natural ingredients only.
  • They can be used for inner eye rims since they are free from any irritant ingredients. Furthermore, it is also creamy, soft and very comfortable. You will not poke your eye while applying it in your inner eye rims like you would with pencil liners.
  • Easy to apply because of it has a creamy texture that smoothly glides.
  • It will give you the blackest eyeliner that is most intense that any other liner.
  • With hot water and a towel, you can remove kohl or Kajal eye liner.

Cons of Kohl Eye liner (Kajal Eyeliners)

Kohl Eyeliner Pencil Kaajal Eyeliner - Soft Kaajal Eyeliner
Soft Kaajal Eyeliner
  • It is difficult to use, especially to a newbie, compared to other types of eyeliner.
  • It could look messy and smudge a lot if not well applied
  • It is not easy to get authentic brands in the market that has been made from soot and not cosmetics.

The Best Kohl Eyeliners Pencil -Top Kajal Eyeliners

Kohl eyeliner pencil is no doubt a good liner worthwhile trying. We reviewed the various best Kajal eyeliner brands in the market and read readers reviews, ratings and comments to be able to compile the list of the best brands. If you intended to try it out, here are some of the best brands you could go for:

  • RIMMEL LONDON Soft Pencil
  • Jillian Dempsey for Avon Professional
  • Bobbi Brown
  • Le Kohl Pencil™ Smooth Defining
  • Guerlain Eye liner & Kohl pencil
  • Givenchy Magic Khol Eye Liner Pencil
  • Rimmel Soft Kajal Eye Pencil Jet Black
  • Wet ‘n’ Wild Kohl Kajal Brow/ Pencil, Black
  • Rimmel Soft
  • Kohl Power Eye Pencil | M•A•C
  • Limited Collection Pencil – Marks & Spencer
  • Mumtaz Black Kajal Herbal Pencil
  • BYS Kohl Eye Liner Pencil
  • Max Factor – Pencil
  • Givenchy Magic Khol Eye Liner Pencil
  • SEPHORA COLLECTION Kohl Waterproof
  • Avon –  customer
  • Guerlain’s Terracotta Khôl Kajal Intense Indian Kohl
  • Shahnaz Husain Kajal 
Kohl Eyeliner Pencil Kaajal Eyeliner – Pros, Cons, Tips, Best Types and How to Apply Kohl Eyeliner
Kajal or Kohl Pencil Liners

If you do not see your best kohl eyeliner pencil listed here, you have nothing to worry about because the above is only a representative of what is in store for you and not all inclusive. There are many best brands not included in this list.

How to Apply Kohl Eyeliner (How to Apply Kajal Eyeliners)

Once you have bought one of the favorite or best brands, the most important part is how to use it. If well applied, you will have the most smokey and smoldering looks.

Since it has an oily formulation, it will work well for waterlines or inner lower eye rims without migrating. How to apply them is a moderate exercise that needs a few minutes for beginners and much shorter time for experienced people.

What You Need

  • You favorite Kohl (I use stila Kajal Eye Liner, Sapphire)
  • Mirror
  • Cotton Swabs

Steps on to follow when applying kohl eyeliner

Usually, before using any eyeliner, you need to apply the other eye makeup such as under eye concealer, eyeshadow primers, eyeshadow base, foundation etc except mascara. In this discussion, we are not going to discuss how to apply a concealer (for people who have dark under eye circles, under eye wrinkles and other imperfections) or how to apply eyeshadow. We will go straight to how to apply kohl eyeliner with an assumption you already know them.

  1. Thoroughly dry your hands before touching the area around your eyes or kohl pencil/Kajal.
  2. Press gently on the tip to warm it or roll the tip around your arms severally. This will make application much easier.

Applying Kohl on Lower Waterline

  1. Hold the eyeliner as you do when you want to write using a pencil. Using your index finger of the other hand, press the bottom your lower eyelid, just below the lash line so that your waterline is much more visible. This will make application of Kajal much easier.
  2. While looking into your mirror put kohl eyeliner pencil tip at your eye corner near your tear duct and glides along your waterline. You could use either a single continuous line or several short dashes. Different sources teach different ways on how to apply them. Some might insist on using dotted lines or continuous lines. When you finish, release your lower lid and close your eye.

Applying Kajal Eyeliner on Upper Lash Line

  1. You are finished with your lower waterline; you need to go to the upper eyelid where you need to close the eye being applied. People who are very experienced might slightly open the eye as they apply them.
  2. Next, place your kohl or kajal pencil on the inner corner on your upper eyelid, draw a line using short dashes, and slowly fill them. You could also use a single swipe if you are experienced.
  3. Using cotton swab, smudge your upper eyelid if you want to get the smoky look. You should smoothly blend out your color reducing the harsh line you might have created.

How to Apply Kohl Eyeliner/Kajal Video Guide

Kajal or Kohl Eyeliner Tips. Secrets, Ideas and Advices

Kohl Eyeliner Penci or Kaajal Eyeliner – Kajal Eyeliner Looks
Kajal liner Looks

The above steps on how to use kohl eyeliner are complete and they will make you look dramatic. However, in addition to the steps, you also need to know the below Kajal eye liner tips and secrets that some of the successful makeup artists use on daily basis.

  • While using the or any other eyeliners and you feel any pain, discomfort, redness or itching sensation, you need to stop using it.
  • You could use them on both eyelids (upper and lower) or one e.g. to diffuse your lower lash line while you do not use on the upper lash line and vice versa.
  • To reduce the intensity of your lash line (make it less harsh) use dot approach but ensure they are close to each other and smudge them to get a continuous milder lash line.
  • When smudging, you need to do it away from the lash line or outwards until you reach the depth you want.
  • If you have shaky hands, you should place your elbow on a firm table as you apply them. This will help achieving a consistent and smooth line.


You have known how to applythem, best brands, what they are including Kohl pencils and top brands including Stila Kajal. You might not try out the first time and make everything look perfect. You might need to keep on practicing and after several attempts; you will be able to do it like a pro. This is nothing impossible with Kajal eyeliners; in fact, they are the easiest to use.

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  1. My eyes water alot unfortunately so what is the best kohl eyeliner (black) that will not fade away so easily? Right now i’m using Rimmel Soft Kohl Kajal Eye Pencil Jet Black.

    • @Natasha. You need to use a waterproof kohl eyeliner since you have watery eyes, it will not fade or smudge easily. Some of the top waterproof kohl eyeliners I can recommend include:
      Rimmel London Scandal Eyes Waterproof Kohl Eyeliner Black
      Sephora Keep Kohl! Waterproof Liner
      Bad Gal waterproof kohl eyeliner
      From my experience, Rimmel London Scandal Eyes Waterproof Kohl Eyeliner Black is really good and it does really help people who both have watery eyes or even tearing ones.


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