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Brown Eyeliner – Best, Light, Dark, Bobbi Brown, When and How to Apply Brown Eye liner

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Before we look at best, light, dark or how to apply brown eyeliner, you should known that if you find black eyeliner too harsh on you, they are perfect alternative. They will make you look stunning and exceptionally dramatic, especially if you match up with correct eyeshadow and mascara to accompany them. In this article you are going to get valuable information on the best brown eyeliners, when to use them, how to use them and general tips.

Brown Eyeliner – Best Types, When and How to Apply Brown Eyeliner
Best Types

If you want bigger and brighter eyes, brown eye liner color should be what to go for if you not black. If used well, it would give you the glamour you see on most of the Hollywood celebrities who look dramatic and stunning. It can be used well or blended with black. If blended well with black eyeliners, they will make you look dramatic!

Best Brown Eyeliner – Top Brands

We want you to shine and this is why we are giving you some of the best brands. Of course, if you are fun of this color, you should already know that many great brands exists and some you could try. So, what are some of the most popular and best brown eyeliners that will guarantee you great results?

  • Almay Liquid Brown Eyeliner
  • CoverGirl LiquilineBlast Eyeliner Brown
  • BADgal waterproof
  • Laura Mercier Tightline – Mahogany Brown
  • Chanel Brun-Cuivre (66) Precision Eye Definer
  • Chanel Brun-Teak (02) Precision Eye Definer
  • CoverGirl  Liquiline Blast
  • Dolce & Gabbana #1
  • Dolce & Gabbana #11
  • L’Oreal 24H Super Liner Waterproof Gel
  • MAC Brownborder Technakohl Liner is
  • MAC Uniform Technakohl Liner
  • Marion Cotillard’s Sooty
  • Milani Liquif’Eye
  • Revlon Color Stay in
  • Revlon ColorStay Eyeliner Pencil, Black  202
  • Revlon Luxurious Color  Sueded
  • Tokidoki Savana Glitter
  • Urban Decay Bourbon 24/7 Liner
  • Urban Decay Corrupt 24/7 Liner
  • Urban Decay Underground 24/7 Liner
  • Jouer Mure Eye Definer

This list of best brands is endless.  I have only given the above examples to help people who need them and they do not know any brand to buy. Here some of the amazing brown eyeliners and how they are price.  Also, ensure you know the exact shade you need since they they come in a number of shades, which vary, from one to another.  Finally, on any of the above list of top brands, you still need to do your own independent research and read brown eyeliner reviews to be certain you have gone for the best type.

How to Wear Brown Eyeliner

Brown Eyeliner Wonderful Brown Eyeliner Looks
Wonderful Looks

When it comes to ways on how to apply brown eyeliner, the exact methodology to be used will dependent on the form in which specific form comes in. They come in many forms which include gel or cream, pencil, glitter, Liquid, cake eyeliner, among many other types of eyeliners.

Generally, they goes well for all eye sizes and eye colors except using light brown on brown eyes. This will give you a dull look. Even chocolate shades will still look great. However, chocolate colors will look exceptional when you want smokey eye looks. Blonde-haired people will look great on lighter shades  if they have a fair skin.

Finally, these eyeliners are also good if blended with other eyeliners, especially black eye liner. You will see in many occasions where some celebrities decide to use them on their upper eyelid while the lower has black and vice versa.

When to Wear Brown Eyeliner

Brown eyeliners could be worn almost in all instances where you can use black eyeliner. Some of the common places where you can use them and still look stunning include the following:

Dark Shades for Office – At times, black eyeliner can be too much at your working place. Instead of going without eyeliner, you could opt to use darker shades to help define your eyes and give a positive impression of you.

Brown Eyeliner – Various Brown Eyeliner Shades
Various Brown Eyeliner Shades

Running Home Errands – When you are at home running your day-to-day errands,they will be perfect. A little bit of brown liquid liner will work well when you are going to the grocery store as you might run into someone you know and get embarrassed.

Lunch with SomeoneBlack eyeliner might be best for dinner without someone. However, they will be ideal if you are going out with someone for lunch, whether a special person or just a friend. You will have a casual look, which will be best for such an occasion.

There are many other occasions you can use them depending on where you are going, facial and eye features you have.

How to Wear Brown Eye liner Video

Brown Eyeliner Tips, Advices and Secrets

Brown Eyeliner – Brow Eyeliner Looks
Gorgeous Looks

How to apply or when to wear  them might not enough, you still need some tips, secrets and advice to ensure you get the best looks. In fact, these tips is what will differentiate an experienced makeup artist form a newbie. So, what are these tips?

  • Using dark brown eyeliner shades that match well with your eyeshadow, will make your them pop up, if you love pop up eyes.
  • Adding specs of  this liners on people who have green eyes will make them very attractive.
  • People with dark or medium-brown hair, a light skin and hazel eyes will look great on in this color.
  • Neutral shades could be very useful in enhancing people with baby blue eyes. Black eye liners will be a bit harsh on such people.

My Personal Tip on Bobbi Products

When buying them, you are likely to be led to the popular Bobby Brown liners such as Bobby Brown Gel Eyeliner or 3 Piece Eye Gel Liner, r, etc. All these are simply product ranges from BobbyBrown Cosmetics and it does not indicate their color.


You definitely know some of the best brands you can go for, how to apply them, some tips secrets and general information. These eyeliners are the true alternative to black and can be used in many occasions where black could be used, especially if you go for darker shades.

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Which brown eyeliner brand and shade works best for you? What other features do you have?

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