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Blue Eyeliner – Best Brands, Tips, Dark, Navy, Bright, and How to Wear Blue Eyeliners

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Blue eyeliner including dark, navy and brighter shades can achieve the looks of Jennifer Hudson, Ashley Tisdale, Taylor Swift or even Rihanna whenever they wear these eye liner. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the top/best blue eyeliners to go for, how to use them and some practical tips, advises and secrets to look amazing. You will also have a chance to know how some celebrities do them perfectly.

Blue Eyeliner Pencil
Blue Eyeliner Pencil

When correctly used, blue eyeliners could give you a very attractive look without necessarily making you look casual. You have seen top celebrities like Stephanie Pratt, Rihanna, Jennifer Hudson, Lea Michele of Glee, etc. looking stunning and dramatic. You also stand a chance to shine in these liner color too, depending on which eye color you have. They will particularly look magical if matched well with eyeshadow.

Best Blue Eyeliner – Top Brands

If you do not know which brand you should buy, the best blue eyeliners available in the market include the ones we have listed. This list of best brands is not inclusive and many other popular brands, including the one you are using that might have not been listed.

  • L’Oreal Paris Colour Riche Eyeliner, Cobalt, 0.037 Ounces
  • CoverGirl Perfect Blend Pencil, Cobalt Blue Cool
  • Urban Decay Electric 24/7 Liner
  • Chambor Stay On Waterproof 303 Forever
  • CoverGirl  Boom Liquiline Blast
  • Colorbar i-Glide  Glowing Sapphire
  • Colorbar Kohl Intense  Mysterious
  • Diana of London Longwear
  • Jordana Easyliner For Eyes Sterling
  • lakme Shadow Artist Shimmer Stick Astral
  • MAC Hi-Def Cyan Chromagraphic Pencil
  • MAC Smoothline Technakohl Liner
  • Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes Waterproof Pencil in 3L
  • Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil Deviant
  • Chambor Smooth
  • MaxFactor Kohl Pencil Ice 060
  • Milani Aqua Liquif’Eye Liner
  • NARS Kitty
  • NYX 913 Sapphire
  • NYX Studio Eyeliners Extreme Purple & Extreme
  • Sephora Flashy Liner Waterproof in Flashy
  • Sonia Kashuk Eye Definer in  Jean
  • Tarina Tarantino Glamorous Thief Dream Hyperliner
  • Tarina Tarantino Kanzashi Dream Hyperliner
  • Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Flipside

Before you buy one of the above best brands and get disappointed, you need to know that the exact shades vary greatly. Furthermore, ensure you have compared prices of the various blue eyeliner brands and decide on which will be worthwhile.

The common shades include turquoise, cyan, sapphire etc. Furthermore, ensure you have also read blue eyeliner reviews, seeing rating and customer comments before you spend your money on any of the top brands listed above.

Blue Eyeliner - Some of the Blue Eyeliner Shades
Different Shades

How to Use Blue Eyeliner – Guide to Using

Blue Eyeliner Guide – Best Brands, Tips and How to Wear Blue Eyeliners
How Rihanna Wears them – She has Green eyes

In this part, we are not going to dwell much on how to use them since blue is just a color. You will follow the usual steps on how to do eyeliner. However, depending on the form they come in; you would get exact instructions on how do the various forms depending on the type you go for.

Some of the popular types or forms include gel eyeliner, Pencil eye liner, glitter eyeliner, liquid eyeliner, among many other eyeliner types. Visit each types to learn how to apply, use, tips, secrets, best brands and much more.

How do Celebrities Wear them Eyeliners?

When using them you have unlimited ways of doing it. For instance, blending them with other best eyeliner color carefully will give you unique and exotic looks. Here is how the following celebrities apply their them:

Rihanna blends it wiht black eyeliner. She uses dark blue eye liner on her upper eyelids with while on her lower lashes, she uses black eyeliner to emphasis it.

Tailor Swift In Blue Eyeliners
Tailor Swift
Aishwarya Rai in Dark Blue Eyeliners
Aishwarya Rai

Aishwarya Rai is fond of blending blue and yellow eyeliner. She applies it on her upper lash line while on her lower eyelashes; she uses golden yellow eye liner. Doesn’t she look hot?

  • Taylor Swift always has blue smokey eye looks. She prefers not to go for black but uses lighter shades including darker shades to accentuate her eyes. This makes her to look amazing.

Look at Ashley Tisdale, she chooses bright blue eyeliner. However, she uses it on her inner lash line this makes her look very expressive. Her eyes look energetic and much opened up with this eyeliner.

Jessica Szohr in Electric Blue Eyeliners
Jessica Szohr

Actress Jessica Szohr at times appears with electric blue and black eyeliners blend. However, she uses black on her upper lash line for more emphasis while blues on her lower lashes.

How to Choose Eyeshadow to Wear with Blue Eyeliner

When it using them, your eyeshadow choice becomes very important. It has to complement your eye liner color if you are to look great. If you intend to use them, you need to be able to choose the correct eyeshadow to accompany it.

Most makeup artists suggest that a quad blue eyeshadow color will be best since it has navy, deep, light blue and an almost white shade. You will be able to achieve great results if you use it well. It appears very expressive.

Practical Tips, Advices and Secrets for Using Blue Eye liner

Beyonce on Blue Eyeliners

Other than trying to imitate the top celebrities and the way they use theirs, you need some tips and secrets to make sure you are stunning. These rules, guide, tips and advice will ensure you are at the top of the game.

  • Ladies who have deep blue eyes could try sky blue eyeshadow and deeper shades on their upper eyelashes. However, they should not go for the darkest shades.
  • People with green eyes and light green eyes can opt for the bold looks where they will use the deepest shades, and a light base eyeshadow and your lids. They could also have a deep blue eyeshadow and highlight the corners of your eyes with the lightest shade. This should not be used by people who have deep blue or brown eyes as it will kill the charm of their eyes.
  • Try blue smokey eyes too, a lighter eyeshadow shade on your base and then the darkest eyeshadow to the eye creases. Ensure you blend the three well if you want to look very adventurous and dramatic. This will however need some trials to see how you look like.

Video Guide


You should be guaranteed that most people who end up looking very expressive play around with the tips, secrets and advice. Let no one who has no sense for taste belittle you. You can look like a rocking star if you blend  it well with your eyeshadow and mascara.

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How to you use blue eyeliner and which is your favorite brand? Share, Advice, Warn or Guide.

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