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Permanent Eyeliner or Eyeliner Tattoo – Semi Permanent, Risks, After Care, Cost, Procedure, Benefits Tattooed Liner

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In this discussion, you are going to get info on permanent eyeliner or eyeliner tattoo that will cover semi and permanent tattoos, risks, after care, cost or prices, procedure followed and benefits. Of course, they seem very convenient and easy way.However, ensure you also know the risks or dangers and secrets to ensure everything go on well.

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Permanent eyeliner,eyeliner tattoo or enhanced eyelashes are a tattooing procedure done on both, upper or lower lash lines or as preferred. It could be thin, thick or dramatic looking depending on individual preferences. It might at times involve filling of the eyelashes to make them look thicker and darker. The main purpose of  they have is to enhance the appearance of women and men eyes.

People who have lost their hairs from disease such as alopecia, cancer treatment or have genetic disturbance stand a chance to benefit from such a procredure. The procedure is generally known as per

manent cosmetics, dermapigmentation, cosmetic tattooing or micropigmentation. It involves pigmentation of dermis with different inks to produce a design that would resemble a makeup you like.

Benefits of Eyeliner Tattoo

Before we look at the eyeliner tattoo procedure, risks, dangers, advices and much more, it is worthwhile to look at some of the benefits that permanent eye liner. This should not encourage you to go for  for them but to know how it is going to help you in case you want to go for this eyeliner tattoo.

1. Time saving and Convenient

Waking up every morning and spending about 10 to 20 minutes applying eye makeup, especially eyeliners can be time consuming to people who have very active lifestyles. The permanent eyeliner or eyeliner tattoo is an appealing option for remaining smart. You will be able to wake up and within minutes, you are dressed up and ready to start your day. You can go swimming or take a shower without the makeup smudging or taking time to reapply it.

Permanent Eyeliner or Tattooed eyeliner – What they Are, Benefits and Risks
Before and After Looks

2. Personal Limitations and Allergies

People who use contact glasses or have other personal limitation might find it very hard to be applying eyeliner every morning. Tattooed eyeliners becomes handy. Furthermore, people who have oily skin or shaky hands are for instance going to benefit you greately since the former will experience smudges while the latter will not be able to apply it perfectly.

Most eye doctors have recommended in many occasions eye liner tattoo to people who have teary eyes or suffer from allergies i.e. some people might have allergies to most of some of the eye liner applied daily. Going for a permanent eyeliner makeup will be a good idea.

3. Sparse Eyelashes Hairs

Some people have eyelashes that are sparse and do not look good. Permanent makeup could help increase eyelashes hairs as well as to people who have lashes that are either thin or light colored.

4. Comes in a Wide Variety of Colors

As in the case of semi-permanent or temporary liners, permanent or tattooed eyeliners comes in a wide variety of colors. Some of them will give you a natural soft look, upon which you can add some makeup occasional, as you desire.

5. Better Looks

Compared to pencil, eyeliner tattoo can help you achieve softer looks. You will also be able to maintain the desired shape.

How Permanent Eyeliner Makeup Is Applied

Permanent Eyeliner or Tattooed eyeliner – procedure of Tattooed or Permanent Eyeliners
Procedure for Permanent Eye liners

The procedure of permanent eyeliners are much similar to that one of ordinary tattooing. It is often done by permanent cosmetic technicians using various techniques of course; permanent makeup or tattoos are not new. They date to the ice age. If applied with well-trained technicians, they could make you look incredibly awesome.

The procedure can be done manually, with a coil machine or rotary machine. Commonly, most of them are made from iron oxide pigments because it is long lasting, non-toxic and does not irritate. Chances of there being a reacting are remote and these iron oxide pigments are non-magnetic (a common myth told by many people).

Objective of Permanent Eyeliners

During the eyeliner tattoo makeup procedure, various objectives might be achieved. You make want darker, thicker or much fuller eyelashes. In addition, you could be having asymmetrical eyelashes. This can also be balanced. Of course, people who have spaced eyelashes could be corrected. Did you know that your eyeliners could actually intensify the color of your eye when done correctly?

Preparation for Appointment

If you had an eye surgery, you need to have been fully recovered before you can go for this procedure. Stop the use of eyelashes growth products such as Latisse for one month. After the procedure, rest for 3 hours. People with contact lenses will not be able to wear them within the next one or two days after this tattooed eyeliner procedure.

During Procedure of Eyeliner Tattooing

Your eyelid anatomy should be studied carefully to see if it is fit for permanent eye liner. In addition, you should decide on what you want exactly done as well as the procedure to be used. Here choose colors, designs, etc. When the procedure finally begins, it is not painful since an anesthesia is used.

Common Techniques

While discussion the common techniques used for permanent eye liner, we are going to focus on what is done. The exact methods and machines will greatly vary as permanent makeup artists vary.

Eyelash Base Enhancement

During this procedure, no lines are drawn between eyelashes. Only the skin at the base of the eyelashes, between the eyelashes is tattooed. It gives the most natural looks with darker and fuller eyelash base. It is good for both men and women.

Full Eyeliner

This procedure draws lines on the above or below lashes as a way of increasing depths to your eyes. People might have difference preference in terms of widths (thin, medium or thick), for both eyelashes or for upper only, etc. If you want designer eyeliners, some colors may be added during this procedure.

After Care forEyeliner Tattoo

Permanent Eyeliner or Tattooed eyeliner – beautiful Looks of Tattooed Eyeliner or Permanent Eyeliner
Before and After Tattooed Eyeliners

Once permanent eye liner procedure has been done to you, you will be required to take a few days to get well. During this time, there are some after care procedure, which your permanent makeup artist will give you. Your eyes might be slightly red or noticeably tender and this might last for a few days. However, they should not be swollen or very red.

To many people, they might look darker and thicker than done. However, as you heal, it will soften and lighten. You may be required to use some ointments. However, you are not supposed to wear mascara or eyeshadow during your first week after the procedure makeover.

Most permanent eye liner makeup technicians will give you detailed instruction and kits as well as ophthalmic products.

Follow Up Procedure and Maintenance

If on healing they do not lighten or darken, as you wanted, you can make a follow-up appointment for a second application/ correction within four up to 6 weeks. Here your tattooed eyeliner might be made thicker or lighter. Maintenance visits will also be very important since at times, these tattooed eyeliner makeup lightens or fades away with time.

Cons, Dangers and Risks of Permanent Eyeliner or Tattoo

Although many people are opting for permanent eyeliner due to their perceived many advantages, the FDA has given warnings to consumers concerning this eyeliner tattoo. Here are some of the dangers, risks or disadvantages of eyeliner tattoo.

  • The first risk is skin reactions. In some instances, tattooed eyeliners may cause skin reactions, which might lead to skin peeling, blistering or permanent scarring. This common problem has been noticed across the divide of permanent makeup or permanent cosmetics.
  • In some instances, people may develop skin scars, local infection or even keloids and granulomas.
  • Unsterilized equipments might cause infections such as hepatitis and HIV
  • Imperfection and consequentlyeyeliner tattoo removal due to patient dissatisfaction may be very difficult especially in some delicate areas of the eyelids.
  • Swelling, burning of areas, which underwent permanent eye liner makeover, when MRI scans, are performed.
  • Some of the colors used tend to fade after only a few years.

Tips, Secrets and Advices of Eyeliner Tattoo

The above dangers of tattooed eye liner should not serve to scare you but make you aware of facts about this beauty cosmetic procedure. However, the below secrets, advice and tips for eyeliner tattoo will ensure everything goes on well.

  • When you opt for permanent eyeliners, it is important to select your makeup artist carefully. Interview several professional technicians, see the work they have done before and settle for the best. He or she should have done many such procedures.
  • Ensure all needles and equipments are sterilized and a high level of hygiene is maintained by your makeup artist to avoid chances of infections during eye liner tattoo procedures.
  • Eyelids have the thinnest epidermis in human skin and any inexperienced person might bring poor results. You eyeliners might end up being blotchy, tissues damaged or color used could migrate.
  • Seek to understand about eye liner tattoo procedure as much as possible. This is not something you are going to put today and tomorrow you remove it.
  • When choosing a technician, ensure he or she is licensed to do eyeliner tattoos.
  • Some conditions such as Blepharitis, Cataracts, Blepharoplasty, Corneal Erosion, Dry Eye Syndrome, Corneal Grafts, Glaucoma, Keratitis, Intraocular Lens Implants, Keratoconus, PRK, LASIK, Retinitis Punctual Plugs and RK might make it impossible to have tattooed eyeliner procedure done on you. Check if you have any of these problems.

Permanent or Eyeliner Tattoo Video

Removal of Permanent /Tattooed Eye liner

Permanent Eyeliner or Tattooed eyeliner – After and Before Tattooe Eyeliner or Permanent Eyeliners
Before and After Permanent Liners

Removal of tattooed eyeliner could be very difficult. However, if you want to get rid of your eye liner tattoo, then the common methods that will be used include laser resurfacing, surgical removal and chemical or physical dermabrasion. Alternatively, you could camouflage where you add a new pigment, which looks, like your normal skin. The process of removal is laborious and painful than tattooing.

Therefore, since how to remove eyeliner tattoo is not easy, ensure you are certain you need this eye makeup. People often blindly rush to them and other permanent makeup and regret afterwards. You do not want to be one of them!


It is unfortunate that many teenagers choose these procedures but with the end of the teenage illusion, they realized they do not require it. They might also want to change the way they do they eyeliners. Be certain you need permanent eyeliner and you are ready to live with it. If you seriously want tattooed eye liner, instead of going to a beauty salon, go to a cosmetic doctor.

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Do you think tattooed or permanent eyeliner a good makeup Choice? Advice, Warn and Share your experience.

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