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Glitter Eyeliner – Best, Liquid, Pencil, Tips, How to Apply, Wear or Use Glitter Eyeliner, Pros and Cons

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Would you like to know more on glitter eyeliners? This article has info on best glitter eyeliner brands including liquid and pencil. It also has steps on how to apply, wear or use them as well pros and cons.  As you will realize, they are versatile and dramatic. You will learn some tips, secrets, and much more, to ensure you look dramatic, versatile, and breathtaking or insanely super hot diva. 

Glitter Eyeliner –Pros, Cons, Tips, Best Brands and How Apply Glitter Eye Liners
How Apply

Are you dressing up for a big party? Is it your birthday or anniversary? Get dramatic and stunning looks by choosing and wearing the best glitter eyeliners. But before you use them, you need to know what they are.

Glitter eyeliners are a type of eyeliners that have micro-glittering particles (light reflecting particles). They really can transform your looks if worn appropriately. Most of them, especially the gel and liquid are fast drying and will leave a long lasting effect. They are not going to fade up halfway your day, a reason why you should wear them to your party tonight.

Pros of Glitter Eyeliner

There are are many reasons why are very popular. Some of the pros or advantages of these eyeliners include the following:

  • They come in made different colors to suit individual needs
  • They come in different forms (gel, liquid and pencil). You can go for the form you like.
  • They are easy to apply especially the glitter pencil eyeliner
  • You can also apply them on other parts of the eye such as eyelids and eyelashes
  • They have ingredients to help them improve their elasticity of your eyelid skin

Cons of Glitter Eyeliner

  • If not apply well, they could easily get smudged making you appear messy
  • They have to be matched well with your clothing, eye shadow and face makeup generally
  • You need to use a eye liner primer for most of them if they are to be long lasting

Best Glitter Eyeliner – Top Glittery Eyeliners

Before we look at how to apply them, you should understand that these eyeliners come in various forms, which include liquids, gels, and pencils. Some of the top brands for each form they come in includes:

Glitter Eyeliner - Liquid Glitter Eyeliner
Liquid Glitter Eye liner

Liquid Glitter Eyeliners – Top Brands

  • NYX Liquid Crystal Liner Crystal Silver
  • Bobbi Brown Glittery Liquid Eye Liner SILVER
  • Eye Drama Liquid – Purple Potion
  • Victoria’s Secret Brilliant Liquid Liner – Mirrorball
  • Beauty Treats Long Lasting Smooth Liquid Eyeliner 6 pcs Set

Pencil Glitter Eyeliners – Top Brands of Glittery Pencils

Glitter Eyeliner – Glitter Eyeliner Pencil
Glitter Eye liner Pencil
  • SEPHORA COLLECTION Liner Electro – Glitter Eye Pencil Metal Electro
  • NYX Cosmetics Slim Pencil Eye Liner 6pc Pencils
  • Milani Glitzy Eyes Retractable Pencil
  • Avon Glimmersticks Blackest Night Eyeliner Pencil Black
  • NYX Cosmetics Slim Pencil Eye Liner 9pc Glitter Eye Liner Pencils

Glitter Gel Eyeliners – Best Brands

Glitter Eyeliner - Glitter Eyeliner Creams
Glittering Creams
  • Avon Solutions Plus+ Total Radiance Eye Gel
  • Victoria’s Secret ‘Beauty Rush’ PURPLE POP Eye Gel
  • 12 LA Colors Shimmer Sparking Glitter Eye Liner Set
  • Zink Color Gold Leaf Flake Elegant Eye Body Makeup

We have given you some of the best glitter eyeliner in their various forms. Depending on your level of expertise, you should be able to decide which form or type you need in the first place. For instance, pencil eyeliners are generally easy to use but might not form deep colors as liquid could do.

The above best glitter eyeliner lists are not all inclusive. Before you

decide on any of the above brands or any other type you could get anywhere, it is prudent to ensure you see customer ratings, comments and reviews on the specific brand brands you are considering.

How to Apply Glitter Eyeliner

Before you rush into using them, you need to take time and know how to apply glitter eyeliner, depending on the type and form you have settled for. Otherwise you might ruin your big event or evening if it begin smudging or clumping up. You are going to look a big mess.

In this part on how to apply glittering liners, we are going to learn the important steps to follow when using this eyeliner to ensure you are exceptional. You definitely do not want to look like a clown, which many amateurs end up looking like as they try glitter eye liners.

Glitter Eyeliner –Pros, Cons, Tips, Best Brands and How Apply Glitter Eye Liners
You can Create the style you want, use the color you like!

Thing You Will Require

  • Glitter eyeliner (any form you like)
  • Face cleanser
  • Eye makeup
  • darker pencil (black or navy blue)
  • Markup remover

If you have all the above things, you can begin by following the below steps for wearing glitter eye liners.

Step 1 – Wash Your Face

Before using any face makeup as a whole, you need to ensure you thoroughly wash and cleanse your face. This will ensure that your makeup adheres to your face well. Use a gentle cleanser; dry your face before you can apply a non-oil based moisturizer. Wait until it gets absorbed before you move to the next step.

Step 2 – Apply Eye Makeup

Except for Mascara, which is applied afterwards has been applied; you need to apply your eye makeup, which will include eyeshadow primer, eyeshadow base, foundation, a concealer or lose powder, highlighter, eyeshadow, etc.

For best results, some of the best makeup artists recommend that you use powdered eyeshadow. Gel and liquid eyeshadow tend to smear and they can make your it move all over your eyes. If you are using pencil or liquid, you could use any eyeshadow of your choice.

Step 3 – Begin Applying Your Black or Navy Pencil Eyeliner

As already seen above on the top glittery eyeliners, you noted there are different forms, colors and brands of these eyeliners. If you want a perfect look, you need to begin with a black pencil or navy eyeliner as using glitter eyeliners only might not give you the best of looks. They tend to be very subtle.

Eyeliner pencil is simply the best and you should not go for gel, liquid or other forms, as they will smear when you finally apply it. Layering git on dark eyeliner will help create depth.

Step 4 – Apply Glitter Eyeliners

This is the most important step on how to apply glitter eyeliner and it is what you have been waiting for. However, not everything will look best if you omitted the first three steps. You might need an eye liner brush or not depending on the form you are using. We will go straight to applying them and not go to the details of brushes, or forms of glittery eyeliner you will be using.

Begin from the inner corner of your upper eyelashes and stroke it outwards. Avoid applying too close to your inner corner as this can make some specs of the glitter eye liner to end up in your eyes and cause irritation. If you like, you can create cat eyes by including a small wing on the outer corner of your upper eyelashes.

This type of eyeliner is a glam and you are going to look rocking hot, especially if you make good color choices and a great way to spice your night out. Try something like golden glitter eyeliners with hot pink eyeshadow. You will look irresistible.

To apply, ensure your hand is steady and lean back slightly. Using your dominant hand, draw a continuous line. People with shaky hands could place their elbow on the table. Some people prefer making dots before joining them to form a line.

Step 5 – Cleanup and Correcting Mistakes

In case during the your process of applying them you make a mistake, you will be required to clean up the area using a good makeup remover, and begin a fresh from step 2 all the way to step 4.

Step 6 – Apply Mascara

Finally, although this is not compulsory, you should add a few mascara coats, especially the black one.

How to Apply Glitter Eyeliner Video Guide

Using Glitter Eyeliner Tips, Secrets and Advice

The steps on how to wear glitter eyeliner are no doubt very important. However, you need to juice them up by adhering to some of the tips, ideas and secrets as shared by some of the reputed makeup artists. They are indeed going to determine your looks.

  • Depending on the type  you have choose, prepare the right outfit go along with your makeup. Many people will want glittery boots, tops, and shoes. Avoid them, as they will make you appear like the disco ball and diminish its appearance. In addition, you should not wear contrasting tops e.g. someone on a green top wearing pink glittery eye liner. A black top will work well in most instances.
  • Avoid using shimmering lip makeup or lip glosses as you might look like you just dipped your head into grease, especially with you liners.
  • Avoid using wearing big glasses; you could however use your reading glasses, as they might not give you excess cover up.
  • On earrings, avoid shinny balls. Neon bold pieces or large hoops that match the color of your glittering eyeliners will look great.
  • Unlike tops, which are outstanding, you should go for glittery metallic purses. Purses are small and might not attract much attention as tops would.
  • Skin type – if you have an oily skin type, you could avoid using glittering eyeliners as they might not work well or would smudge as your skin secrets oil.
  • If you do not want the disco diva look that these eyeliners might give you, try softer colors and neutral eyeshadow as well some soft pink on your cheeks and lips.


If used well, they can make you not just look sexy but be the glamour queen of any night out. You need carefully to follow all the steps covered on how to apply glitter eyeliner as well as secrets and advice. Be versatile, be irresistible and the woman of a night out.

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