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How to Apply Eyeliner Including Tips, Lower Lash, Removing & Choosing

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How to Apply Eyeliner – Tips, Secrets and Best Eye Liner Type
Tips, Secrets and Best Eye Liner Type

Eyeliners can accentuate your eyelashes and define your eye shape well. Depending on how you apply them, you could achieve subtle, dramatic, sexy, elegant  or charming looks. You are a few minutes away  from learning how to choose the best eyeliners, apply them, and some important tips, secret and ways. Furthermore, there is a video on how to apply eyeliner that will cap it all. In this discussion, we intend to tackle some of the following questions:

  • How do I choose the right eyeliners?
  • How do I apply eye liner on on my upper lid and lower eyelid
  • What preparations do I need before I apply it?
  • Which between mascara, eyeshadow, and eyeliner should I apply first?
  • What are some of the eyeliner tips, secrets and ideas?

Applying eyeliner is a simple and effortless exercise that can be accomplished by anyone. We rate it is as a simple exercise that will take less than two minutes for people who are experienced. If it is your first time, you should not hurry. Take your time to do it perfectly.

How to Choose the Best Eyeliner

The first step towards successful use of eyeliner is being able to choose the right brand that will accentuate your facial features. Your choice will be dependent on the facial features you have and looks you want to achieve.

For instance, people with blue eyes might decide to go for dramatic or subtle looks and this will affect the choice of their eyeliner. While choosing the best brands, here are some of the most important considerations:

1. Forms of eyeliners

When choosing the best eyeliner, you need to understand that theycome in various forms. Some of the popular forms that exists include permanentpencilglitterliquidgelwaterproofkohl among many other eyeliners. We have comprehensive covered on each of the above types. Visit each type above and to get more insight, including how to apply them and some important tips.

How to Apply Eyeliner – Tips, Secrets and Best Eye Liner Types
Right Posture when Applying Eyeliner

2. Eyeliner Colors

The second consideration you need to bear in mind is the eyeliner color you want to use. There are different colors. Some of the common eyeliner colors you will find include blueblackwhitebrown and other eyeliner colors.

We have also covered on each of this colors and given examples of the various brands you can use. See more on 14 common eye liner colors as well as best brands for each color.

3. Facial Features

The third and very important thing to look at when choosing the best eyeliner is your facial features. This includes thing such as the color of your eyeshair and skin tone. For people who have blue and brown eyes, we have comprehensively written on eyeliners for brown eyes and for blue eyes including how to apply them.

For those who have hazel eye color, green, graypurpleamber, and violet colors can go with the general rule of choosing complimentary colors of eyeliner. Also, visit each of these eye colors as we have covered something on eye makeup for different eye colors.

Alternatively, you will follow the same rules as the ones for choosing eyeshadow colors. See How to Choose Eyeshadow Colors. This should guide you on how to choose eye makeup colors not for just eyeliners or eyeshadow but also mascara and other face makeup.

To help you choose the best eyeliner, you should know that brown and black are the most common and give natural looks. People with lighter eye colors should go for browns, bronze and plums. Those with darker eye should for gray, black and dark brown or any other dark shades.

Be careful when using monochromatic colors since we do not generally use monochromatic colors. However, they can be used and help accentuate your eyes further, if chosen well.

4. Look You Want to Achieve

Finally, when choosing the best eyeliner, you need to decide on the type of looks you want to achieve. For Instance, pencil eyeliners can help create a softer look compared to using liquid eye liner. Furthermore, glitter eyeliners are  good for night outs and parties while black and brown will be ideal for daytime.

Some of the common looks you might want to achieve include subtlebold or dramatic looks. Bold looks are achieved using thicker lines and vivid colors while thin lines will give you subtle look unless the eyeliner itself is of a very vivid color.

How to Apply Eyeliner, Wearing Eyeliner Tutorial

The above knowledge should give you a hint on how you can choose your eyeliner. If you have not gotten any of the best eyeliners, you can quickly see some of the best eyeliners for each type and best eye liner colors. Let us now turn to how to apply eyeliner. Here is what you will need when applying eyeliner.

  • Eyeliner (you can make use MAKE UP FOR EVER Aqua Eyes Black Purple or Urban Decay Glide on Pencil)
  • Makeup remover (Estee Lauder Estee Lauder Take It Away Total Makeup Remover has never disappointed me)
  • Cotton Swabs (use with makeup remover)
  • Eye liner Brushes (angled eyeliners work best for me)

Preparation for Eyeliner Application -Should You Apply Other Eye Makeup First or Eyeliner

The general rule for using eyeliners is that they are applied after you have applied other eye makeup except for mascara. You will apply mascara after you have applied it. This therefore means that you will first wash your face and apply an oil free moisturizer. You can then apply the following eye makeup where necessary:

You might also choose to apply things such as foundation or any other eye makeup you normally use, and if they are applied before applying eyeliners.

Applying Eyeliner on Upper Lash Line

When applying eyeliners on the upper lash line, we are going to consider general steps to follow. The exact steps might vary a little depending of the form you are using e.g. liquid, powdered, gel, pencil, kohl pencil, etc.

1. Sit or stand in front of a mirror with your dominant’s hands wrist resting on your face. If you have shaky hands, it is advisable you rest the elbow of your dominant hand on a firm surface. Tilt your head backward slightly to ensure your eye is half-open. This will ensure you get a perfect application angle while seeing what you are doing at the same time.

2. While using either a continuous or a dotted line, apply your eyeliner closest to the upper eyelash line as you can to create the illusion that you have thicker eyelashes. You should begin from the outer eye corner towards the inner eye corner and not the vice versa. Some makeup artists often advice you to begin from inner corner outwards. It still works well.

3. Using a magnifying mirror will ensure better application but this can be time consuming. If you used dotted lines, you should afterwards join the dots to form a continuous line. Using dotted lines is a good way for people who cannot draw continuous lines easily.

4. As you draw, ensure the line is as thin as possible. In case you need a thicker line, you can afterwards build on it.
If you are using liquid eyeliner, you should not blink until it completely dries to avoid transferring the eyeliner to the crease of your eye.

5. Avoid extending your upper eyelash line to the teardrops or let it not hug the teardrop since you will look very theatrical. However, if this is your intension, it is OK.

While applying eyeliner on the upper lash line, you can create various effects. Some of the common effects are making the line on the outer corner thicker, especially from the outer a third for some drama or classic looks. Furthermore, turn it up slightly if you have the downturned eye corners, smudge it upwards using your finger or cotton swab to soften your looks.

How to Choose the Best Eyeliner - Different Styles of Applying Eyeliners
How to Choose the Best Eyeliner – Different Styles of Applying Eyeliners

Furthermore you can create cat eye looks or smokey eye looks or begin with a thin line on your inner eye corners and make it thicker as you move to the outer eye corners.

An important tip when for applying eyeliner on the upper lash line is to avoid pulling your eye so much using the index finger of the opposite hand (the hand you are not using to apply eyeliner).

Whereas pulling your eyelid slightly on the outer corner will ensure you apply it much more easily, you need to be careful since this can cause eye wrinkles. Just look intently into the mirror and apply eyeliner. If you have to lift or pull the outer edge of your eyelid,  this is important for people who have hooded eyes, ensure it is gentle.

Applying Eyeliner on the Lower Lash Line

When it comes to applying eyeliner on your lower or bottom lash line, the procedure is more or less the same as the one for upper lash line. However, here are the a few things that will ensure you look perfect:

  • Your chin should be down and eyes looking upwards, wide open.
  • Beginning from your outer eye corner, draw a line three quarter way while tracing your lower lash line. This is done below your lower lash line and not above i.e.on the inner rim of the lower lash line. The line should be light. You can make it bolder if you need to do so. However, if you want it bold, the line should also be bolder towards the outer eye corners and thinner or faded as you come to the inner eye corner. For natural looks, you should follow the natural eye shape while lining your lower lash line.

What if I Mess ? How to Remove Eyeliner

In case during the process of applying eyeliner you mess up, you will have to clear the mess using the right makeup remover (see how to remove makeup) depending on the type of eye liner you are using. Afterwards, you will have to apply all the other eye makeup you had applied before reapplying it again.

How to Apply Eyeliner Video

If the above steps where not so much straight forward to you, this ‘how to apply eyeliner video’ should make things further clear.

Eyeliner Tips, Secrets and Ideas

The above steps are definitely very important when you want to know how to apply eyeliner. However, they are not complete unless you also know some of the tips, ideas, secrets and suggestions for applying eyeliners. This will ensure you achieve celebrity like looks since they are what essentially are going to distinguish you from any other person.

1. The first and most important tip is using the right type of brush. While many people ignore this fact and use any brush, the brush you use will affect the appearance you will acheive, especially if you are not using pencil eye liner. See some of the best eyeliner brushes

2. People with small or close set eyes should avoid thick eyeliner looks since this will make their eyes to look much smaller or closer. Use thin lines and line your waterlines with white eye liner to create an illusion of a larger eye. People who have big eyes can also line their inner water rims with eyeliners to help their eyes to look much smaller. See more on eye types we have covered and visit each to learn more.

3. Avoid applying eyeliner around your eyes i.e. circling your eyes, since you will look like a clown or as if you are wearing glasses from far away (glasses with black rims).

4. Unless you are using waterproof eyeliner, avoid lining the inner eye rims. This will cause smudging after sometime and collect on the eye corners. Furthermore, it could be very unhealthy for your eyes cornea, unless you are certain about the effect of the eyeliner type you are using.

5. Using liquid eyeliner on the upper lash line will help create a bolder look. However, when it comes to your lower lash line, go for something a bit milder like an eyeliner pencil. Most people find it easier to first sketch a line using pencil eyelinesr before tracing it with liquid eyeliners. This will be ideal for new people.

6. In case you want to smudge your eyeliner, using cotton swabs will create better looks that cotton balls.

7. When using pencil eyeliner, you might need to sharpen it at times. However, sharpening it when  it still warm might make it smudge. A great way is to put it somewhere cool and after it has cooled, sharpen it. When you want to apply it, you can let it get warm to be softer.

8. When using the eyeliner pencil and you want to smudge, most of them have smudgers on the other side of the pencil eyeliner. This will work more effectively as compared to using cotton swabs or your fingers. Furthemore, the smudger is designed to ensure consistency with no broken lines or gaps.

Warnings When Applying Eyeliner

We have learnt how to apply eyeliners. It has been a long discussion. However, the following warnings must be adhered to, if you want to avoid undesirable conditions:

  • Before using any new eye liner, conduct an allergy test to ensure it will not react with your eyelids. People who have very sensitive eyes should go for hypoallergenic eyeliners or eyeliners for sensitive eyes.
  • Avoid sharing any of your eyeliners with your friends. This will minimize instances of eye infections. Wash your brush with makeup remover each time you use them. Finally, use it for up to three or four months. Going beyond this duration might increase chances of getting an infection, even if there is still plenty remaining.
  • When sharpening eyeliner pencils, ensure they are not so sharp since they can easily scratch your eye cornea. You also need to be very careful when applying eye liner and mascara to avoid scratching your corner.


This has been a comprehensive discussion on how to choose, how to apply it and some of the important tips. We look at how to apply eyeliner both for the upper and lower lash lines. Ensure you know the warning and tips if you want guaranteed results.

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How do you apply your eyeliner? Share, Guide, Warn or Advice.

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