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How Apply Cat Eye Eyeliner or Winged Eyeliner, Tips for Cleopatra, 1960 Winged Eyeliner

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In this article on  cat eyes or winged eyeliner, you will learn how to do, apply, wear it, some of the popular variations such as 1960s, long winged, cleoptara, colored, and a lot more. There is also a video to help you perfect your cat eyes looks. 

Cat Eye Eyeliner Winged Eyeliner Photo Image
Cat Eyes Photo Image

Going for cat eye eyeliner or winged eyeliner can add charm and glamour to your looks. You definitely must have seen how dramatic and crazily beautiful Taylor Swift and Rachel Goodwin look when they do cat  eyeliners. You can also get those looks by following simple steps, which might look a bit tricky at the start, but pretty easy as you practice them.

However, before we look at how to do cat eyeliner, you deserve to know something more about this eye makeup look. Cat eye eyeliner is not a new concept as it has been in existence since the 1950s, and still very fashionable and trendy.

Furthermore, if you want a precise winged eyeliner, it all begins by choosing the correct type of eye liners. Go for creamliquid or pencil liner. Alternatively, you can use eyeshadow as your liner to create a soft line. Also decide if you want to use monochromatic, complimentary, neutral, warm, or cool colors and know they are used.

How to do Cat Eye Eyeliner/ How to Apply Cat Eye Makeup

As you learn the below steps on how you can apply cat eyes eyeliner. It is important to note that good use of eye makeup can make you look dramatic and exceptional whereas if you use them wrongly, you could look crazy or like a clown waiting to stage your next show!

What You Need

For those who have never tried it before, winged eyeliner is very simple to apply. However, you need to take some time to practice if you are to be perfect.

Of course, the exact steps to follow when you want to do cat eyes makeup might slightly vary depending on the specific style and variation you want to have. For the sake of our discussion, we are going to follow basic steps for winged eye liner and see a few variations that will open up your creativity.  Here are the simple steps to follow:

Step 1 – Get to the Right Posture

Stand or sit in front of your mirror and look downwards. People who have shaky hands are advised to place the elbow of their dominant hand on a firm surface or table.

Step 2 – Apply Other Eye Makeup

Prepare your eye by applying other eye makeup you  normally use such as, concealer, eyeshadow primer, eyeshadow base and eyeshadow. It all depends on which ones you normally use. For instance if you have under eye wrinkles or dark under eye circles, using under eye concealers, best creams for dark circles or wrinkles might be very necessary.

However, when it comes to applying the it, your eyeshadow choice is very important, as you need one that is slightly lighter than the tone of your skin.  Furthermore, you can lalso apply a highlighting color beginning from your inner brow portion and apply it outwards, if you so wish, this  step is optional.

Step 3 – Line you Upper Inner Rims

Slightly pull your upper eyelid upwards and line your inner upper rims using black preferably waterproof eyeliners  such as . Although, on color, you can also use any eyeliner color you wish or even blend different colors. However black eyeliners will give you exceptional look.

Step 4 – Line Lower Inner Rims

By applying slight pressure on your lower eyelid to expose your water lines (lower inner eye rims), line them too using the eye liner you used in step 3 above.

Step 5 – Apply Eye liner

Using the right eyeliner brush or liner applicator, draw a line either by a set of dots and then joining them along the upper lash line, or a continuous line beginning form the inner corner to the outer eye corner.

Step 6 – Creating the Flick or Wing

The next step will be creating the wing or an upward flick. This can be achieved in a number of ways. First, extend the upper lash line eye liner you were applying in step 5 beyond the outer eye corner, following the upward eye curve. If you want dramatic looks, you could angle and extend the curve a little more.

Alternatively, you could close your eye; move your finger along your upper eyelid crease outwards until you reach a spot that is bony, mark a dot there. That will be the tip of your wing. Afterwards, you will have to put your eye liner applicator tip on the dot you just made and drag it towards the outer corner of your eye, making it thicker as you move towards the corner.

Step 7 – Work It

Once you are through with step 6 above, begin creating the winged liner looks. This will involve working your eye liner from the tip of the wing you have drawn in step 6, to your upper lash line. While doing this, you can use a light sketch before you make it bolder. This will minimize chances of messing up.

Step 8 – Create Natural Look

Finally, by following your eye’s natural shape, connect the wing tip to the inner corner of your eye, Afterwards, fill any spaces that do not have any eyeliner. For natural winged eye looks, you should make the upper line thinner as you move towards the inner eye corner. Of course, this will make the line thicker towards outer corner and thinner to the inner eye corner.

Step 9 – Apply Other Makeup

You need to enhance its looks by applying the right mascara. If you want, you can first curl your eyelashes before applying mascara that is dark colored such as black or navy blue mascara.

Types and Variations of winged Eyeliner or Cat Eyes Makeup

You have learnt the basic steps on how to apply cat eyes eyeliners. It is important to know there are many variations. This can help you break away from the monotonous one type of cat eyes.

These variations and types might not be very necessary, however, if you love eyeliner wing, why not try the various variations and see what gives you the most expressive and dramatic look? It all depends of which style you like. Here are some of the main types of winged eyeliners:

1. The 1960s Winged Liner

This type of cat eyes liner was popular in the 1960s hence its name. To apply the 60s winged eyeliner you need to follow the steps below:

he 1960s Winged Liner Cat Eyes Eyeliner
The 1960s Winged Eyeliner (1960s Looks)
  • Line the inner lash line or rims of your upper eyelid from corner to corner.
  • Apply eyeliner on the upper lash line beginning from your inner eye corner outwards just as you normally do when applying upper lash line eyeliners.
  • To create the 1960s winged-eyeliner, take a thin pointed brush and make a line from the outer eye corner upward and outwards beyond your eye by an angle of about 45 to 55 degrees. This line should be the lower edge of your winged liner while its tip will be your wing’s liner tip and it would serve as a guide as you apply more eyeliner.
  • Begin from the tip of your wing eyeliner you drew in step 3 above and apply your liner inwards to where it meets the lash line you drew in step 2. Depending on your eye size and shape, you might leave an open wing on your outer eye corner.
  • Apply more eyeliner until you fill up the wing. Any areas that are not fluidly connected should be touched up.
  • If you are newbie, you could use short strokes and when you are done, you can slightly extend the tip of your wing.

2. The Long Winged Liner

Long Winged Liner
Long Winged eyeliner Looks (Cat Eyes)

The steps for applying this type of cat eyes are much similar to those of the 1960s winged eyeliner.

  • Follow steps 1 and 2 above (for the 1960s).
  • As in the case of step 3 for the 1960s, trace an outwards line from your outer eye corners at an angle of 180 degrees. You should notice that in the case of this type of winged eyeliner, you do not draw your line upwards. It is only outwards unlike in the 1960s where you drew a wing upwards and outwards.
  • Begin connecting your wing tip to the lash line liner by applying your eyeliner outwards from lash line to the wing tip you drew in step 2 above.

3. Half Cleopatra Winged Eyeliner

Cat Eye Eyeliner/Winged Eyeliner – How to Do a Cat Eye Liner and Best Looks
Half Cleopatra Cat Eyes

Another variation or way of doing your cat eyeliner is what is known as the Half Cleopatra. To apply this it, you need to follow the below steps.

  1. Follow the steps for long winged liner
  2. Line the lower eyelid to about 45% from outer corner
  3. By applying eyeliner, connect the lower lash line to the tip of the wing you drew. It is just like long winged with only the difference being you do to both the upper and lower lash line but the lower lash line is not lined its entire length. This will make the wing to be slightly thicker.

4. Full Cleopatra Winged Eye liner

Cat Eye Eyeliner/Winged Eyeliner – How to Do a Cat Eye Liner and Best Looks
Full Cleopatra Winged Eyeliner

The difference between half Cleopatra and full Cleopatra is the fact that the lower eyeliner is lined its entire length. If you want dramatic look, you could extend the tip the wing a little further.

5. Under Eye Colored Wing Eyeliner

Cat Eye Eyeliner/Winged Eyeliner – How to Do a Cat Eye Liner and Best Looks
Under Eye Colored Wing Eyeliner Looks

To have pop cat eyes liner, consider using colored eyeliner on your lower lash line and on the flick to meet with the upper wing. It will look like the full Cleopatra with the difference being that the flick is curved upwards and outwards, and lower eyeliner color is different from upper color. Gold, red and teal will be good colors to use for the u

6. Colored Eyeliner Wing

Cat Eye Eyeliner/Winged Eyeliner – How to Do a Cat Eye Liner and Best Looks
Colored Eyeliner Wing Looks

Once you have finished applying the normal cat eyeliner, you can use pigmented and colored eyeliner to trace outside yourwing or using colored eyeliner to create it.

This is just an illustration of what you can achieve with the this eye makeup. There are many other variations to try out. In fact, they are limitless depending on your creativity and/or the winged eyeliner looks you want to get.

Cat Eyes Makeup or Winged Eyeliner Tips, Secrets and Advices

For the first time, you might find that understanding the process of doing cat eyes eyeliner a bit complicated. However, it will soon turn to the simplest task if you keep on practice. Some of the tips, secrets and advice you will find very important include the following:

  • If you are a newbie, when you have lined your upper lash line, you need to start drawing a line slanting upwards when you are halfway from your inner eye corner to the wing tip. Fill any gap made from the line you have drawn to the lash line.
  • For success, you need carefully to select the brush you will be using. An angled eyeliner brush or a brush with a tapered end will be particularly important when applying eyeliner on the upper lash line or creating the cat eyes looks.
  • In case you do any mistake, you use Q-tip or cotton swab dipped in makeup remover to clear places you have done mistakes. However, before you continue, you will have to apply all the other eye makeup you initially used first.

How to Apply Cat Eyes Eyeliner Video



You now have a clear understanding of what winged eyeliner is, the steps to follow to apply it and some common variations or types. You need to keep on practicing, choose good colors and follow the cat eyeliner tips, secrets and advice above. You will soon be a pro. If you have any challenge, the  above video should make everything much easier.

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How do you do your winged eyeliner? Share, Advice and Warn!

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