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Violet Eyes – Natural, Elizabeth Taylor, Makeup Tips, Disease, Mutation and True Violet Eye Color Looks

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Are you looking for info on violet eyes? Learn more on violet eye color including whether natural violet eyes exist, makeup tips, purple eye disease, Elizabeth Taylor violet eyes and much more. 

Violet Eyes – Existence, Makeup Tips and Elizabeth Taylor’s Violet Eyes
Violet Eyes

Talk of violet eye colors and everyone will mention Elizabeth Taylor, the famous actress fond of expensive jewelry and had passion in film performance. Some people say she had purple eyes while others say they were blue.  Of course, violet eyes are a rare charm and beauty you do not find easily.

However if you see someone with violet eye color, he or she could be wearing violet contact lenses! In this article, we are going to have a comprehensive coverage on violet eye color where will answer among many other questions, the following:

  • What are violet eyes?
  • Were Elizabeth Taylor’s violet eyes real?
  • Do violet eye colors exist or are there people who have natural violet eyes?
  • Which people and celebrities have violet eyes?
  • What are some of the make ideas for violet eye colors?

What are Violet Eyes, Do they Exists Naturally, Are There True Violet Eyes?

Violet eye colors are a rare type of eye color, which are predominantly violet as the name suggests. Most scientists suggest that the cause of violet eyes is the low melanin levels found in the Iris. Genetically, violet eyes are much similar to blue eyes because they are a blue eye variant, pigmentation or reflection.

Since violet eyes can occur when there is a mixture of red and blue reflections, it is not easy to say with certainty that people actually have natural violet eyes. For instance, people with deep blue eyes while under certain lighting conditions might appear as though they have violet eye color.

Violet Eye Diseases – Mutation

On what makes someone to have violet eyes, genetics takes the center stage. Some people argue that purple eyes are caused by a mythical type of genetic mutation known as Alexandria’s Genesis where people born with blue or gray eyes undergo mutation after the first six months of their lives to have violet, purple or deep purple or violet bluish color. However, this eye color change does not affect the affected person’s sight.

Another cause of violet eyes is albinism (albino violet eyes), according to Wikipedia, “true violet-colored eyes occur only due to albinism”. So does this mean that natural violet eyes do not exist?

The answer to this question is not quite straightforward. Although this is as very rare, there are people who have naturally violet eye colors especially in the higher altitude areas of Kashmir in India. Furthermore, if you consider the looks that people have because of the red and blue reflection, it is all right to say that people have natural violet eyes.

Were Elizabeth Taylor’s Violet Eyes Real – Celebrities and People

Violet Eyes - Elizabeth Taylor’s Violet Eyes
Violet Eyes – Elizabeth Taylor’s Violet Eyes

If you are wondering whether Elizabeth Taylor’s violet eyes were real or fake, you need to know a little history about Elizabeth Taylor and contact lenses.

In her time, Elizabeth Taylor was one of stunning Hollywood celebrities who was said to have had violet eyes that made her seduce seven husbands, have millions of fans from all over the world and a very celebrated successful career.

Elizabeth won several awards that included being the best actress in Who’s Afraid of Virginia Wool and  Butterfield 8 among many other prestigious awards.  As many people acknowledge, Elizabeth Taylor’s violet eyes, white skin and cascading dark hair made her very stunning.

On Elizabeth Taylor’s violet eyes, many people concur that they were indeed violet. She did not wear violet contact lenses since these lenses came much later i.e. in 1983 yet when she acted Cleopatra in 1963, she had violet eyes!

Of course, anyone can now get purple eyes by wearing purple lenses.  As Norman Saffra, the ophthalmology department chairman at Maimonides Medical Center in Brooklyn in New York concurs “Violet may have been her typical pigmentation…and…It is possible to have that eye color — it all depends on the amount of melanin.”

Although many people considered that Elizabeth Taylor had violet eyes, there some who consider them blue and not violet. They argue that her success was in her beauty and high life and not the blue eyes or violet depending on how you looked at them.

As you will realize, violet is one of the shades in between blue and gray. It is possible for someone to assume that Elizabeth Taylor had violet eyes or she had bluish gray eyes.

Violet Eyes Makeup Tips

Violet Eyes – Existence, Makeup Tips and Elizabeth Taylor’s Violet Eyes
Violet Eyes – Existence, Makeup Tips and Elizabeth Taylor’s Violet Eyes

If you have violet eye color, you need to know which eye makeup you should use to accentuate or flatter them. Of course, the old rule is going for what will compliment the predominantly violet eye color. See what complimentary colors are.

However, going for mellow, brown or purple shades of eye makeup, especially purple and brown eyeshadow and will help accentuate the golden and greenish flecks often found in people who have violet eyes.

For instance, Elizabeth Taylor was seen wearing either purple, dark brown or blue eyeshadow to help accentuate her natural violet eyes. On eyeliner makeup, she used black eyeliner to bring the contrast with her eyes making them more visible.  From this discussion, you should be able to borrow a leaf.


The discussion of whether or not Liz Taylor had purple or violet eyes should not be a big issue since as we have seen, there was a possibility that here eyes could have been blue or purple. You must have learn on causes of violet eyes, whether they natural exist and some makeup tips for this eye color.

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  1. I can affirm with a lot of certainty that violet color is or can be a natural occurrence. My mother has told me over 46 years that I had violet eyes as an infant. Indeed my baby pictures confirm what she proclaimed. Unfortunately, that changed somewhere between 12-18 months. Since then, I have had green eyes. I believe it was a combo of my moms blue eyes and my father’s light, reddish brown eyes. Where did green come from, not sure. No one I’m related to has green eyes (and, yes, I resemble both parents – especially my dad:) )

  2. That’s funny, there are pictures from my fourth birthday party where my eyes look lavender. My real eye color is blue/grey. in my eyes violet is not the “color” as easily discernible as blue or grey or sometimes turquoise, but there was a shirt that made my eyes look silvery blue that was kinda violet.

    I think Liz Taylor’s eyes were like blue grey eyes, but they were so bright and luminous that they appeared violet blue instead of just blue. but they were not purple.

    • It can be.i had 2 kittens that had purple violet eyes and then after a few months they changed to green….

  3. I have a variation eye colour one might say gray’ish eyes, and in the early 1980s in the I. Magnin department store in Beverly Hills a woman who claimed to be in makeup and have worked with ET came up to me and said, “You have the exact same eye colour as Elizabeth Taylor” She also told me there were no actual lavender eyes it was all makeup and make believe.


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