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Amber Eyes Color – Meaning, Natural, In Humans, Animals, Genetics, Makeup Tips for Rare Amber Eyed People

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What are amber eyes? Which celebrities have amber colored eyes? Why do amber eye colors exist? Which eye makeup will be good for amber eyes? Get answers to all this and many others in this article.

Amber Eye Color – Humans with Amber Eyes
Amber Eye Color – Humans with Amber Eyes

Meaning, Genetics, Natural Amber Eye Color

Amber eye color, also known as wolf eyes are a rare human eye color which according to Wikipedia, describes them to have a “solid color and …a strong yellowish/golden and russet/coppery tint”. These types of eye colors are very common in wolves, hence the name wolf eyes.

Amber eye color is said to result from the deposition of lipochrome (lipofuscin), a yellowish pigment on iris. Lipochrome is also common in green eyes.  Although many people confuse amber eye color with hazel, they are different because, although hazel eyes do have the gold and amber color specs, they also contain many other colors that include brown, orange and green.  Furthermore, hazel eyes have ripples and flecks that appear to be shifting in color while amber eye colors have a solid golden hue.

Most people with amber eyes have predominantly gold eyes. However, it is common to get people with amber eyes that are copper or russet colored. In fact, this makes many people to confuse amber eyes for hazel, especially when they have some light golden grey colors.

However, you will notice the dominance of yellow pigment in amber eye colored people.  Just like any other eye colors, amber eye colors are genetically caused.

Amber Eyes in Human - Nicole Richie
Amber Eyes in Human – Nicole Richie

Amber Eyes in Human – People and Celebrities with Amber Eyes

The fact that amber eye color is rare should make you very proud since not everyone has this eye colors. Some of the celebrities that share amber eyes include the following:

  • Aimee Walton
  • Alexandra Liao
  • Alice Cullen
  • Amanda Righetti
  • Ana Claudia Talancón
  • Andrea Leeds
  • Andreia Leal
  • Ashley Fink
  • Athena Asamiya
  • Francesca Lé
  • Frank Findlay
  • Frank Oz


  • Biba Golic
  • Bobby Andonov
  • Brando (Bell)
  • Carla Nieto
  • Catrina Davies
  • Claudio Pizarro
  • Connor Price
  • Courtney Culkin
  • Crystal Taylor
  • Cynthia Pinot
  • Cynthia Pinot
  • Gonzalo Garcia Vivanco


  • Dana Glover (singer)
  • Dayna Devon
  • Debby Ryan
  • Dominique Gallego
  • Emily Harrison
  • Emina Cunmulaj
  • Emmanuel Delcour
  • Esme Cullen
  • Fátima Boggio
  • Florencia Bertotti
  • Gabriel Valenzuela
  • Gemma Rogers


The list of people and celebrities with amber eye color is endless. This is just a representative of humans with amber eyes. If you know any celebrity with amber eyes, look at the kind of eye makeup she uses and if it looks great, imitate her

Animals with Amber Colored Eyes - Wolf Eyes
Animals with Amber Colored Eyes – Wolf Eyes

Animals with Amber Colored Eyes

We have already mentioned the fact that amber eye color is rare in human beings. However, amber eye colors are common some animals such as domestic cats, owl, fish, pigeon, canines, and eagles.

In pigeons, amber eyes are thought to be caused by pteridines pigment that is yellow and fluorescing. Similarly, the bright yellowish eyes that the Great Horned Owl has are due to xanthopterin, a pteridene pigment.

If you have a chance to look at the eye colors that these animals have, you will know exactly how amber eyes look like.

 Eye Makeup for Amber Colored Eyes

Do you have these luminous and very warm gold eye colors? You deserve to have an idea of which makeup to use to look great. The golden color in amber eyes is something you should boast of since it sounds beautiful and rich.

When choosing eye makeup for amber eyes, you need to go for what will compliment you eye color. Complimentary colors are the ones on the opposite side of the color wheel. You also need to consider other facial features such as skin tone, and hair color in deciding which eye makeup will flatter your amber eyes, whether you are considering eyeshadow, eyeliner, eyebrow makeup or mascara.


In this discussion, we have tried to describe to you what amber eye color looks like, some people and celebrities that have amber eyes as well as animals. You also have an idea on which eye makeup to use with amber eyes.

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Posted Comments [19]

    • Good observation. I wish you could give us some of the people who have amber eyes. We are all learning. That is the eye color the people mentioned have listed on their various profiles. 🙂

  1. Shame that the people listed as having amber eyes genuinely don’t, and also Alice and same Cullen?? Made up characters! Dear me :/

  2. on my eyes ,around the iris i have dark blue,and on it i have like a goldish-greenish colour,and a bit of gold-brown,and next to the pupil 2 very very small black dots on each eye,so what the heck of a color are my eyes? :))

    • They are a hazel variation. Hazel is usually green with a reddish-brown “star” around the pupil but there is also a blue or gray variant with a more golden “star” around the pupil.

  3. My wife tells me I have amber or honey colored eyes. They are more like a 75% orangish-copper color surrounded by an olive greenish color and encircled in a dark grayish blue ring. I’ve always considered them brown , maybe bordering dark hazel. I’ve only seen two people my entire life that had TRUE amber eyes. One was a girl working at a smoothie shop in Carlsbad, CA and the other one was a thirty something year old lady cashiering at the San Juan Capistrano, CA Costco. The color is so rare and beautiful and could never be confused with hazel, light brown or greenish.

  4. Hi! I’m 17 female with a red-gold-brown color and blue and green flecks but when I add black eyeliner they apper to be. Strange I Suppose almost Amber-golden color? – my absentee fathers side of the family is rumored to have a genetic “amber” color- his family is part Irish his last name is “Sheilds” and my mothers is “hullander” by adoption and by birth “brockman” or something like that I have prominent Native American Cherokee and other bloodlines. I am genetically around 20% Cherokee but by law of adoption I am 40% more or less and I could have more Cherokee bloodlines that lay unknown

  5. If u wanna see real amber eyes email me ill show u what they look like im 28 f sydney australia and people say mine r yellow with a blue ring and look awsome . Mine r very real

  6. I am a dirty blonde with all in all amber eyes exactly described here. I didn’t look at the examples of the celebs. They gave but from the photo of the eyes they did give I would say yep. I have had a lot of people say that they look honey colored or full gold. I don’t know what to in truth believe but I think that that may be it. To bad amber isn’t recognized when filling documents. Usually I have to put brown. Oh well. Lol…

  7. Everyone was telling that i am an Alien because i have yellow brown eyes…so i did some research and I can rest in peace…I’m normal…lol

  8. I’ve always been told by eye doctors that I have the most unique shade of brown eyes they have seen. Then I saw this and thought it described my eyes perfectly so I guess I have amber eyes now. Thank You!!

  9. Also if you look like you have hazel eyes but not sure if they are Amber or not, let the sun hit your eyes. If they are yellow or Auburn/russet when the sun hits them, they are Amber. I did this and was shocked. I took a pic. My friends were weirded out at my yellow eyes. Also ppl would say when I wore gold makeup or gold clothes, my eyes looked like they were glowing gold.


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