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Purple Eyes – Causes, Purple Eye Color Disease, Makeup Tips, Were Elizabeth Taylor Purple Eyes Real

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Purple eyes are a charm if you are not wearing purple contact lenses. Get more on their causes, purple eye disease (Alexandria Genesis), whether Elizabeth Taylor had them or not, and if people do have natural purple eyes. You will also get some makeup tips for this unique eye color. 

The Purple Eyes – Causes, Purple Eye Disease and Makeup Tips
The Purplish Eyes

Having eyes that are purple sounds strange, just as it does to have violet ones or any other rare eye colors. This eye color is closely related to violet  since violet color is between blue and purple.

In fact, you have to admit that having these eye colors is a special one, and everyone will be looking at, or admiring them.I guess it is rarer than even violet or amber eyes. In this discussion, some of the questions we will attempt to answer include the following:

  • What causes them? Are there real purple eyes? 
  • Did Elizabeth Taylor have these eyes? 
  • What is purple eye disease or Alexandria Genesis?
  • Do these eyes naturally occur, can people have them or are there people with such eyes?
  • Which makeup should you use if you have them or eyes closely related to purple?

Get answers to all the above questions and much more that will make everything clearer in this article.

Do People have Purple Eyes, What Causes them? – Albino, Diseases and Genetics

People with purple eyes must be be very gorgeous looking and quite attractive. Of course, one of the questions, commonly asked by everyone, is if, people actually have these eyes.

This question, is a tough one, and it alludes mixed reactions, with one school of thought acknowledging their existence while the other school thinks contrary – there are no natural purple eyes. Although very rare, there are people who have them.

Violet Eyes - Elizabeth Taylor’s Violet Eyes
Elizabeth Taylor

If that is the case, what then causes them? The answer is simple. They could be caused by a number of things, which include amount of melanin someone has in his or her iris, diseases such as albinism, (albino purple eyes) heterochromatin (disease or disorder where eye changes color), purple eye disease (mythical), genetic or hereditary factors.

Basic biology appreciates that the looks people have are passed from their parents. It is possible to get different amounts of eye pigments, which will in turn influence the eye color you have. This is the same fact that influences all the eye colors people have, even for the common eye colors such as hazel, blue, brown, green and so on.

Furthermore, sustaining eye injuries could result to these eye color because this color can results from a mixture of red and blue. It is common to get someone, who for instance, has blue eyes but because of the appearance of blood vessels caused by a number of reasons including injuries or less amounts of melanin, they might end up having purple looking eyes.

Characteristics of Purple Eye Disease – Alexandria Genesis

Purple Eyes – Causes, Purple Eye Disease and Makeup Tips
Actual Looks

As already mentioned,these eyes can be caused by purple eye disease. This is a difficult one to understand or appreciate but worthwhile knowing.  Purple eye disease, otherwise known as Alexandria Genesis is a mythical condition where someone’s eyes turned to purplish due to gene mutation.

It is an ancient myth that many modern scientists hardly find any evidence in. Alternatively, it could have existed when science was not much advanced, making it difficult to say with certainty it existed.

As the mythical Alexandria Genesis disease goes, normally, you were be born with either gray or blue eyes, which could start changing to purple after some time. The process went on for about six months.

Furthermore, when you had purple eyes because you were suffering from Alexandria Genesis, it was believed you would show a number of characteristics when you reached puberty, which included the following:

  • The gray or blue eyes that became deeper in color gradually, and as you reach puberty, they will then turn to purple.
  • Fair skin that would not tan or burn
  • Black or dark brown hair
  • No facial or body hairs, except for the one you are born having i.e. nostril, scalp, eyelashes and eyebrow hairs.
  • You had longer life span and a very strong immunity that could resist any disease that affect human beings.
  • Yo had no or little bowel movement, excellent vision, never overweight(with a proportional and well developed body).
  • Women or girls who had Alexandria Genesis often missed their menstrual flow but they could still conceive.

Other than the above symptoms of the mythical purple eye disease, the condition was said to be more prevalent in Caucasian but also afflicted other races.

Elizabeth Taylor’s Eyes – Did She Have  Real Purple Eyes?

Purple Eyes - Girls with purple eyes
With Makeup Nicely Done

Elizabeth Taylor, a popular actress who acted several movies including Cleopatra in 1963 was considered to have purple eyes. Although some people consider her eyes to be violet or blue, it is not easy to say with certainty that Elizabeth Taylor’s eyes were truly purple or not. However, she certainly did not wear purple contact lenses since these lenses came much later.

If you looked on her eyes keenly in her photos and movies, you will notice they appeared violet or purplish in color. Blue is very close to purple and a slight variation in lighting could make light blue eyes to appear purple or violet. I have not found any 100% convincing evidence that Liz Taylor had purple eyes.

Makeup Tips for Purple Eyes

If you have these eyes which are not as a result of wearing purple eye contacts lenses, you are among the few lucky people or girls with natural purple eyes. However,  you need to know some of the ways you can accentuate the looks of your eyes.

The first thing to do is to know which undertones your eyes have, and get good eye makeup that will help bring out  those undertones.

For instance, if you want to bring the grayish tone in purple colored eyes, go for charcoal or gray eyeshadows. For eyeliners, deeper shades of grey and black eyeliners will work perfectly well. If you want innocent subtle looks, consider soft pink hues.

On the other hand, if you want to complement, them it is a good idea to go for golds, soft greens and purple eye makeup. Colors such as bright metallic copper, bronze, and pewter will also complement your eyes well.


It is a fact that there are people who have eyes that look purple, most of which are caused by various diseases, conditions or disorders. However, you should not be duped by people who wear purple contact lenses and pretend to be purple-eyed.

Smokey Purple Eye Looks

To clarify something, smokey purple eyes is not part of the purple eye makeup but the use of purple eyeshadow to create smokey eye looks. Therefore, anyone whose eye color can be complimented with purple color could create smokey purple look.

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Do you know anyone who has purple eyes?

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  1. Is purple eye disease something bad or good cause it sounds like a good thing to have, but it has the word disease in it. I’m confused. Lol

  2. @Susan. Purple eyes are very rare and they could be caused by a number of conditions such as albinism, gene mutation or hereditary factors. However, the Alexandria Genesis disease is an ancient popular Egyptian myth. There is hardly any solid evidence such people existed. However, true purple eyes closely mimic violet eyes and the two can be confused.

  3. Purple eyes and violet eyes seem so similar. Is there a clear way to distinguish people who have purple eyes and those with violet eyes? How do you tell someone has purple eyes and not wearing purple contact lenses?

    • @Julia. Purple color is closer to blue than violet. Furthermore, violet appears to be having a more pinkish tone in it. On contact lenses and purple eyes, if you keenly observed, you should be able to distinguish someone who is wearing purple contact lenses and someone who has purple eyes.

  4. What does it mean if you have a grey ring, a green ring, and a purple ring color eyes? this is my eye color, three rings of different shades. my purple ring is the inner most ring right next to the black center. The largest portion of my eye color is light green, and then the outer most ring is a dark grey? I also have white blonde hair, and all of my body hair, including eyebrows and eyelashes, and pubs are white blonde, almost albino. but my skin color is a medium yellowish hue and I don’t burn, but tan up very easily. Am I a super rare genetic disorder or disease, or is this lucky? Wiki said that the race of Valyrian had blonde hair and purple eyes. might I be a descendant of this ancient race? what are your thoughts, anybody please?

    • Sound like you have heterochromia of some kind. I highly doubt you are part of an “ancient” race. But heterochromia (whether central, complete, sectoral) causes diffrent colors to appear in the iris. I have central heterochromia.

  5. If you cannot menstruate, dropping a new fresh egg… how can you conceive? And how come I’ve never heard of this in my years in medical school?

    • @Tiarra something you are not understanding is the word ‘myth’. I admit it would be the best thing us girls could ever have, being fertile but not having to suffer the menstruation cycle, but it is unfortunately fake. You haven’t heard of it because it is simply fake. I have been researching violet/purple eyes for some time now, as I investigate colors and their shades, and purple/violet in fact can happen because of either mutation, gene malfunction or something along those lines, but Alexandria’s Genesis’ extra characteristics like ‘longer life spam’ or ‘no hair apart from what you are born with’ are 100% false until proven otherwise.

  6. I must warn you, this whole Alexandria’s Genesis story is fake. It was create by Cameron Miquelon (I’m not sure if it’s a pseudonym) as a fanfiction to the animated series “Daria” (I think it was from MTV). Here, go to this link :
    In this article she tells the story of how and why she started this. Please, read it, it’s actually a really interesting article.
    P.S.: I thought it was true at first, before thinking much about it, then I just searched a little and found it. Have fun reading it!

  7. In the Philippines, there appears to be one case and the very interesting part of it is that she came from an indigenous tribe far chance of having caucasian ancestors. She has dark skin and eyes as blue as the ocean. A wonderful mutation of nature. Check out the video, she was featured in one of the documentaries that discussed Filipinos who looked different from the norm.

  8. Alexandria’s Genesis isn’t real- it was made up by a fanfiction writer as a way to explain the color of their character’s eyes.

  9. Hey, I’m really confused about something. I don’t know if I would be considered as that rare group of people who have purple eyes, and here’s why: when I was born, I was born with purple eyes. However, my eyes changed to dark brown/black later. So, would I still be considered to be in that group? Also, is there any way to change my eyes back to the purple color they once were WITHOUT stuff like surgery, contacts, etc.? Please reply with a answer, I would really like to know 🙂


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