Thick Eyebrows Men, Girls Trend, Growth Natural

Thick eyebrows are not considered the attractive, beautiful, best or perfect ones you can have but also make one look younger. Look at all the celebrities, men and women nowadays. They all are going for thicker, fuller and huge eyebrows. Learn more about their trends, how to get them as well …

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Best Eyeliner for Blue Eyes: Brown,  Grey, Purple, Green or?

What is the best eyeliner for blue eyes? There are many colors to choose from. Of course, green, brown, gray will look great. Others you can line them with according to beauty blog are “purple, lavender, plum, taupe, gold, silver, bronze, slate, and blue.” We have more insight including tips …

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Causes & Getting Rid of Keloids from Piercings

Keloids from ear piercings

Meaning  No one expects to develop a keloid following nose or ear piercing. However, bumps following these have become very common today. Even where care and hygiene are observed during piercing, sometimes these bumps are inevitable. What is a keloid then? If you have recently had an ear or nose piercing, …

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Makeup for Small Eyes: Make Them Look Bigger

Makeup tips for small eyes

With every dawning day, new fashion or makeup trends emerge and c’mon who wouldn’t want to look like the next American top model? (I know I would!) Pretty sure you’ve noticed that the latest de rigueur is bigger, curvier silhouettes (I mean have you seen Riri’s curvaceous body, absolutely sultry, …

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Makeup for Close-Set Eyes: Tips, Eyebrows, Liner

Close set eyes

Everyone is born with unique features and attributes that just enhances their beauty. Knowing your eye shape is just as important as mastering make-up techniques that flatter your face. For close-set eyes, the width between them is less than that of one eyeball. To figure out whether you have them, …

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Long Face Makeup Tips: How Contour a Long Face

Long face contouring

If it’s about finding the perfect flattering hairstyle or the perfect way to sculpture your brows or the perfect way to apply makeup to accentuate your best features while downplaying others, being aware of your face shape is very important. So, if you have a slightly wider forehead as compared …

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How to Contour a Round Face: Steps and Tips

We are all born with gorgeous features, but sometimes we feel the need the accentuate these features and thanks to make-up we can! Okay, so contouring is basically using “a matte pencil, cream or powder product that is two shades darker than your skin tone in the areas you would …

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