Bedbugs Repulsed by These Two Colors

Although tiny, bed bugs are such a menace and can make your house uninhabitable. These blood sucking bugs love hiding in places with fabrics as well as in wood as opposed to metal and plastics. This explains why they love to hide in the seams of the mattress or the …

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How to Get Rid of Bunions Naturally without Surgery – Home Remedies for Bunions Removal

Downturned and upturned Eyes – Makeup Tips Tiffany Hines Upturned Eyes and Makeup use

When left to grow, bunions can get uncomfortable. The best time to deal with them is as soon as they start forming. This will eliminate the need for surgical removal in the future. Below we discuss how to get rid of bunions naturally on toes, without surgery and through exercises. …

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Flaking Nails: Causes and Treatments to Get Rid of Flaky Nails

Downturned and upturned Eyes - Upturned eye makeup

Whether flaking at the tips, across the entire surface, or in layers, one thing remains true: flaking nails do no justice to your appearance. In addition to making your nails look uncared for, the condition is usually associated with slow nail growth and tendency to break easily. Below we seek …

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Former First Lady Lucy Kibaki Passes On

Eye Drops for Pink Eye – Use, Side Effects, Antibiotic, Over the Counter and Ointments for Conjunctivitis - Eye Drops

Former First Lady Lucy Kibaki has passed on. This comes a few days after she was flown out of the country from Nairobi Hospital for specialized treatment. She passed on early Tuesday morning while receiving treatment at the Bupa Cromwell Hospital in London. While making the announcement, President Uhuru Kenyatta …

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CS Bett Approves a Donkey Slaughterhouse in Baringo

The government has approved the establishment of a donkey slaughterhouse in Chemogoch, Mogotio, Baringo County. This comes after an October 2015 petition by more than 1,500 residents of Baringo County, wanting the government to approve the facility. Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries Cabinet Secretary Willy Bett has approved the opening of …

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Lil Kim Sparks Online Debate with Blonde White Transformation

Lil’ Kim on Sunday, 24th April posted a six images’ photo collage looking unrecognizable. The 41 year old seems to have undergone a surgical transformation that has left her skin color paler, nose sharper and skin taut. Moments after her reveal, fans went on to respond to the pictures with …

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How to Get Rid of Motion Sickness Naturally, after a Ride or Cruise, on a Boat or Bus and Permanently

Traveling can be a nightmare for persons suffering motion sickness. This does not have to be the case though as there are different methods on how to get rid of motion sickness that can help. They include making simple changes on what you eat, where you sit in the car …

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How to Get Fuller Lips through Cosmetic Procedures, Naturally at Home, with Makeup, Plumping Products and Exercise

The lips are an important aspect of facial beauty. Current times have seen a prevalence of luscious fuller lips despite the fact that not everyone is naturally gifted with big lips. While some people are comfortable with theirs as they may be, there are those who are not. This is …

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Cutting Cuticles During Manicure or Pedicure Good or Bad? Dangers and Alternative Options

Cutting cuticles is commonly offered during manicure and pedicure. There are also videos and articles galore on the internet to show you how to cut cuticles “safely” at home. Some people even claim that trimming the cuticles make the nails grow faster, but is cutting cuticles good (safe) or bad?. Let …

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