How to Get Fuller Lips through Cosmetic Procedures, Naturally at Home, with Makeup, Plumping Products and Exercise

The lips are an important aspect of facial beauty. Current times have seen a prevalence of luscious fuller lips despite the fact that not everyone is naturally gifted with big lips. While some people are comfortable with theirs as they may be, there are those who are not. This is why we explore various options on how to get fuller lips. These range from surgical procedures, natural home remedies, lip exercises as well as makeup hacks to create an illusion of fuller lips.

Cosmetic Procedures for Fuller Lips

Fuller lips have been considered aesthetically ideal thanks to Hollywood celebrities. For those who can afford it, the most effective means to achieve larger lips is through cosmetic procedures. These require little to no down town and the effects are not only visible immediately but also last longer. Here are various methods on how to get fuller lips through cosmetic procedures.

1. Lip Implant Surgery for Fuller Lips

Lip implant surgery is a procedure through which the surgeon makes small incisions mostly at the corner of the lips. A tunnel is then created within to give room for the implant. This has to be carefully done to ensure a natural looking and even end result. The implant is then placed through the lip, trimmed to the appropriate length and the incisions closed.

The use of lip implant surgery offers a permanent form of lip augmentation. Although there are minimal side effects, the procedure comes with the risks of infection, implant rejection and migration, lip stiffness as well as scarring. By choosing an experienced surgeon, the risks associated with lip surgery can be minimized.

2. Fat Grafting to get Fuller Lips

This involves the transfer of fat to the lips from another part of the body through liposuction. Since this method makes use of natural body tissue, the chances of rejection and allergic reactions are minimal. This is an invasive method and requires a longer healing period.

The results of this method on how to get fuller lips will last more between six months and a year. This method is most appropriate for persons who wish to reduce fat in specific parts of the body while at the same time getting fuller lips.

3. Lip Augmentation Fillers

For semi-permanent and quick results, there are some lip augmentation procedures that you can undertake. The most common procedure is the use of dermal fillers injected into the lips and around the mouth to attain fuller lips.  Some of the common fillers include:

How to get fuller lips through dermal fillers

Getting fuller lips through filler injections

Hyaluronic Acid Fillers

This is found occurring naturally in the body. The use of Hyaluronic acid fillers to get fuller lips helps to improve the appearance of lips by adding volume, shape and structure. Normally, the initial injection will last about six months after which follow up treatments will be necessary.

The use of hyaluronic acid fillers has the advantage of offering control over lip volume. This is because the doctor can determine how much of the substance he injects and can thus control the volume attained. It is also possible to give gradual treatments until desired volume is attained as opposed to a one time plumping up.

Compared to other fillers, this one offers less swelling and bruising. The fact that these are made from substances similar to those found in the body makes it less likely for there to be allergic reactions.

Collagen Based Lip Fillers

Although once the most common used type of lip filler for fuller lips, its use has declined due to the availability of better and safer alternatives. This type of lip filler comes in two types; bovine derived collagen and human derived collagen.

“Bovine-derived collagen is extracted from the tissue of cows that have been raised in constantly monitored, disease-free closed herds.” [Source: Doc Shop] With this, there is a likelihood for allergic reactions and as a result allergy tests have to be done before treatment.

Human derived collagen on the other hand is harvested from excess skin during surgery. With this, there is no need for tests as it is bio-compatible with the human body.

How to Get Fuller Lips with Makeup

In case you are looking for ways on how to attain bigger lips without surgery, you can achieve the same using makeup. While makeup may not give you plumper lips permanently, it will give the illusion of bigger lips. This may take more than one session to grasp but with practice, you will master the art of achieving desired results. Below are beauty hacks that will help on how to get fuller lips with makeup.

1. Prep your Lips

Before beginning the process of getting fuller lips through makeup, moisturize your lips. This will help loosen up any flakes for ease of removal. Flaky lips reflect less light thus making your lips look smaller. Brush off the flakes using a toothbrush to get rid of them as well as boost blood supply.

2. Apply Concealer

Patting a concealer on your lips fakes will make your lipstick get a color closer to it thus making lips look bigger.

3. Lip Gloss

The shimmery nature of lip gloss tends to pick up light. You can use a clear gloss or one close to the color of your lip stick. Dab some of your lip gloss in the middle of the lips to make your pout look fuller.

4. Over-Draw your Lip Line

A lip liner can be used to make the lips appear larger than they are. This is by using a lip liner to trace outside the natural lip line. This is then followed by filling up the lips with lipstick. The liner can as well be used for the whole pout. If necessary, apply a concealer to hide the lip line.

Over drawing the lip line to attain fuller lips

Over drawing the lip line to attain fuller lips

5. Stay Away from Dark Lipstick

Dark lipstick is known to give your lips a flat appearance. For a full looking pout, rock nudes or pale shades of pink. These will make your lips look naturally bigger.

6. Use Two Nude Colors for evenly fuller Lips

This hack is best for people with one smaller lip than the other. By applying it, it will help achieve an evenly sized appearance of the lips.Apply one nude shade all around your lips.

Different nude shades to attain fuller lips

Different nude shades to attain fuller lips

Use a lighter one in the middle of the smaller lip. A white lip crayon can also suffice. Where your lips are of an even size, apply the lighter shade on both lips for a fuller appearance.

7. Use a Concealer after Applying Lipstick

Once you are done with applying lipstick, use a concealer to line the outside of your lips. This will help the lipstick pop and give the illusion of fuller lips.

Using a concealer to attain fuller lips

Using a concealer to attain fuller lips

8. Use Lip Plumping Products for Fuller Lips

The use of over the counter lip plumping products can help promote a voluptuous pout. Lip plumping products come in the form of balms, gels, sticks and glosses. They mostly contain ingredients that make your lips fuller by irritating them.

Products containing ingredients such as ginger mint, cinnamon, capsicum and wintergreen will boost the flow of blood making them swell up and appear red. This gives them a fuller look. The plumping effect is temporary and will usually last a few hours. To renew the effect, a reapplication will be necessary.

How to get Fuller Lips Naturally without Surgery and Makeup

Cosmetic procedures are expensive. In the same way, plumping products may not be appropriate for everyone and are only meant for use on special occasions as they could be drying to the lips. Using makeup to give an illusion of bigger lips requires expertise which might be lacking in some individuals.

This though does not mean there aren’t other options. In case you would love home remedies you can use at home, learn how to get fuller lips naturally below without having to undergo surgery or spending time on makeup.

1. Peppermint Oil

Peppermint oil improves the circulation of blood which causes the lips to swell up. This way it acts as a natural lip plumper. In addition, the oil will give your lips a rosy red appearance. It has a cooling effect that may last an hour. Pepper mint oil can be applied directly to the lips or added to your lip balm.

2. Cinnamon Essential Oil

This oil is one of the common ingredients in over the counter plumpers. It gives you fuller lips by stimulating capillaries in the lips. This enhances the flow of blood which makes the lips appear fuller naturally.

Add cinnamon oil into your lip gloss or balm. A tingling effect may be felt soon after application but this should go away with time.

3. Cayenne Pepper Essential oil

Just like the other oils discussed above, the use of cayenne pepper oil on how to get fuller lips enhances the flow of blood giving you the desired look. Add this to your lip balm and use it regularly for fuller lips. You can also dab some cayenne pepper on your lips for the same effect. Watch out not to use too much as this will cause burning.

4. Exfoliation

Exfoliating your lips gives the lips a plumping effect. This can be attained by using an exfoliator or brushing your lips. While doing this, be certain to be gentle as the lips contain sensitive tissue. Follow this up with a non-flavored lip balm to moisturize the lips.

How to get Fuller Lips Overnight through Exercise for Guys

For guys, going through cosmetic procedures and employing makeup hacks may not be appropriate options. This though does not mean that large lips are not achievable for them as they can achieve them naturally at home. Discussed below are some guy-friendly options on how to get fuller lips overnight through simple lip exercises. These help in making the lip muscles strong, facilitate the flow of blood and eventually get them to look larger.

1.      Whistle

It is known that people who play musical instruments have bigger and fuller lips. This is attributed to the fact that their work engages their lip muscles. To obtain the same results, whistle away your favorite melody for three to five minutes daily. Make it as loud and strong as you can as long as it is comfortable. Doing this will build up your lip muscles giving them a fuller appearance.

2.      Smile and Kiss

With your lips closed, smile broadly and hold for five seconds. Pucker up your lips and push them forward as you would while kissing someone. Hold this for five minutes as well and 20 20 repetitions of the same

3.      Side to Side Movements

Press your lips together and move them as far as you can to the right side. While at this position, hold for five seconds and repeat the same for the left side. Do 15 repetitions of these.

4.      Lip Rotations

With your mouth closed, stretch your lips into a kiss. While in this position, rotate them clockwise twice. Repeat the motion in the opposite direction. Repeat the sequence 10 times.


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