How to Get Rid of Bunions Naturally without Surgery – Home Remedies for Bunions Removal

When left to grow, bunions can get uncomfortable. The best time to deal with them is as soon as they start forming. This will eliminate the need for surgical removal in the future. Below we discuss how to get rid of bunions naturally on toes, without surgery and through exercises. We also explore home remedies for bunion removal and pain.

A bunion is an unnatural bony protrusion occurring at the base of the big toe. The protrusion results from an abnormal growth of the inner bones. With this comes misalignment of the big toe causing it to turn towards the inner toes leaving a protruding bone on the outside. The severity of the bunion can be mild, moderate, large or severe as seen in the image above.

Bunions can at times get quite uncomfortable and limit the choice of footwear as well as activities you settle for. This can be frustrating. Cases that are mild or moderate can be prevented from escalating through simple natural home treatments. For large and severe cases, surgical removal may be necessary.

To get rid of bunions at home, you can use home remedies. In addition, some natural treatments can help alleviate the symptoms. We discuss how to get rid of bunions naturally below.

How to Get Rid of Bunions Naturally

Before opting for medical procedures to get rid of bunions, you can try simple techniques to eliminate them at home. This includes making some lifestyle changes, exercising your toes and well as using corrective accessories. We get into the details of how to get rid of bunions naturally here.

1.      Lifestyle Changes

To begin with, you will have to make changes in your life and avoid things that could be contributing to formation of bunions. Some of these changes include:

Change your Foot Wear

If you suffer bunions, you should avoid wearing tight shoes. Look for a pair that is bound to leave some room for free movement of the feet. When making a purchase, ensure that your big toe does not touch the end of the shoe. This will help leave enough room for your toes realignment.

Stay Away from Activities Leading to Bunions

There are activities that are known to contribute to formation of bunions such as ballet dancing. Any activity that requires constrictive shoes could also cause bunions. If possible, give up on the activity all together and if this is not possible conduct the activity in friendly shoes.

Walk Barefoot

It is advisable to spend as much time as may be possible on bare foot. This helps to strengthen your feet muscles. It also helps in the realignment of the bone structure to their natural position. This is as opposed to their conforming to the shape of the shoes you are wearing.

For severe bunions, walking on naked floors may aggravate the pain. In such cases, only walk barefoot on thickly carpeted floors. Another alternative would be to walk around in padded socks or comfortable slippers as you go about your daily activities.

2.      Foot Exercises

Another way on how to get rid of bunions naturally is through special rehabilitation exercises. By engaging your feet in activity focused on the affected area, the growth of bunions is halted and the bones realigned. This will help eliminate the need for corrective surgery later on. Below is how to get rid of bunions through various exercises.

  • With your shoes removed, stretch your big toe and use your fingers to pull it into the correct alignment. Stretch the rest of the toes to point straight ahead and hold for 10 seconds. Follow this up by curling them under for the same duration and repeat procedure a number of times.
  • You could also flex your toes by pressing them against a wall until they bend. Hold the position for 10 seconds, release and repeat.
  • Try gripping items such as a towel or piece of cloth with your toes before dropping it and picking it up once more.

3.      Bunion Pads and Shoe Inserts

Bunion shoe inserts and pads are designed to realign the toes into their normal shape. These are quite effective when the bunions are in their early stages. They will help to alleviate the pain too in addition to giving your big toe the proper direction. These are available in drugstores and pharmacies. Follow the instructions given on how to get rid of bunions naturally with their help for best results.

how to get rid of bunions naturally using bunion pads

Bunion pads

4.      Tape your Feet

Another method to treat bunions without surgery is by taping your feet. Taping your toes as a way on how to get rid of bunions involves using tape to make the toes assume normal alignment. By doing so, the toes get accustomed to the correct alignment thus getting rid of bunions with time.

Home Remedies for Bunions Removal

In addition to the non-surgical bunion treatments above, there are simple home remedies for bunions removal you can use at home. These are as discussed below.

5.      Red Pepper

Red pepper contains capsaicin which helps in getting rid of the compounds causing discomfort and pain. Pick a red pepper and cut it into half. Rub its juice directly on the bunion and follow this up by smearing some petroleum jelly over it. Tie a bandage or thin cloth over it. Repeat procedure twice daily.

6.      Castor Oil

Castor oil contains anti-inflammatory elements. It is an effective home remedy for bunions and will help diminish pain and swollen bunions. Warm half a cup of the oil on a pan. Let it heat to a level comfortable for the skin.

Soak a thin piece of cloth in the oil and wrap it on the bunion. To enhance its effectiveness, cover the piece of cloth with a towel to trap the warmth longer. This remedy will help stimulate the circulation of blood and thus relief any soreness and pain. Repeat procedure up to three times in a day.

7.      Epsom Salt

With this simple but powerful remedy, the bunions are cured with time. The magnesium sulfate in Epsom salt helps to minimize pain and inflammation. Dissolve half a cup of the salt in a small tub full of hot water. Soak your feet in the water for twenty minutes. Do this twice daily to diminish the bunions.

How to Get Rid of Bunion Pain Naturally

Whether they form on the thumb or pinky toe, bunions can at times get painful. This necessitates the use of pain relievers for ease of movement as well as to make them bearable as you work towards getting rid of them. If you are looking for options on how to get rid of bunion pain naturally, below are some.

Feet Soak

Soaking your feet in warm water can help get rid of the bunion pain. Start by preparing warm water in a bowl. Allow your feet to soak in it for 20 minutes. This will help in soothing the joints and alleviate the pain.

Ice Packs

For severe pain flare ups, using ice packs can help relieve pain fast. Wrap a plastic bag full of ice in a thin towel and apply it on for 20 minutes several times a day. The ice will numb the area and thus reduce relieve pain.

Tips on How to Avoid Bunions

Once you have successfully applied the above methods on how to get rid of bunions naturally, it is now time to avoid their recurrence. Use the tips below to ensure they do not come back.

  • To correct bone growth and prevent children from getting bad bunions, use night splints.
  • Avoid wearing heels and narrow footwear to prevent formation of bunions. Always wear appropriate shoes for different tasks and weather.
  • In case of severe bunion pain, take pain relieving medication.
  • To help position your feet correctly, use sole inserts available in different forms over the counter.
  • Maintain an appropriate body weight to keep you from getting bunions.

In case the methods discussed above on how to get rid of bunions naturally without surgery and using home remedies do not work, it is time to see the doctor. They will prescribe the best mode of treatment and advice on whether the only way out is to get rid of the bunions through surgery.