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What Color Eyeliner for Brown Eyes to Wear?

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Blue, purple, green, and some colored eyeliners work well with brown eyes. Learn more some of best liner colors you can wear. Find out what are the colors to choose to make brown eyes pop or complement them well for both the people with dark and light ones.

Do you know you can take your makeup game to another level by just getting the perfect color for your eye color?

It may sound like a small detail but believe us, the eyeliner color makes all the difference when it comes to how bright and awakes your eyes look.

The best one for you should do more than outline their shape and help you nail that smoky or cat eye. It should also help bring out the color/ colors in your iris.

They may be the most common eye color in the world, but brown ones have a lot of stories to tell, and a lot of popping to do, if you line them right. Read on for the best liner colors from the neutral palette as well as the best color eyeliners you should be added to your makeup kit.

Best eyeliner for brown eyes

There are two traps most people will fall into when choosing eyeliner. Either they just go with black on the assumption that it will work for every look they desire and also suits everyone, or get excited at the variety and pick wonderful colors that do not work with their eye color, skin tone and hair color. Both routes will lead to a fail town where your eyes end up looking smaller, and probably dull.

That is why you need to know exactly what color will work for your eye color.


According to makeupandbeauty.com, “If you are blessed with deep brown ones, eyeliner in any hue would make you look perfect”.  This means you can pull off most colors including blue. Let us see something a little more on dark and navy blue eyeliner before we mention other shades of blue.

Dark and navy

Navy or dark blue is one of the best eyeliners for this eye color. Whether pencil, gel, liquid or cake, they will work well and make you look stunning. It will dark enough to be intense but soft enough for the day and those barely there make up looks.

Allure says midnight blue is also great for picking up the light flecks in your eyes. Still, we have it on good authority too that you should ditch the black eyeliner on brown eyes and make navy blue your staple. “Midnight blues will read softer on warm brown eyes,” says marieclaire.com.

Other shades of blue

You can also explore other shades of blue, keeping it subtle for day looks and go heavy metal bold for night looks. Cobalt blue is a unique way for you to do blue eyeliner brown eyes.  You can explore other shades of blue if you are not a shrinking violet.


This eyeliner is always a winner with this eye color. It is suitable for brown skin or darker complexions and will be perfect to go with brown hair very well. It will also will also go well with olive skin tones with brown colored eyes.

Ehow.com says “Browns and plums compliment brown eyes,” so please add plum to the list color you can use. In fact, you can break out this liner pencil because it will make them pop.

Allure.com thinks “You can’t go wrong with earthy browns,” Explore various shades but be careful not to drown your eye color by wearing the same shade of eyeliner. Let it be a shade or two darker for the best look.

Darker shade can be perfect for the intense lined looks most people create with black or navy and actually may look better with this eye color and light skin tones than black.

Try black

Though we have implied a few paragraphs earlier it can be too harsh for this eye color, it still remains a classic color which if used right can be quite flattering. You may want to go light on the intensity when using it. It can actually suit a person with big dark brown eyes and dark skin best.


White eyeliner may not specifically flatter just brown eyed girls, but it makes them look more open and bigger which is something anyone regardless of eye color would appreciate. Champagne liner does the same thing and will be perfect if you think white comes off a too stark against your skin tone.


It’s definitely okay to rock purple eyeliner on brown eyes especially rich deep purple. Makeup.com says eggplant or aubergine is a great bold liner choice.

Other colors like violet and lilac can also work for the daring. They can make a fun look but may not be very suitable for women over 40 or 50. At Wikihow, the general consensus is that “a shade of dark purple, or even royal purple,” will make this color stand out. A metallic purple will add glamour and pop to brown colored eyes at night.


If you did not know, greens are also good colors too. Wikihow’s suggestion that “a deep emerald eyeliner will really make your brown eyes stand out.” is a useful tip to remember if you are looking at green liner colors to go with brown colored eyes. Jewel shades of green are perfect so add jade and garnet to your list of best colors you can wear

Olive green according to Wisegeek will also make these eye color look amazing. Specifically “a muted olive green can help make them appear more open.”

Colored eyeliner for Brown Eyes

Colored eyeliner can be a big risk to many people. The potential for it looking, tacky, becoming an epic fail is just too high. But get it right and it is the freshest takeover. The trick to get it right is to go with the best possible color for your eye color.  According to xojane.com, “olive greens are especially flattering”

Another elegant color choices are shades of purple and blue. According to allwomenstalk, amazingly lined eyes you always dreamed is what await you if you just “switch out your brown or black eyeliner for a deep plum eyeliner.”

According to beautygypsy.com, “brown eyes look best with richer, more saturated colors like purple, lavender, pink, turquoise, blue, gold, and copper”.

Finally, silver and gold liner will work as the white lines do, to open up your eyes.

If you have dark brown and light brown eyes

Because not eyes this color were created equal, here’s something on the best liner colors for your exact shade of brown.

1. Dark brown

If you have them, are easy to pick eyeliner for as many colors complement them very well. Black, browns, bronze, green, gold, silver, will all make your eyes stand out. Purple could easily the best color to go for. It really has a nice effect on the deep brown. You can pull off jet black without it looking too harsh because your eyes are dark.

You should also avoid wearing eyeliner in a brown that matches your eye color as it may come off as dull. Go for colored ones if you notice these colors are playing too matchy with your eyes.

2. Light brown one

You have more shades of brown liners to choose from. A chocolate brown liner will look amazing with your eye color. Those in plum, eggplant, and green will also make your eyes pop. Avoid black as it may overwhelm your eyes.

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