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Best Eyeliners for Green Eyes: Purple, Gray, Brown

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Which are the best eyeliner for green eyes? What if you want your not purely green but, blue-green or hazel green eyes to pop? Get tips, ideas and best eyeliner colors you can use.

Have you seen green eyed celebrities beautiful and wondered how they manage to stand out thus every time and yours just will not behave the same? It is all in perfect makeup to accentuate them. And a big part of that is the makeup.

Waterline with white eyeliner - Eyeliner for green eyes
Waterline with white

Great color choices will make the green more vivid, oh so pretty and bring out their shine, like your favorite celebrity.

By the end of this article, you will know the best eyeliner colors to use and have the top tips for making them work for you.

The kind of look you are going for will determine the best kind of eyeliner you should go with.

Gel and liquid liner are good for precise sharp looks like the winged or cat eye while pencil liner is perfect when it comes to the smoky effect around your eye.

If you are out of your liner but cannot imagine going out without, you can swing a DIY liner by swiping a wet eyeliner brush onto powder eyeshadow.

Some colors and ultimately looks you create with them will be more appropriate for day wear while others will be perfect for evening or night wear. Some colors and looks will easily be suitable for both.

What should a great eyeliner do?

To put it simply, the best eyeliner color for green eyes should set off the green, make them appear more awake, enhance the lash line that frames them and outline their shape. Extra points if it brings out the flecks of gold or blue some people with hazel green and blue-green eyes have.

Extra points if the color is doing all the right things with your brown, red or blonde hair color. Here are some excellent ideas on what your best colors are.

Best eyeliner for green eyes

Gold r, purple, deep pinks, dark brown and taupe eyeliners will make them look amazing so consider having liners in several of those shades.

According to thebeautygypsy.com, “green eyes look wonderful with purple, gold or a dark turquoise”. Do take the cue of gold and deep turquoise and go for the jewel shades going on too dark versions of the of the above-named colors as opposed to pastels.

According to beauty blog xojane.com, “purple will bring out any green in your eyes” which makes it the best color for blue-green or hazel green eyes”.

That is if you are aiming to bring out the green color out more than the other colors within your color combination.

Eyeliner for green eyes - black eyeliner
Black eyeliner

Black eyeliner also helps make them pop. As will grey. Allure says “A creamy charcoal pencil (like Wet n Wild Idol Eyes Crème Shadow Pencil in Graphite) is a softer, less overpowering alternative.”

These two classics colors will be ideal simple everyday looks and also for those with these eyes who are not too crazy about colored liner yet.

White champagne or light gray, when applied on the waterline, will make your eyes appear bigger and make your eye color even more prominent.

Others eyeliners colors that are perfect according to Cosmopolitan are red based ones. “Red is opposite green on the color wheel, so liners with red undertones – like plum, mauve or burgundy – will make green eyes stand out.” Do not be shy to get these colors or worry about the red making them and the area around them appear irritated unless you a lot of pink in your skin. Just go for “purples and reds on the darker, almost-blackened spectrum,”

Try green

Teal eyeliner on green eyes

What color works for this eye color depends on how the said color plays off against the green. Those in the same shade as your eyes or light green are a definite no no! This will just kill the shine in them.  “You can experiment with are shades like dark green, “says makeupandbeauty.com.

This eyeliner will help bring out the green color in your eyes. It will also accentuate blue-green and hazel green colors beautifully by bringing out the green.

At sheknows.com, they suggest “dark green eyeshadow with flecks of gold” as a great color choice for eye makeup. An eyeliner in the same color will also do a marvelous job making them pop.

Can purple flatter ?

Green eye eyeliner - purple will work ok
Purple will work ok

We totally agree with marieclaire.com’s assertion that,” there’s nothing like a green-eyed girl with a purple accent”. Purple does great things. Amethyst and aubergine are the best shades of purple to enhance the green in your eyes without screaming purple, purple, purple! But violets will also look great on you if you are not a shrinking violet! You can explore lavender and lilacs colors, especially if you have fair skin.

Urban Decay has some of the best purple liners for green-eyed beauties both in pencil and liquid. The liquid is metallic glitter no less, for the glam night looks while the pencil is just the right shade for enhancing your eyes as you head out to work or school. Almay also has a purple with an impressive rating on Amazon. You can do a quick search on reviews for these and other purple eyeliners before settling on one.


Plum eyeliner is perfect color choice. It is a shade of purple with red undertones which give them more pop. Remember the color wheel and red and green being contrasting colors? Same principle here. The green in your iris becomes more visible against the plum under your lashline.

You do not have to start with a vivid plum either, a deep plum will work just as well. What is more, it can work very well to make them more intense like black eyeliner but without being too harsh, like black can be. Instead of black eyeliner green eyes day in day out, try colored one in plum for a fun twist.


Brown eyeliner will softly outline your eyes. Brown actually does a better job at outlining them than black which may be too dramatic and stark for light eyes. Go for deep dark browns like chocolate. Allure recommends an espresso liner for that smudgy smoky eye instead of black.

Brown shades with red overtones like mahogany and rust will also make your eyes outstanding.

Just make sure you stick to browns with reddish overtones or go with darker browns to maximize the effect. Dull and light browns may not do much in making them shine.

Brown is also a great choice for green eyes and brown hair.


Blue doesn’t get glowing recommendations for this eye color. The beauty blog sheknows.com says to “Avoid purples with blue undertones, as well as blue eyeshadow and eyeliner.” We, however, think it is lighter shades of blue that are not flattering. There are still some blues that do not look terrible if you are dead set on the whole blue eyeliner green eyes look.

For example, we have seen good things said about turquoise eyeliner will look great. And buzzle.com does say indigo, teal and blue are great “If you wish to create further softer and cooler look,”

Navy may not be as magical for as it is for brown and blue eyes, but you can opt for it instead of black.

Gray eyeliner

This is the subtlest take on color ever and will make your eyes look amazing. There also several shades of grey to play with to enhance your eyes the most popular being charcoal grey. A grey smokey eye is classic and smolders just enough to make your green eyes the stars of the show.

Just avoid going too close to silver with the grey as a silver liner, even hints of it, and is not flattering.

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