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Pencil Eyeliner –Best, How to Apply, Wear, Use, Tips, Pros, Cons, and Top Pencil Eye Liner Brands

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This article on best pencil eyeliner covers some of the top brands, how to apply, how to wear or how to use, tips, pros, cons, etc. All this will be covered step-wise manner, including  a video guide,  some secrets and advice to ensure you are successful.

Best Eyeliners - Pencil Eyeliners
Pencil Eye liners

Pencil eyeliner are no doubt the oldest types of eye liners in the market and they still have the magic to make you look stunningThey are the most basic types available in the market. Most makeup artists argue they are the easiest to use. These eyeliners are soft and glides on as you apply them and they are ideal for lower and upper lash lines as well as on your waterlines just as Mila Kunis does. Due to their powdery nature, they tend to last longer.

Retractable Pencil Eyeliners

These are similar to the normal pencil eye liner with the only difference being they do not need to be sharpened, as they are more creamy and easy to apply. In addition, they do not need warming up. However, compared to the traditional brands, they tend to wear out faster.

Pros of Pencil Eyeliner

  • They are much easier to apply compared to the other types of eyeliners
  • You can apply then under your eyelashes
  • Some  of them have a sharpener at the bottom, which can help you get a sharp pointed tip for easy application.
  • They are good for beginners who are not yet highly experienced
  • They are very easy to blend
  • They are ideal for lower lash line where other types of eyeliner might not appear best.

Cons of Pencil Eyeliners

Having seen the pros, its worthwhile looking at some of the cons which include the following:

  • They are not easy to wash off
  • Some of these eyeliners have the tendency to smudge
  • Compared to liquid eyeliner, they give a dull line (pencil lash lines are not very clear and conspicuous)
  • Some types tend to fed with time.

Top and Best Pencil Eyeliners

Although new products are being discovered which might be better, be assured that among the best pencil eyeliners mentioned below, some are going to remain best brands for the year 2013. Some may be the best pencil eye liners until 2014 and even 2015. Who Knows?

Top and Best Pencil Eyeliners - Can You Find a Good Pencil Eyeliner
Can You Find a Good brand?
  • Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes
  • MAC Eye Kohl Smolder
  • Milani Liquif’Eye s
  • Maybelline New York Unstoppable Onyx
  • MAC Chromagraphic Pencils
  • L’Oreal HIP Chrome
  • Revlon colorstayeye liner
  • Avon Glimmerstick waterproof
  • Maybelline master drama eye liner
  • Maybelline New York Line Express eye liner
  • SEPHORA COLLECTION Liner Electro – Glitter
  • NYX Cosmetics Slim – 6pc Glitter
  • Milani Glitzy Eyes Retractable Glitter
  • Avon Glimmersticks Blackest Night  Black
  • NYX Cosmetics Slim 9pc Glitter Eye Liner Pencils
  • Urban Decay 24/7 Eye liners
  • Rimmel Special Eyes
  • Jumbo eyeliner pencils

The above list of best pencil eyeliners is long and you are bound to be confused on which one to go for. This should not be the case since you have to compare their prices, read various pencil eyeliner reviews, see what users say about them as well as their ratings. This will make it much easier for you to choose from the above list best brand list. Furthermore, ensure you also choose the pencil eye liner color correctly.

How to Apply Pencil Eyeliner – How to Do, Wear or Use

Pencil Eyeliners Looks
Pencil Eyeliners Looks

Correct pencil eyeliner application could make your eyes look bigger, gorgeous and very dramatic. You will find the steps on how to apply pencil eyeliner much easier since this type of eyeliner is generally easier to apply. Of course, before you even learn how to apply pencil  liners, you need to choose the right color that complements well the color of your eyes since difference eye colors look best in different eyeliner colors. For instance, brown, sage or bronze eyeliner will look best in green eyes while sage, violet or brown eyeliner will be great on brown eyes. Charcoal, navy or brown eyeliner will be ideal for people who have blue eyes.

What You Need

  • Pencil eye liner Brand of your choice
  • Liner sharpener
  • Makeup cleanser or makeup remover

Step 1 – Preparation

If you will be wearing eyeshadow, you need to begin by applying this makeup first. It will involve washing your face, using a non-oil based moisturizer, applying foundation, concealer, eyeshadow primer, eyeshadow base and then your eye shadow. See step for applying eye shadow, tips, ideas and secrets for great looks.

Step 2 – Applying Pencil Eyeliner

Top and Best Pencil Eyeliners - Some of the Best Pencil Eyeliners
Various Colors and Brands

Close the eye you are applying your pencil eye liner on and avoid pulling or tagging your eyelid skin as the skin is very delicate and could cause premature wrinkles or lines. Beginning with the inner eye corner, draw a line as on your lash line as close to the root of your eyelashes as possible. If you find it easier, you could use short strokes of lines. You could keep the line thinner towards the eye corners and thicker in the middle or as you would wish. If you like, you could smudge the first line slightly to make it softer using your finger or the opposite end of your pencil eyeliner. Next, draw a line on your lower lash line working inwards. The line should be close to the lash line. Again, you could use shorter strokes if drawing a continuous line will be difficult to you. The line should be thin on the outer and inner corner and thicker at the middle as in the case of upper eyelashes. Most top eye makeup artists recommend you apply the lower lash line only half way from the outer eye corner. Repeat the process for the other eye.

Step 3 – Cat Eye Looks

This step is optional for people who want cat eye looks. You should flicker the outer corner of your upper lash line to make it wind up and outwards. This slightly upwards curl could also be done using the eyeliner pencil with minimal pressure. Read exclusively on Cat Eye Eyeliner/Winged Eyeliner and Various Styles.

Step 4 – Final Touches

For a more dramatic look, you could start making a line from middle of your upper eyelashes using small-connected dashes and make them much thicker towards your outer corners eyes. In case of any mistake, you could use the makeup cleanser or remover to clear it and begin the whole process from steps one of how to apply eyeliner makeup above for the affected area. Of course, you will not wash it.

Step 5 – Apply Mascara

It should be clear that mascara is applied only after you have applied your eyeliner. However, eye shadow should be before you. Note – We did not discuss steps for applying, wearing or putting on eyeshadow. We assume you already know them. If you do not, see how to apply eyeshadow like a pro.

How to Apply Pencil Eysliner Video Guide


Applying Pencil Eyeliner Tips, Secrets and Advices

It is a fact that they are the simplest to apply. However, they might not end up being easier unless you try some of the tips discussed below. This is what most makeup artists across the world are encouraging people to try.

  • If your it seems a bit hard, warm it by cupping your hand on it for a few seconds. This will make it much creamer and easy to apply.
  • Silicon pencil eyeliners have been known to last longer and easy to apply. Try them if you are new.
  • Avoid applying eyeliner on your inner eyelid as this can introduce some bacteria to your eyes
  • If you have shaky hands, you could place the elbow of your dominant hands on a firm table and begin applying it.
  • Glittery pencil eye liner will be perfect when you are going for an off party. However if you decide to use them, you should follow the tips, advice and secrets of using glittery eyeliners.


Pencil eyeliners are the easiest to use and most commonly used. You should follow the above steps on how to apply them carefully if you want to be successful. It is worthwhile to note that different makeup artists might give directions that slightly vary and their applicability depends of your expertise. Start looking dramatic today.

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I find liquid eyeliner better than pencil eye liner. Is this the case with you?

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