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Eyebrow Dye – How to Dye Eyebrows, Best Eyebrow Dye Kit, Choosing, Tips and Risks for Using Eyebrow Color Dye

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Get info on eyebrow dye including how to dye eyebrows, best kit, tips,  advice, ideas, risk, side effects, precautions and dangers of using these dyes. You will also learn how to choose eyebrow dye color to give you bolder and gorgeous looking eyebrows that will accentuate your eyes and give you a completely new look, a very sexy one.

How to Dye Eyebrows– Tips, Choosing, Risks and Best Eyebrow Dye Kits
Dyed Brows

You want to match your hair and brow color or you have grey eyebrows or you want to look bold and black? Eyebrow dyes can help you achieve all this and much more. Before using them, be careful since using the wrong brand can lead to eyebrow hair thinning or even complete loss of your brow hairs! However, if done carefully while observing necessary precautions, eyebrow dyes can give you a perfect eyebrow looks. So, which are some of the questions that this article attempt to answer?

  • What are eye brow dyes?
  • How do you choose brow dyes?
  • What are some of the best eyebrow dyes kits should you buy?
  • How do you dye your brows?
  • Are there any dangers and risks of using these dyes?
  • What brow precautions should you observe?

What Are Eyebrow Dyes – Meaning

Eyebrow dyes refers to natural or synthetic cosmetic beauty products commonly used to color or change color of eyebrows. They work just as hair dye work and are often known as ‘oxidative dyes’ since an oxidizing agent such as hydrogen peroxide has to be mixed with them so that they can work.

The main role of the oxidizing agent is to link together (polymerize) dye molecule and hence an intense color shade is created. Normally, eyebrow dyes stay for durations of 4 to 8 weeks and they will gradually fade away. They are a great choice for people who do not have time to apply brow pencils and brow powders every day.

People who are not filling sparse eyebrows should go for dyes while those who want to fill their eyebrows should opt for eyebrow pencils.

How to Dye Dyeing your Eyebrows Red
How to Dye your Eyebrows Red

How to Choose the Best Eyebrow Dyes

With a basic understanding of what they are, before we look at how to apply them, let us discuss how to choose best brands. When choosing the best eyebrow dye, some of the important things you should consider which include the following:

1. Color Choice

When choosing the eyebrow dye color, you need to consider the dye you have on your hair or your natural hair color if you are not having any hair dye. You can blend various colors to get the color you want.

For instance, people who have dark brown hair could go for brown eyebrow dye touched with some blackness while redheads and brunettes will look best if they go for red (darker shade) with a touch of dark brown.

When you are not certain on which color shade to pick, it is wise to go for a lighter shade other than a darker one and for eyebrow color dye that is one shade lighter than your hair color.

You could also go for different colors if you want dramatic looks such as you could do for your hair dyes. There are virtually all colors of eyebrow dyes in the market. Choosing a color that compliments your hair and eye color can really flatter your face.

2. Type

Look at the type of brow dye you are going for. Most of the them come with the dye, developer (or oxidizing agent), mixing bottle and applicator. Always, go for vegetable-based eyebrow dyes.

Furthermore, ensure you do not go for very hard or strong brands since they might have damaging effects. There are types of eyebrow dyes, which come with bleaches, and you are required first to bleach your eyebrows before applying the dye. Ensure the bleach does not irritate your skin.

Finally, you could resort to brands that use only natural ingredients such as henna instead of synthetic brands.

The Best Eyebrow Dye Kit – Getting the Right Eyebrow Color Dyes

Are you looking for the best eyebrow dye kits? We have listed some of the best eyebrow dye kits you can go for. To be particular, Roux Eyebrow Kit is a good one to go for.

This list of the best  kits and  dyes for eyebrows is not all-inclusive as there are many brands, which we were unable to get or try.

  • Godefroy Instant Eyebrow Tint, Medium Brown
  • 1000 Hour Eyelash & Brow Dye Kit
  • Eylure Dylash – Eyelash & Eye brow Dye Kit 45 Day Mascara
  • Godefroy Instant Eye brow Tint Dark Brown
  • Julienne Eyelash Eye brow Tint Tinting Kit Dye Dark Brown Tint Brush Dish Oxidant

Before buying any of the above eyebrow dying kits, it is good to read several reviews to ensure you go for the right product.

Furthermore, when buying the best eyebrow dyes, ensure you know the color it comes in since they do come in many different colors.

How to Dye Eyebrows – Tutorial

You must have gotten your best eyebrow dye kit. It is time to go through the steps of applying eye brow dyes or steps on how to dye eyebrows. This is an easy task which if done cautiously can yield excellent result. You do not need to be an expert as anyone can dye eyebrows.

  • Test for allergic reaction or irritations of the specific dye you want to use. See precaution below to learn how to go about it.
  • Wash your face using a mild facial cleanser before you apply your favorite brow color dye. You should rub your eyebrows gently to remove any dirt that might be there and pat them to dry before you apply your eyebrow dye.
  • Prepare your eyebrow dye following the instructions given and mix it until it becomes consistent. You will probably have to mix your brow dye pigments with an oxidizing agent, which eyebrow dying kits come with. While doing this and while dyeing eyebrows, you need to protect your hands, hair, etc from being stained with the dye.
  • Apply the coat bland ophthalmic ointment or petroleum jelly around your eyes but not on the eyebrows. Petroleum jelly like Vaseline will ensure the area around your eyelids is protected from eyebrows dye while coat bland ophthalmic ointment will help prevent any irritations.
  • Using the applicator, which often accompanies eyebrow dye kits give, apply it evenly on each brow. You might use a toothpick to lift your eyebrows up to apply to the brow hair root.
  • Wait to the dye to be fixed, usually about 15 minutes but this time will vary from one brand of eyebrow dye kit to another. Simply follow provided guidelines.
  • Remove excess dye from your eyebrows using cotton pads while your eyes are closed to avoid any dye getting into your eyes.
  • Again, wash your face using a mild cleanser to remove any Vaseline traces and eye dye that could still be on your eyebrows. You should then apply your facial moisturizer.

Risks, Dangers and Side Effects of Using Eyebrow Dyes

Eyebrow Dyes - Risks, Dangers and Side Effects of Using Eyebrow Dyes
Risks and Side Effects

We have looked at how to dye your eyebrows and by now, you could literally apply these dyes. However, before jump to using them, you need to ask yourself if they are safe.

In this part of this guide will elaborate on safety and side effects of eyebrow dyes. Just to advice you, if you love using them, you need to be very careful, as there are a number of side effects, dangers and risks.

Of course, quite a number of women who have dyed their eyebrows have had such problems. Ensure you understand the following possible side effects of eyebrow dyes before trying them.

Since eyebrow dyes have to be used with oxidative agents, these agents often cause irritation and allergic reactions to some people who have sensitive skins.

Furthermore, they can result to allergic reactions, blistering, rash development, and in some extreme cases, they can lead to blindness. Heidi Waldorf who is an MD and an associated clinical professor in dermatology at Mt. Sinai Medicine School warns of chances of irritation while using eyebrow dyes.

The US FDA also warns that “an acute, severe hazard to health with the possibility of permanent injury; i.e., impaired sight, including blindness” and for this reason it has not approved any dye additive for dying eyelashes or eyebrows.

Eyebrow Dying and Dyes Precautions

To avert the possibilities of the above consequences, it is advisable to test for eyebrow dye allergic reaction by applying a small amount on a small patch your inner arms or neck area and wait for two days. If you do not experience any form of irritation or allergic reaction, you can go ahead to using it.

Furthermore, you can apply a coat bland ophthalmic ointment such as Refresh P.M. Apply just thin coatings on our eyelids to your eyelash.

Ensure you have sterile eye irrigating solutions such as Bausch & Lomb Advanced Eye Relief Eye Wash to use it irrigate your eyes in case the dye you are using gets into your eyes. This is according to Marguerite McDonald, an MD and ophthalmology clinical professor from NYU School of Medicine.

With the above information, you should not be afraid of using these dyes if you follow the above precautions, warnings, and understand the side effects of eyebrow dyes. Unless you have to use them, try to avoid them and use alternative products.

Eyebrow Dying Tips, Secrets, Advices and Ideas

How to Dye Eyebrows - Before and After Dying Eyebrow
Before and After Dying Brow

The side effects, risks and dangers of these coloring products should be clear. If you want successful use them, here are some of the important eyebrow dying tips, secrets, ideas and advice that you should follow:

  • When applying brow dye, never leave it longer on your eyebrows than recommended. This could cause irritation.
  • When applying these dyes, you should not have any bruises, inflammations, cuts, abrasions or broken skin. This could lead to the dye getting absorbed into your skin and irritating your skin. Ensure you have no broken skin when you want to use any of the types of eyebrow dyes.
  • Exposing your dyed eyebrows to much sunlight is likely to make them fade faster and they might not last the normal 4 to 8 weeks you were promised with you purchase the eyebrow dying kit you have.


You are now armed with much knowledge on eyebrow dyes including how to choose them, some of the best eyebrow dye kits, how to apply eyebrow dye, risks, side effects, precautions and some important tips. It is time to try them out.

We wish you the best but ensure you are well protected and do it the right way as seen while looking at how to dye your eyebrows. However, remember dying your eyebrows can lead to eye brow loss or thin eyebrows if done often.

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