Thin Eyebrows – Tips, How to Thin and How Fill, Causes of Eyebrow Thinning or Too Thin Brows

Lush and fuller eyebrows can accentuate your eyes well. However, some people have thin eyebrows due to a number of reasons. Learn the causes, how to stop eyebrow thinning or how get thicker ones. You will also know how you can fill your thin, fill as well as some important thin eyebrow tips, advises and secrets as shared by some of the best makeup artists.

Thin Eyebrows Causes, Tips, and How to Fill How to Thin Eyebrows

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Some people find thin eyebrows very fashionable. How to you see them? If you have big brows, we will learn how to thin eyebrows, see more very big thick brows or bushy eye brows. However, larger group of people have very thin brows which they what to be much thicker.  In this discussion, we are going to tackle both these two issues. Some of the questions you will have answered by the end of the discussion include the following:

  • What causes thin eyebrows or why do I have thinner brows?
  • How can I make my brows thicker
  • How do I fill my thin eyebrows?
  • How can I make my thick brows thinner i.e. how to thin eyebrows?
  • What are some of the thin brow tips?

Causes of Thin Eyebrows

People who have thin eyebrows need to understand that there are many things that can cause them.  Mayo Clinic affirms that among the causes of eyebrow thinning is aging. Other causes of eyebrow thinning include the following:

Poor Cosmetic Application

If you want to have thick eyebrows, you need to ensure you apply eyebrow cosmetics properly. Some people rub the various eyebrow cosmetics such as eyebrow pencil so hard or vigorously. This can be a cause of thin eyebrows or even eyebrow hair loss. Ensure you do not rub or scratch your them when using brow pencil. Use gentle stroke and be patient instead of trying to do it vigorously. Read more on how to use eyebrow pencils, tips, secrets and best eyebrow pencil brands.

Over Plucking Eyebrows

Another common cause of thin eyebrows is over plucking. When you are shaping your eye brows, you do not need to overdo it. In some extreme cases, people who over pluck their eye brows could be suffering from Trichotillomania, which makes women, feel like pulling their eyebrows all the time, reports Such people get pleasure now when they are plucking their brows – a kind of relief, which can later cause distress.  People suffering from this condition might end up with thin brows.  Trichotillomania can be treated through both behavioral therapy and medicines.

Causes of Eyebrow Thinning

Causes of Eyebrow Thinning


Eyebrow loss and eyebrow thinning might be because of alopecia autoimmune disorder. This problem makes follicles to be less active. This problem has no obviously effective cure that but MedicinePlus claims that patients often recover. People who have this condition together with eczema or have it for a long time; they are unlikely to recover, especially if they have it while young.

Tolegen Effluvium

Your thin eyebrows could be because of tolegen effluvium. This condition is also responsible for head hair loss. Tolegen effluvium which causes eyebrow thinning and loss can be caused by crash diets that lack sufficient proteins, high fevers, severe infection, childbirth, thyroid glands that are not active, various medication, chronic illnesses and very severe stress psychologically.

 Hypothyroidism Thinning

The final cause of eyebrow thinning is hypothyroidism. This condition often causes eyebrow thinning at its late stage. You will have less thyroid hormone due to faulty thyroid glands. Other symptoms associated with this condition include sensitivity to cold, puffy face, thick skin, depression, weight gain, weak muscles, brittle fingernails and body hairs, decreased sense of smell and taste, among many others.

How to Make Thin Eyebrows Thicker – Remedies

There are many ways of making your thin eyebrows thicker, which vary from going for good eyebrow tattoos, tropical creams, as well as natural ways. Some of the best ways of stopping eyebrow thinning include the following stopping eyebrow plucking ensure you put down your tweezers for sometime as Brett Freedman, a top makeup artist advises. You can depend on powder, matte, eyebrow pencil and apply them using a soft brush. This will make your thin eyebrows to look thicker and much enhanced.

For more ways on how to make your brows thick, see How to Get Thick Eyebrows – Tricks, Tips, Ideas and Ways to Get Thicker

How to Fill Thin Eyebrows – People with Sparse and Thin Eyebrows

Thin Eyebrows - How to Thin Eyebrows

How to Thin Eyebrows

The above ways of getting thicker brows will help you if you have thin eye brows.  However, if you are suffering from one of the conditions, that causes thin eye brows or you have been over plucking them and they are now very thin, is there a way you can save your face? What do you do in case you have not only thin eyebrows but also sparse ones? Here are instructions to help deal with eyebrow thinning:

  • If you want to fill your them, you need to first brush them upwards using your eyebrow brush.
  • If you opted for powder to fill thin or sparse eyebrows, ensure you have a powder applicator or you use an angled brush. Go for quality brow powder brands if you want the best results
  • Finally, once you are through with filling your sparse or thinner eye brows, brush them upwards again to ensure they blend well. This will make them to look much fuller and lush while you follow the ways of making thin eyebrow to become thicker covered above.

When choosing the color of pencil or powder to use on your thin eyebrows, you need to ensure it compliments your facial features well. Redheads can use light brown or taupe colors while brunettes will look great in taupe, light and dark brown as well as gray. Blondes can use what redheads use. Some people recommend drawing of brows but this might make you look so unnatural.

How to Thin Eyebrow – People with Thick and Bushy Eyebrows

Most ladies have thick or very bushy eye brows, which need a serious makeover if they are to look good. Such women often resort to plucking them and after sometime, they end up overdoing it. This can resort to very few and sparse brows or even eye brow thinning.

If you are among the women who were not born with natural thick and well-shaped brows, you need not to feel disadvantages since you can also make our eyebrows look great. This part is going to teach you how have to thin brows if you have very thick ones.

  1. Begin by trimming your eyebrows using a pair of scissors if you have very bushy ones. (See how to Tame Bushy Eye brows for more instruction on trimming your bushy or thick Ones) .
  1. Once you are through with trimming, by either using a good eyebrow stencil or marking around your natural eyebrows shape and pluck any eyebrows that are outside your stencil or drawn lines. Generally, all eyebrows beyond your tear duct should be plucked and those that go beyond your eyelashes on the outer eye corners.
  2. Apply eyebrow gel to help your eyebrows in shape and look smoother.

Thin Eyebrow Tips, Secrets, Ideas and Advices

Thin Eyebrows and How to Fill Them - Before and After Looks

Before and After Filling Thin Brows

When dealing with thin brows, you need to follow the below tips, secrets and advices. They are what make a trained makeup artist get amazing results and you do not.

  • If you have thin brows because you over plucked them, to immediately correct the problem, you need to a good  apply brow pencil or brow powder to fill them and add volume. It should be a shade lighter than the color of your eyebrows. Eyebrow pencil will give natural looks while eyebrow powder will help in filling and creating the shape you want if you apply it using a stencil. You can then apply eyebrow gel to keep the eyebrows in place.
  • If you do not want to remove any hairs from your eyebrows, you can make them thin by combing the upper eyebrow downwards and the lower eyebrow upwards before finally combing them along the arch. You will be using an eyebrow stencil – choose thin one that is placed over your brows as you comb and comb through the stencil. The whole essence of this is trying to shape your brows to take the shape of the stencil before using an eyebrow gel to put them in place. They will look thinner that way without having to pluck them.


We have looked at what causes of eyebrow thinning, how to make thin eyebrow to look thicker, and how to make bushy and thicker eyebrows thinner. The above eyebrow thinning tips should help you further ensure everything goes on smoothly.

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