Big Eyes – Makeup Tips, Personality, Eyeshadow, Eyeliner, Mascara, Contact Lenses, Why Men Love Big Eyed Girls

Are you looking for information on big eyes? We have got it all for you here. You will learn what they are, personalities of people with big eyes and some girls  who have them. There is also a comprehensive coverage of eyes makeup tips for big eyes including eyeliner, eyebrow trimming, eyeshadow, mascara and contact lenses.

Big Eyes - Eye Makeup Tips, Personality, Girls, Contact Lenses, Eyeshadow, Eyeliner, Mascara for Big Eyed People - Eyeliner for big eyes

Lovely big-eye makeup – A true charm on your face

What Are Big Eyes?

These refer to people who slightly have eyes that are bigger when compared other facial features. They are a charm and a sign on beauty if you have them, as they will help in lighting up your face, especially if you are a girl. When you have eyes that are bigger, they could also have other features such as being roundclose setwide set, etc. because big is only used to tell off size.

Big Eyes and Personalities – What they Say about You

People who have eyes that are big are considered receptive, especially for light colored ones.  They are much open minded and open to intellectual curiosity that is endless. Nevertheless, these people need to be in creative careers since they dislike boredom.

On the downside, such people tend to have an easily distracted personality since they absorb everything. They will also struggle to concentrate if they are given too much information and at times, they are also super sensitive and could react strongly to some things.

Why Do Men Love Girls with Bigger Eyes

If you are a bigger eyed girls, you must be lucky since several researches have found out that men prefer women who have them.  According to Wikipedia, men are thought to love girls who have full lips, small chin and small and shorter nose, narrow jaws, smooth clear skin, defined cheekbones, and large clear eyes or wide set eyes. However, on men, they are seen as less masculine. This does not apply to everyone, as there are women who love bigger eyed men.

People and Girls with Big Eyes – Women Celebrities and Actresses

Big Eyes - Eye Makeup Tips, Personality, Girls, Contact Lenses, Eyeshadow, Eyeliner, Mascara for Big Eyed People - Anne Hathaway

Big Eyed People and Celebrities – Anne Hathaway

Just as we saw big-eyed animals (I wrote on animals with bigger eyes out of curiosity), there are also people who are big-eyed. If you are a girl with big eyes, you are not alone, there are many other girls including actresses, models and celebrities who are big-eyed!

Some of these common girls, women or models who are big-eyed include Kristin Kreuk, Bette Davis, Cheryl Cole, Winona Ryder, Nicole Richie, Salma Hayek, Christina Ricci, Anne Hathaway, Emmy Rossum, Katy Perry, Olga Kurylenko, Amy Adams, Kourtney Kardashian, Cher Lloyd, Mila Kunis and Aihswarya Rai who has big green eyes.

This list is not exhaustive; of course, many other bigger-eyed girls we did not mention, including you! For instance, who does not know of Lady Gaga big eyes?

Note that the above list of big-eyed women is not just a list for general knowledge, it should help you imitate the way they wear makeup. This is the simplest way of getting perfect eye makeup for big-eyed girls.

Makeup Tips for Big Eyes

If you have bigger eyes, you would be looking for ways to make your eyes look a little smaller. This is different from people who have small eyes and they want them to look bigger. We discussed ways to make small eyes look bigger in our article on Small Eyes – Celebrities, Makeup Tips, Eyeshadow, Eyeliner, Mascara and Eyebrow to Make Smaller Eyes Bigger. Kindly refer if you would like to make your eyes look bigger.

However, in this discussion, we will be discussing makeup for people who are big-eyed and probably want them to look less big or enhance their appearance to look great. If you apply makeup wrongly on them, they might pop and this is definitely might not give you the best of looks.

Eyebrow Trimming and Grooming

Big Eyes - Eye Makeup Tips, Personality, Girls, Contact Lenses, Eyeshadow, Eyeliner, Mascara for Big Eyed People - Makeup for big eyes

Big Eyed Girls Makeup

Eyebrow grooming is very important if you are big eyed because they are definitely a focal point. You cannot just leave your eyebrows to remain unruly or bushy. Ensure they are well trimmed and shaped. See more on eyebrow shaping, as well as the best eyebrow shapes for different face shapes for more coverage.

Eyeliner for Big Eyes

If you have eyes that are bigger, you need to know how to apply eyeliner to help make them appear slightly smaller. Normally, you are expected to apply dark eyeliner, preferably black eyeliner on your waterlines.

When applying eyeliner, ensure it is as close to your lash line as possible from your inner eye corner all the way to your outer eye corner. Most makeup artists recommend the use of dashes when applying eyeliner. In terms of eyeliner colors, the most preferred are black eyeliners or dark brown eyeliner.

Eyeshadow for Big eyes

Big Eyes - Eye Makeup Tips, Personality, Girls, Contact Lenses, Eyeshadow, Eyeliner, Mascara for Big Eyed People - Eyeshadow for Big Eyes

Bold Eyeshadow for big-eyed girl

Big-eyed girls or women need not to highlight their eyes so much since they already catch attention. One thing you need to be keen on as you apply eyeshadow are wrinkles, puffiness, dark circles, and eye bags, which might be common for everyone but will be much noticeable if your eyes are bigger.

All these can be taken care of either using a good under eye concealer or going for cures, treatment and remedies under eye wrinkles, dark under eye circles, eye bags and puffy eyes. Here are the steps to follow when applying eyeshadow for big eyes.

  • Apply darker eyeshadow on your eyelids up to your eye creases.
  • Apply medium eyeshadow color from your eye creases upwards but only on your eyelids. Do not apply any of the mid tone eyeshadow on your brow bone.
  • Apply shimmer eyeshadow on your brow bone, just below where your eyebrows begin.

Ensure you thoroughly blend until you have seamless looks with not demarcations visible on where you have applied the different eyeshadow colors or shades.

How to Apply Eye Makeup for Big-Eyed People Video

More Tips on Applying Eyeshadow

Big Eyes - Eye Makeup Tips, Personality, Girls, Contact Lenses, Eyeshadow, Eyeliner, Mascara for Big Eyed People - Eyeliner for big eyes

Eyeshadow and Eyeliner for big eyed girl

Smokey Eye LooksCreating smoky eye looks is good for people who have big eyes since they are not worried of applying a dark eyeshadow on their eyelids. Furthermore, they have much space to apply the smokey eyeshadow. See on smokey eye looks including how to create, tips, advises and much more.

Dark eyeshadow – If you have eyes that are bigger, you need to avoid nude or pale colors. Instead, go for darker shades since they will be great for your eye types. You can add more drama by brushing up dark complimentary colors.

Shimmer Eyeshadow – Shimmer eyeshadow can help in making your eyes outstanding. Ensure you add some a little shimmer is good on your eyes if they are big. You can add shimmer on your lower eyelid or upper eyelid.

White Eyeshadow – if you want to highlight them, consider using white eyeshadow. You can use it to highlight the area around your brow bone area and eye corners. On your brow bone, swipe around it and right below. You should not use white eyeshadow on your entire eyelid. Just the inner eye corners to help highlight your eyes and make them bring out their color.

Mascara for Big Eyes

Once you are through apply eyeshadows and eyeliner, do not forget to apply mascara. However, you need first to curl your eyelashes before you can apply mascara. This will help hide your large eyes that might pop up. If you love them, you can also go for eyelash extensions or fake eyelashes as they will help in highlighting your eyelashes and stop your eyes from popping up.

For your lower eyelashes, you need to apply mascara upwards to make them standout. However, be carefully not to have spider eyelashes.

Big Eyes Contact Lenses

Big Eyes - Eye Makeup Tips, Personality, Girls, Contact Lenses, Eyeshadow, Eyeliner, Mascara for Big Eyed People - Contact Lenses

Big Eye Contact Lenses

It has been a lengthy discussion, it is time we also take some time and look at big eye contact lenses. Although a concern too many doctors now, there are big eye contact lenses, which can make your eyes to look wider and bigger that they are usually, are.

You will find this big eye contact lenses in any color you want which includes blue, green, gray, brown, hazel, cool blue, sweet honey, dolly black, purple and many other colors you like.


We have looked at a lot including people and girls, makeup for big-eyed people including eyeshadow, eyeliner and mascara. You have also gotten a basic answer on whether men love them or not as well as big eyes contact lenses and what they do. On makeup, you can experiment to see what makes your eyes look best!

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Do you have big eyes? How do you eye makeup?

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