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How to Stop a Stuffy Nose and Fast Ways to Stop Stuffed Nose at Night

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A stuffy nose can make one restless and sleepless. Due to the heavy breathing that happens at night, a stuffed nose is likely to become stuffier at night. If you become a victim, how do you stop a stuffy nose? Since one needs to catch some sleep, how do you stop a nose that is stuffy fast and is it possible to do so while still sleeping? We offer you information on how to stop a nose stuffiness. Read on to learn.

How to Stop a Stuffy Nose

How to a Stop Stuffy Nose – Fast, Ways & at Night - Decongestants

Steam: Steam tends to be the easiest way to humidify a room and moisten the nasal membranes. There are various ways through which one can inhale steam. A vessel could be filled with steaming water. One then covers their head with a towel and lets the ends drape on the sides of the vessel. One then bends the head to inhale the steam coming from the vessel.

Another way is to take a hot shower and take the time spent there to inhale the steam that is produced. Where a shower is not a viable option, running hot water in the bathroom and sitting in the steam filled room will help. This helps to moisturize the nasal membranes and thus stop a stuffed nose.

Salt solution

This is easy to make at home. One only requires distilled or boiled water and some water. Add a teaspoonful of salt to a cup of water. Drip this solution into the nostrils. Presence of salt in the nasal passage will dissolve any mucus found in it. It will also help to draw water from the membranes that are swollen. Gaggling salty water helps to kill bacteria.  These help in stopping a stuffy or congested nose.


These help to ease swelling in the nasal blood capillaries. Some are available without prescription while others are not. Try not to use them for long to help minimize rebound effects and so that you do not get addicted to them.

Taking fluids

Fluids play a great role in our bodies. By keeping it well hydrated, they help to stop nose stuffiness. These liquids even do a better job when they are taken hot. Vegetable stock, chicken soup and tea when taken hot go a long way in clearing a stuffy nose. Mostly, they work by keeping the nasal membranes well hydrated thus enabling drainage of nasal discharge.

Use Spices

These normally lead to thinning of mucus. This is why a running nose is experienced when they are consumed. They could be used in foods or consumed raw for those who can stand them. Taking a spoonful of horseradish or chili sauce will cause an explosion of mucus and thus stop a stuffed nose.

Sniffing onions

Onions act as irritants and can help to stop a nose from clogging. Cut an onion into two equal parts. Hold it under the nose and take in its smell. Menthol is also another irritant that can be rubbed under and on the nose to stop it from stuffing.

Nasal sprays

some of these have decongestants while others do not. Spritz it into the nasal cavity to help decongest the nose. These though should not be used too much as they are addictive and could give one a rebound effect.

How to a Stop Stuffy Nose – Fast, Ways & at Night Neti Pot
Neti pot

Neti pot

This is an item designed for the nostril. It resembles a tea pot only that this is a miniature one with a sprout that could go into the nostril. To stop a stuffed nose using a neti pot, pour a saline solution into it. Gently pour this into one nostril at a time and repeat the same for the other.

This irrigates the nostrils each at a time which helps to loosen the mucus. The salt in the solution draws water from the swollen membranes thus easing the swelling. The solution together with any debris it may have gathered then flows out through the other nostril. These two undertakings help to stop a a nose that is stuffy.

Due to the nature of its use, a neti pot is best used over a sink.

Sleep with head elevated

Lying flat adds to the stuffiness of the nose. Sleeping with the head raised a bit helps to ease sinus drainage. This stops a stuffy nose while sleeping.

Eucalyptus oil

This is a natural remedy for a stuffed nose. One should sprinkle some on the pillow before going to bed. This helps to stop a stuffy nose at night. When venturing out, sprinkle eucalyptus oil on a handkerchief and sniff at it when you feel like you are getting a nose stuffiness. Adding some few drops of it to the water being used for steam therapy also helps.

How to Stop Stuffy Nose at Night  or How to Stop a Stuffed Nose When Sleeping

A stuffed nose at times could render one sleepless. To ensure that you stop a stuffy nose at night and that you get a good night’s sleep, do th

How to a Stop Stuffy Nose – Fast, Ways & at Night - Good Food Choice
Good food choice

e following:

  • Elevate your head as you sleep. This will help in draining the mucus. As a result the nose will remain unclogged and normal breathing will be restored throughout the night.
  • Before going to bed, take a hot shower. While at it ensure that you breathe in the steam. If not, sit in the bathroom with hot water running for fifteen minutes. Inhale the steam that engulfs the room.
  • Sprinkle some drops of eucalyptus oil on the pillow. This will help to stop a stuffy nose when you sleep.
  • For allergic people, ensure that the bedroom is well cleaned. Use allergen proof casings for your bedding to stop dust mites from thriving. This will help to stop a nose stuffiness caused by allergens found in bedding.
  • Take herbal tea: This can be a great night time remedy for a stuffy nose. Take a cup of hot ginger tea to stop a stuffiness of your nose.

How to Stop a Stuffy Nose Fast

For people wishing to stop a stuffed nose within the shortest time possible, use the following methods:

  • Cut an onion into halves and sniff it.
  • If you are strong hearted, consume raw spices such as chili or horse radish
  • Use decongestant sprays for instant relief.
  • Take a hot liquid. Herbal tea would be the best.

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