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How to Clear a Stuffy Nose, Best Ways, Natural

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How do you clear a stuffy nose fast? What are some of the best ways to clear a nose that is stuffy?  As this is well known, people suffering from this irritating condition may wonder what clears a it or how do I clear my nose that is stuffy. Since a clogged or stuffy may also affect speech, it is possible for patients to wish to know how do I clear my stuffy nose fast.  Read on to learn about this and much more.

How to Clear a Stuffy Nose – Best Ways, Natural - Take Fluids
Take a lot of fluids

A nose that is stuffy is caused by inflammation of blood vessels found in the nasal membranes as a result of things such as structural deformities, allergies and colds.

How to Clear a Stuffy Nose, Ways of Clearing

There are many ways to clear a clogged or blocked nose (stuffy). Some of the most effective ways to help you include the following:

Steam Inhalation

One way to clear a stuffy nose is to have steam sessions. This is also known as steam therapy. A vessel is filled up with hot water. One then covers their head with a towel and lets the remaining parts of it to drape over the vessel.

After one is engulfed in the steam that forms within the enclosure they should take deep long breaths. If one feels overwhelmed, they can get a break and breathe in fresh air. Adding some herbs such as aloe vera juice, tea tree or eucalyptus oil will yield better results.

A steam session can also be held in the bathroom. One should keep hot water running and let the room be filled with steam. Breathe in the vapor that forms to clear up a nose that stuffy. Taking a shower whilst taking in the steam could also help.

Take a lot of fluids

Drinking water, juices and taking soups will help to hydrate the body. It also helps to loosen sticky nasal discharge which could be clogging the nose. Drinks which cause dehydration such as alcohol and caffeinated drinks such as sodas and coffee should be avoided though.

If some lemon juice or honey is added to the water, the results are better. Chicken soup is mostly recommended because it has anti-inflammatory qualities. It also helps to speed up mucus movement which in turn shortens the time for exposure of nasal membranes to viruses. All these play an important role in relieving a stuffy nose.

How to Clear a Stuffy Nose – Best Ways, Natural - Humidify Air
Humidify air

Humidify the air

Dry air tends to encourage the dryness of nasal membranes. This way there are more viruses that thrive. To clear stuffy nose up, use humidifiers and vaporizers to add moisture to the air. This is more so in the cold seasons when warmers are being used. These tend to suck up moisture and the deficit should be taken care of by humidifying rooms.

Water used in these machines should be changed each day.  They should also be kept clean to prevent them from dispensing germs into the air.

Saline drops

one can purchase some pre-packaged ones from a drug store. For people seeking to save some cash, this can be made at home. Ensure you have a cupful of distilled water. If there is none around, boil tapped water and let it cool. Add a quarter teaspoonful of table salt.

The ready solution can then be poured into one nostril and let to drain through the other. A nasal spray bottle or bulb syringe is recommended for the purpose. One can use as little as two drops and as much as 10 drops for the exercise depending on severity of the stuffiness. The things used should be well cleaned after use to avoid contamination.

When this is done, the nasal passage gets cleared up as any mucus that may have stuck is released. The nose is also well moisturized. Germs and allergens lack a place to adhere to and this helps to relieve a stuffy nose.

How to Clear a Stuffy Nose Naturally or At Home Remedies

There are a number of ways on how to clear a stuffy nose naturally. Use the following as home remedies for a stuffed nose:

  • steam therapy
  • taking a lot of liquids
  • eating spices
  • saline spray

Details on how to apply these are discussed elsewhere in this post.

How to Clear a Stuffy Nose Fast

How to Clear a Stuffy Nose – Best Ways, Natural - Saline Drops
Try saline drops

The fastest way to clear a stuffy nose is by using the most convenient home remedy.  For people who have humidifiers, this may be the fastest. For those without one, making a saline spray may be the most convenient. The best way to relief a stuffy nose while having meals would be to add spicy sauce into it. What works best and fast depends on situation.

Best Way to Clear a Stuffy Nose

Amongst the many options there are for clearing up a stuffy nose, saline drops and steam therapy are the best. This is because it is possible to either buy or make the saline solution. They also are convenient and involve no drugs. There are no rebound effects such as those found in taking spicy foods which may cause a higher irritation and more stuffiness after use or decongestant sprays which are addictive.

These methods are not only cost effective and suitable for emergency but also quite effective in soothing inflamed nasal membranes and cleaning up the nasal passage.

To make the best out of saline spray as a way of clearing a stuffy nose, here is a recap of what to do for maximum effectiveness:

  • Purchase a saline spray or if not make one by dissolving a quarter of a teaspoon in a cup of distilled or boiled water.
  • Tilt the head in such a way that one nose is on the upper side when the other is on the lower one.
  • Spray saline solution to the top nostril or pour in some droplets onto it.
  • Let the water and other impurities from the drained nostril flow through the lower one.
  • Repeat this on the other nostril. This could be done until one fees that the stuffiness is gone.

Another great method to relief is by use of steam. This too is cost effective and includes no drugs. It can be used as long as one wishes. Moisture created from the steam eases nose stuffiness in that it keeps the air tolerable for the nose. As a result inflammation of the nasal membranes is eased while breathing too is made easy

You can reap the benefits of steam by taking a hot steamy shower. Seal any bathroom openings to ensure the steam has no escape route. Get the temperature of your shower to as high as your body can stand. While at it take in the steamy air in controlled breathes. One can still inhale the steam without bathing if they let the water run for some time. Another way to clear a stuffy nose is to make use of steam is by bringing water to a boil and inhaling the steam from it.

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