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Baby Stuffy Nose or Newborn Stuffy Nose Treatment, Remedies

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Babies always bring inner joy to their mothers. There is always a glowing hope that they remain well all through. As a result, a slight discomfort shown by the baby is bound to cause panic. One of this could be a baby stuffy nose. Mothers who experience it always wonder how to help a baby with a nose that is stuffy. There are a number of stuffy nose remedies that can be used on them at home. Read on to find out what you could do to restore their normal breathing.

Baby with Stuffy Nose or Congested Nose

Newborn with a nose that is stuffy

Below we discuss possible occurrences concerning baby stuffy nose and give ways to deal with them.

My Baby Has Stuffy Nose

It is possible for babies to suffer from a nose that is stuffy. This could be caused by the presence of foreign bodies in the nose especially in babies one year old and above. Due to their experimental nature, a baby could insert something in their nose and fail to say. This will lead to this problem.

If this is the case, the caregiver should not try to remove the object to prevent hurting the already ailing membranes more. Instead, visit a doctor

1 Month Old Baby Stuffy Nose

When babies aged one month old have a nose that is stuffy, the mums should not panic. It most probably is nothing serious. The baby’s immunity is still developing and this could lead to them catching a cold. Their nostrils are also still tiny and this makes any slight irritation be pronounced. This leads to a nasal congestion. Tiny babies are also yet to learn how to use their mouths for breathing, this makes them quite irritable if the nose can’t let in air.

Baby Stuffy Nose at Night

A stuffy nose at night is most common because there is heavier breathing. As such, if the humidity levels are low, the problem of nasal cavity dryness gets amplified.

Gravity has a role to play when it comes to sinus drainage. When one lies down flat or on the sides, drainage is affected. This is as opposed to when one is sitting or standing. This may lead to clogging of the nasal cavity at night.

A nose that is congested or stuffy caused by allergic reaction may be amplified at night if a child is allergic to detergent used to do the laundry. They may also react to the stuffing used in the pillow or the fabric used to make the beddings

Some babies develop a deviated septum during birth. This could cause a stuffy nose in a baby at night as it may bend and block the nasal passage.

How to Help Baby with Stuffy Nose and Remedies

Baby Stuffy Nose – Newborn Stuffy Nose Treatment, Remedies - Elevate Head
Elevate head

There are a number of ways through which one can help a baby with a stuffy  or congested nose by using various home remedies. These include:

  • Using a saline spray. This tends to be the safest remedy. Saline drops can be purchased from a drugstore or made at home. Add it up into a saline bottle and pour three or less drops into each of the baby’s nostrils. This will help drain mucus and clear up baby’s nose.
  • Another way to help a baby with a nose that is stuffy would be to steam up a bathroom. Keep hot water running for some time such that the place getsfilled up with steam. Sit with the baby in the steam filled room so they can inhale the vapor. This helps to clear a stuffy nose.
  • When the head is elevated a bit as we sleep, breathing becomes easier. This is because the nose finds it easier to drain the mucus which could otherwise lead to stuffing. Ensure that the mattress in the crib is elevated slightly by placing a rolled towel under the mattress. Do not use pillows in a baby’s crib. Also ensure the towel is under not on the mattress. This way, the baby is relieved off congested nose.
  • If a baby is allergic to something and their allergic reactions result in a nose that is stuffy, the best way to help them would be to get away from the trigger. Once this has been done, offer some antihistamines. This will help take care of the allergy and thus help to relief it.

Newborn Stuffy Nose

Newborns tend to be quite delicate to handle especially when they are ill. Every mother wishes to take care of them in the best way. In this section, we specifically dwell on newborns and the stuffy or congested nose problems.

My Newborn Has a Stuffy Nose

Baby Stuffy Nose – Newborn Stuffy Nose Treatment, Remedies - Saline Drops
Saline Drops

The reason for a stuffy nose in a newborn could be because their immune system is yet to be fully formed. This renders them vulnerable to catching colds.

Their organs are also not yet fully formed. This makes the slightest irritation of their nasal membranes to be amplified leading to a nose that is stuffy.

It is also possible for newborns to acquire structural deformities before and during birth. A baby could be born with enlarged adenoids or have their septum deviate during birth. This could cause a newborn to have a clogged.

Babies are generally nose breathers. This is because newborns are too young to know how to use their mouths to breath. A blocked nose may therefore leave them agitated and cause the simple tasks such as nursing or feeding unaccomplished.

Newborn Stuffy Nose at Night

Newborns tend to suffer from a nose that is stuffy at night. This could be more so if there is a heater in their room which tends to leave the air dry making the newborn’s nose stuffy. To treat this, using a humidifier should help.Using saline drops should also help to relief a newborn stuffy nose at night.

Newborn Stuffy Nose Treatment or How to Treat Newborn with a Nose That Is Stuffy

The safest way to treat a newborn with a stuffy nose is by using a nasal spray. One should lay the baby on his back and slightly tilt his head but without forcing them to. Pour two or three drops of the saline solution into each nostril. The baby may experience sneezing as a result. This helps to thin any dry mucus that may have stuck in the nasal passage.

A bulb syringe which is also known as a nasal aspirator is another way to trea

t stuffy or clogged nose in newborns. It helps to suck out mucus. One should go for one that is suitable for the tiny nostrils of a newborn. The way to use it is by squeezing out all air from the bulb and inserting the tip into the baby’s nostril. Take care not to go too far up. After this,release the pressure applied and take the syringe out. Get rid of the mucus by squeezing it on a piece of tissue. Do the same for the other nostril.This leaves the nose clear and helps to ease breathing in a newborn.

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