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Ovulation Test Strips – Best, Cheap, Instructions to Use Them

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Ovulation test strips are a great way through which women can tell when they are fertile. Used in the best way, there is a high chance for one to yield positive results.

These test strips are any trying to conceive couple’s best friend. These are not only cheap than the digital test kits but are also easy to use. With so many of them in the market, many questions are likely to arise. Which are the best ones in the market?  How easy to use are they and how do you interpret the results? What are the does and don’ts when using ovulation test strips? Read on below to get answers to all these questions.

Best Ovulation Test Strips

Test strips are by far a cheap option for trying to predict ovulation. They allow one to easily identify the LH surge and thus help one in knowing when they are about to ovulate. Great ovulation test strips should have certain characteristics.

The time that one has to wait for the results should be short.  They should also be highly sensitive to detect the earliest and slightest change. They should also have a high accuracy rate and are approve by the bureau of standards.

They should also come with highly detailed instructions’ manual. Their fair pricing should be ideal for people with long or irregular cycles.

Wondfo Ovulation Test Strips

This is a one-step urine based ovulation test strip. It is quite effective yet fairly priced. The fact that the strip has the ability to increase in color intensity helps one to know as they progress towards ovulation. It gives room for an increasing positivity as one nears ovulation.

The wondfo ovulation test strips are easy to use. If the strip is faint, that indicates that one is far from ovulation. One can therefore monitor the nearness of ovulation as the shade moves close to that of the control band.

They use urine in a cup as opposed to midstream testing. They allow those using them to make maximum use of it as their price is affordable. Users can afford to experiment until they get their desired result.

Consumersearch.com rates Wondfo ovulation test strips as the best test strips and claims that it has a high accuracy rate.

How to Use Ovulation Test Strips

To use ovulation test strips, one has to know when they are most likely to ovulate. There are a number of charts showing when one should start using the test strips. Use them to come up with the most appropriate day for you. If not, take the full length of your cycle i.e. starting from the first day of your previous cycle to the first day of your most recent cycle and subtract seventeen.

Once you know when to start off, follow these instructions:

  • Unseal the pouch and get the LH test from it.
  • Place it into the urine cup for about 10seconds. The urine should not exceed the maximum line at the bottom of the dipstick. After this place it on a flat surface. This should be a clean one and non-absorbent one too.
  • It will take between three to ten minutes depending on manufacturer instructions for some colored bands to appear. Positive results could take as little as 40seconds but confirmation of a negative result should take a maximum of 10 minutes.

How to Read Ovulation Test Strips

Some short time after the test, two color bands are likely to appear. It is important to compare it with the control band to know if the LH surge is in progress. The test should not be read 10 minutes after they have been taken.

Below is how to interpret the results:

Positive Results: If the band has equal or greater color intensity than that of the control band, this is a positive result. It shows that the LH surge is in progress and as such ovulation will be occurring soon.

Negative Results: If the color on the test band turns out lighter than that of the control band, this indicates that the LH level is still at its normal level and that there is no LH surge.

The reasons for negative results may be the following:

  • Using the first urine in the morning. This should not be used as the ideal time for testing should be between 10.00am to 8.00pm. LH is mostly produced in the morning after one has started to be active and therefore taking the test at around noon would yield great and accurate results.
  • LH concentration could be too low to be accurately detected. This could be because you are far from ovulation.
  • If testing is done too early into the cycle, there may never be positive results before the strips are finished. The same applies if the tests are done too late in which case the surge may have already passed.
  • Stopping before the surge occurs is another reason. There should be no giving up on the tests until the results get to positive.

Invalid Results: If 10minutes past the test no color band appears, the results should be ignored as these are invalid. This could be as a result of having used insufficient specimen. The procedure used while testing could also be wrong. A new test should be carried out using a new stripe.

Ovulation Test Strips Instructions

To get the most accurate results, put the following in mind:

  • The kit should not be used past expiration date
  • Keep the kit away from children
  • While storing it ensure it is not subjected to direct sunlight and that it stays away from moisture
  • The foil should not be opened until it is ready for use
  • For unusually long cycles, a doctor should be consulted
  • Any testing device should be used once and discarded after that
  • The first morning urine should not be used as it may make the first day LH surge to be missed
  • The kit is for external use only
  • The kit should not be frozen

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