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Which Side for Nose Piercing, Procedure, Celebrities and Pictures

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Nose piercing as a body art is increasingly being accepted. It is not only cool, but is also a great way to accent your facial features and express yourself. If you relish the idea of having one, then this short guide will explain the procedure involved. We’ll also share some pictures to allow you to see how different piercings on the nose look on different people i.e. celebrities with nose piercings

Nose Piercing Procedure

Nose Piercing – Which Side, Procedure, Celebrities and Pictures - Which Side
Which Side

If you will agree with me, understanding the nose piercing procedure makes it less scary. It also gives you a clear picture of what to expect from the piercing professional rather than have to guess what will take place during the process.

The  piercing procedure is typically easy and fast and can be broken down into various steps as follows:

  1. Preparation
  2. Actual piercing
  3. Aftercare and healing

Let’s now look at these steps of the procedure in more details:


Nose Piercing – Which Side, Procedure, Celebrities and Pictures - Lenny Kravitz
Lenny Kravitz

Once you get to a shop that offers nose piercing services, the piercing professional will get the area to be pierced cleaned up. The cleaning process usually involves wiping the area to be pierced with antiseptic and/or germicidal soap. This eliminates any germs present in the area and thus avoids their introduction into the piercing as this can lead to infections later on.

The piercing professional will also help you decide the exact area where you want the piercing done.  The procedure is are usually done in the curved area of the nose even though you can as well decide to have yours placed in the septum (the cartilaginous area separating the two nostrils).

To help you decide where on the nose you want the nose piercing placed, a surgical marker or Gentian Violet is usually used to make a small spot on your nose to represent the actual piercing to be made. The spot can be moved around at your request until it is located in a place you like.

You are also given the chance to choose the nose ring to be inserted into your nose during the actual piercing process, but if you are not sure, the piercing professional can advise you accordingly.

Actual piercing

A piercing gun is not appropriate for use in nose piercing since it makes getting the exact placement for the piercing too hard. Instead a sterile piercing needle is used to poke through the nasal cartilage before inserting the chosen nose ring.

To ensure that the hole is made in the actual spot marked, the nose is clamped with a round forceps such that the round area sits exactly on the marked spot.

Round Forceps - Used in Nose Piercing
Round forceps for piercing through one’s nose

The piercing needle is passed through the rounded tip of the forceps. To enhance safety, a small cork is inserted into the nostril to ensure that the needle doesn’t accidentally pierce the inside surface of the nose, especially the septum.

Once the nose has been pierced, the jewelry is quickly moved in.

Aftercare and healing

Since nose piercing is done on cartilage as opposed to fatty tissues or flesh, it takes longer to heal, sometimes up to 12 weeks. During the healing process it is important to follow the following aftercare instructions very keenly:

  • Avoid touching the piercing with your hands, but if you must, make sure that the hands are clean
  • Use a saline solution to clean the area three times daily.

    Nose Piercing – Which Side, Procedure, Celebrities and Pictures - Joss Stone
    Joss Stone
  • Avoid contact of the piercing with makeup
  • Don’t change the jewelry before the piercing has completely healed
  • Avoid sleeping on your nose

Which Side to Pierce Your Nose

So you have decide to get a piercing piercing on your nose but you are wondering what side of the nose is usually pierced. There is always the fear that sticking the piercing needle from the outside of the nose might lead to accidental piercing on the inside of the nose, particularly on the septum. This would increase the pain due to the piercing procedure unnecessarily.

It might also be tricky to get the precise placement of the piercing hole working from the inside of the nose especially if the pierce has small nostrils.

It is for this reason that most professional piercers will place a small cork inside the nostril on the side to be pierced and ensure that the needle goes right through it. So, going back to the question, piercing a nose is done from the outside of the nose.

Celebrities with Nose Piercings

Piercing your nose is a splendid way to make artistic expression and adorn your look and numerous celebrities seem to agree with this. There are many celebrities with nose piercings including:

Miley Cyrus

Nose Piercing – Which Side, Procedure, Celebrities and Pictures - Cyrus Miley
Cyrus Miley

Opening our list of celebrities with  piercings on the nose is Miley Cyrus. I don’t know about you but I am of the opinion that Miley Cyrus piercing looks awesome on her.

Here are some more celebrities who have pierced their noses

  • Joss Stone
  • Alyssa Milano
  • Jordin Sparks
  • Rumer Willis
  • Nicole Richie
  • Alyssa Milano

Guys with Nose Piercings

Here are several pictures of guys with who have pierced their noses:

More Nose Piercing Pictures

Nose Piercing – Which Side, Procedure, Celebrities and Pictures - Christina Aguilera
Christina Aguilera

What speaks more than a picture? Well, since a picture speaks a thousand words, we have included some more nose piercing

pictures below. It is our hope that these pictures will give you some inspiration on piercing and help you make your decision if this form of artistic expression cut it for you.

Do Nose Piercings Close Up?

Do nose piercings close up? Yes they do if the jewelry is removed for a long period of time. This might necessitate re-piercing the area when you decide to have the piercing again. This is not a great idea for most people. Getting your nose pierced involves poking a needle through the cartilage which makes it more painful than ear and navel piercings.

If for any reason you are not able to continue wearing the jewelry on the nose, for example, if you just started a new job in a conservative environment, or you just moved in with your mom an

d she just can’t withstand the sight of that shiny darn thing sitting on your nose, then you should consider getting a piercing retainer to prevent a close up of the piercing on your nose.

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