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Nose Piercing Jewelry Types, Retainer, Hoop, Tiny, Small Nose Piercing

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Wondering what nose piercing jewelry options you have? Then this article has got you covered with the various types of jewelry available on the market today.  We’ll also take a close look at retainers for a pierced nose that come in handy when you want to hide your piercing temporarily for whatever reason or to stop wearing your jewelry momentarily. We will end by discussing some tips for people looking to get tiny nose piercings which are often less noticeable than the bigger ones.

Nose Piercing Jewelry Types

Nose Piercing Jewelry – Types, Retainer, Hoop, Tiny, Small Nose Piercing - Nose Piercing Retainer

There are various types of nose piercing jewelry, including nose studs (also referred to as nose pins or nose bones), nose rings, and nose screws. Nose rings can further be classified into 3 categories: Hoop nose rings, Captive bead rings, and the horseshoe or Circular Barbell. Read more on types of piercings on the nose

Nose studs are however perhaps the most common type of ewelry and is what immediately comes to the mind of many. They typically come with a small bulb on the front end which is slid into the piercing to hold the stud in place.

Each type of jewelry however comes with its own advantages and disadvantages. For example, nose rings are best option for use during the healing phase as it allows for easy cleaning which minimizes the risk of infection and facilitate a smooth healing process.

If a nose stud is desired, it is advisable to use a nose piercing after initial piercing and switch to the nose stud later on when the piercing has healed up.

The suitability of a jewelry for a pierced nose also depends on the placement of the piercing, that is, whether it is a nostril piercing or a septum piercing. For example, while nose studs are great options for nostril piercing, they are not ideal for septum piercing. Nose rings are instead better suited for septum piercing.

Nose Piercing Retainer

Nose Stud
Nose Stud

If left without jewelry for a long time, piercings on your nose typically close up and would need to be re-pierced if you ever decide to wear jewelry ever again. Ouch! Not again. Luckily, nose piercing retainers come in handy by doing a great job at preventing the closing up and scarring of the piercings on your nose.

Typically made of clear acrylic or bioplast, these retainers are discreet and for that reason they are commonly used by piercees who want to hide their piercings while visiting some of their friends and family members or going for an interview or other events where piercings on the nose is not always welcome.

Nose Bone Stud
Nose Bone Stud

They are especially handy for people who work in an office or other business enterprises where corporate policies on dress code discourage body piercings. They don’t entirely conceal your piercing but makes it less noticeable.

Although they are typically made of clear plastic which is not easily noticeable, nose retainers often come in black and peach colors which give the impression of a tiny pimple or mole growing on the nose.

Nose retainers are also often used as temporary replacement for nose jewelry when someone needs to have an operation, an X-Ray or MRI. This is because typical  piercing on the nose that are made of metal cannot be worn on such occasions.

The materials used to make most piercing retainers are flexible enough to make them comfortable and you often hardly notice that you are wearing one whether you are sleeping, playing your favorite sports or working at your office desk.

Although nose jewelry comes in many forms ranging from rings and studs to nose screws, it deserves a mention that retainers for piercings on the nose tend to be in the form of studs and there is a good reason for that; studs tends to be less noticeable than other types of nose piercing jewelry particularly if they are clear or skin-colored.

Nose Stud
Nose Stud

Retainers for piercings no the nose some in various designs, ranging from nose studs to nose screws. Nose screws twist nicely into the your piercing. They also come in different sizes but 18 gauge and 20 gauge retainers seem to be the ones widely preferred by most piercing professionals. However since everyone is different, do not be surprised if the piercer recommends a different-sized retainer to suit your body.

Some nose piercings experts also recommends wearing a nose retainer for some days if your piercing becomes irritated after wearing a cheap jewelry on your pierced nose especially those made of porous plastics.

For those with a septum piercing a septum retainer that is usually staple shaped is used to keep the it open.  It is very easy to hide a septum retainer by simply turning it up inside the nose. The staple shape makes them comfortable inside the nose.

Although some nose retainers are supposedly ideal for use on fresh piercings especially those made with non-porous quartz which is less porous, care should be taken since such materials are delicate and break easily inside the piercing wound.

Hoop Nose Piercing

captive bead ring
captive bead ring

Looking for information on hoop nose piercing? Then you are on the right track. If you are not aware, nose rings (include Hoop nose rings, Captive bead rings and circular barbells) are the best options for a new piercing as they make for a smooth healing process unlike nose studs which have a short bulb that needs to be pushed through the piercing.

Hoop piercings on your nose facilitate easy cleaning of a pierced which is an important part of care of a pierced nose. It also allows enough room for swelling which is a normal symptom of newly pierced nose that clears away in s few days.

Hoop nose rings are the most common type of nose rings and are what comes to the mind of many when talking about hoop piercing on the nose. A hoop nose ring is a simple ring that snags into the hole in the piercing.

Tiny Nose Piercing or Small Nose Piercing

Nose Piercing Jewelry – Types, Retainer, Hoop, Tiny, Small Nose Piercing - Nose Piercing Hoop

A small nose piercing is usually less noticeable and may be a good option for people looking for a subtle effect

For example, if you are working professional or student in a school where piercing of a nose is not very welcome, you should consider having a tiny piercing on your nose and having the professional piercer match the piercing jewelry as close as possible to your skin color.

Ideally a tiny nose ring should be used as it makes the piercing less susceptible to infection and irritation which is commonly associated with new piercings no your nose. This is because a ring renders itself more to better cleaning of the jewelry and the pierced area. Keeping the pierced area free of infection is especially important if you are looking to hide the piercing on your nose.

No matter how tiny or small your it is and how less noticeable it is, you still need to be cautious about the type of material you use as nose piercing jewelry. Ideally your piercing should be made of stainless steel, niobium or titanium as this makes your piercing less prone to infections and allergic irritations.

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