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Causes of Redness around Nose and How to Get Rid of Redness Around Nose

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Having a reddened look around your nose can be embarrassing. Unfortunately, facial reddening (on the nose and other facial features) is a common problem affecting 1 out of every 20 people according to data collected in a 2012 survey. This article will focus on redness on the nose alone. We’ll start by looking at some of the causes of redness around the nose and discuss some of the ways to get rid of the problem.

What Causes Redness around Nose

Causes of Redness around Nose and How to Get Rid of Redness Around Nose
Redness on and around the nose

Redness around the nose is triggered by numerous external and internal factors such as allergic reaction, too much spicy food, skin irritation, cigarette smoking, excessive consumption of alcohol, and extended exposure to harsh environmental elements especially cold temperatures, strong winds, and sunlight. Skin dryness and over-washing of the face can also cause it. Some skin ailments such as Rosacea are also known to lead to red skin around the nose.

How to Get Rid Of Redness around Nose

Redness around the nose is in general terms not considered to be a serious problem, since it clears on its own or with simple interventions. However, in some instances, it may be an indication of an underlying problem. Before going to a doctor, here are several steps that you may take to get rid of redness around your nose:

  1. Avoid spicy food: If you are fond of spicy foods and are struggling with this problem, the food could be the culprit. Consider cutting down on the spicy foods.
  2. Cut down on alcohol and cigarettes: alcohol takes away moisture, making the skin dehydrated and increasingly vulnerable to pore clogging. Excessive amounts of alcohol in the body also leave your blood vessels more susceptible to rupturing. When capillaries rupture, the blood coming from them go to the skin surface and can make the nose appear reddened. Cigarettes also dehydrate the skin in addition to exposing your body to more toxins. Avoiding alcohol and cigarettes (although not the easiest of options for most people) can help reduce redness around nose.
  3. Use a gentle face wash: You should also consider using a mild face wash that is formulated for sensitive skin twice a day, one time before sleep. Simply apply the face wash on the face and massage gently before rinsing it off with lukewarm water. Finally pat a towel gently (don’t rub it across) on your face to dry the face.
  4. Apply a water based (oil-free) moisturizing lotion or cream that has chamomile or any other botanical ingredient to soothe the skin. Apply it on the whole face and take some time to apply some more on the on the reddened area around the nose. Apply gently however to avoid peeling off the skin.
  5. Use a caffeinated serum: Once the moisturizing lotion has dried up, you may want to apply a serum containing caffeine on your nose. You can get one in your local drugstore. Simply rub some serum and rub it gently on your nose.
  6. Puff some green-tinted powder: once you have allowed the caffeinated serum some minutes to dry, use a powder puff or makeup brush to apply some green-tinted powder on the nose. According to the Cosmopolitan magazine, this can help to reduce the skin redness giving you a more evened-out look. You should however blend the powder properly to avoid having a greenish hue on the nose.
  7. Apply some concealer: this doesn’t really get rid of the redness around the nose but rather camouflages the skin discoloration. The best concealer to use is one that matches your skin tone.

Simply blend it in gently using a makeup sponge. You can as well use your fingertip, but you shouldn’t apply so much pressure to avoid removing the powder. The concealer should come last after the green-tinted powder.  If need be, reapply the concealer till the desires coverage is attained.

  1. Avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight, otherwise use a sunscreen.
  2. Avoid stress since it can also lead to temporary redness on the cheeks and nose

    Causes of Redness around Nose and How to Get Rid of Redness Around Nose 3
    Redness on and around the nose

Red Skin around Nose – When to see a Doctor

Having a red skin around the nose is generally not a cause of concern since it disappears easily with the above measures. You should see a doctor if it appears persistent. This might be an indication of a more serious underlying medical condition.

Red Dry Skin around Nose

The skin around the nose can get dry and red following exposure to harsh climatic conditions such as cold, windy weather (as happens in winter) and harsh household products (especially facial cleansers) which deprives the skin of its moisture. Skin conditions such ac eczema and can also cause red dry skin.

Some people might also experience red flaky skin around nose after exposure to harsh conditions. Moisturizing lotions, such as Aquaphor Healing Ointment can help to get rid of red dry skin around the nose. You should in addition adopt better skin care routines that eliminate any harsh products that dry out the skin.

Red Veins around Nose

Causes of Redness around Nose and How to Get Rid of Redness Around Nose 2
Red vein around the nose

Commonly known as spider veins, red veins around the nose are caused by several factors such as poor blood circulation, poor diet, weak blood vessels, smoking, and excessive consumption of alcohol. Some people are however genetically more predisposed to this problem than others.

Having red veins around nose is usually not a serious medical condition and often clears with simple natural remedies, such as regular exercise to improve blood circulation, applying apple cider vinegar to the red veins two times per day for one week, and taking cayenne pepper supplements.

But if necessary, dermatological procedures such as sclerotherapy (involves destroying problematic blood vessels using injections) and laser therapy (involves destroying problematic blood vessels using laser technology) can be performed to get rid of the condition. These procedures are however often expensive.

As we have seen, you can get rid of redness around nose by simple measures and lifestyle changes. Follow the above tips to get rid of that embarrassing red nose that you have been walking around with. Good luck!

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