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Shea Butter for Natural Hair – Cantu, Whipped, How to Use

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Cantu Shea butter for natural hair has cut a niche as a great brand. It gives different products thus giving many ways on how to use Shea butter for natural hair. Whether used while whipped, raw or refined, there are many benefits to gain from using it.

Is Shea Butter Good for Natural Hair – What It Does

Shea Butter is obtained from the Shea tree nut which is mostly found in West Africa. It acts as a natural moisturizing agent due to its hydrating properties. For decades, this conditioner has been used as a hair product. Due to the great things it does for, shea butter is good for use on natural hair.

Cantu Shea Butter for Natural Hair

Cantu Shea butter has a line of products that are specially made for natural hair. These products are meant for different hair care purposes and include:

Cantu Shea Butter Curling Cream: This helps in treating damaged and dry hair. It provides hair with intense moisture and makes it strong. The cream contains no mineral oils or any other harmful ingredients.

Cantu Leave in Conditioner: This is formulated for hair that is severely damaged. It helps in repairing hair breakage as well as stops the breakage. It also leaves hair soft and manageable as well as shiny.

Cantu Shea Butter Deep Treatment Masque: This is made to intensify moisture retention in hair as well as keep it strong. It helps to get rid of hair dryness as well as repair hair damage.

Cantu Shea Oil Moisturizer: This product for natural hair is made using pure butter. It helps in preventing hair breakage, detangles and puts frizz at bay. Where one has a dry scalp and hair, this moisturizer hydrates them. The end result is soft and lustrous tresses.

Whipped Shea Butter for Natural Hair

When used in its naturally occurring form, it tends to e firm. However, whipped Shea butter is easier to use. This can be done by mixing it with some carrier oils such as coconut oil. Whipping gives rise to a product that is fluffy and ultra moisturizing. The purpose of the carrier ingredient is to stop the already whipped one from hardening.

The process of whipping will involve scooping some and placing it in a metal owl. This metal bowl is then placed in a bigger bowl containing just boiled water. Once it has melted, add the coconut oil. With these two combined, use a hand held mixer to whip it. Mix the two until the mixture is no longer a liquid but a consistent and firm paste. The process should be done within 20 minutes in which the volume should increase up to three times. This can be stored for six months.

Raw Shea Butter for Natural Hair – Unrefined

Raw Shea or unrefined butter tends to have a deep yellow coloration. Since it is unrefined, all its nutrients remain intact. This is the most pure form and also happens to be the least processed. It is extracted manually which enables it to retain all its natural properties such as minerals and vitamins.

Best Shea Butter for Natural Hair

The best brand for natural hair will not contain any harmful additives. It will have all the ingredients intact to allow the hair to benefit from it. This is what is found in unrefined Shea butter. Where possible, the butter should be organic as well

Homemade Shea Butter for Natural Hair – How to Make

Most homemade, is made by fluffing. There are a number of recipes on how to do this. Following them will lead to a fluffy and smooth mixture. Once it has been made, it should be stored in a cool dry place that is dark. It is not necessary to have it refrigerated.

How to Use Shea Butter on Natural Hair

Shea butter is a natural product that will leave your hair that is natural looking and feeling great. It acts as a great sealant allowing hair to remain well hydrated. High quality Shea butter is a little more expensive than the rest. While in its natural state, it is a thick yellow butter which easily liquefies at room temperature. It is a great source of vitamins, moisture and vitamins for natural hair.  Its anti-inflammatory qualities help to keep the scalp healthy by soothing any itch.

This product can be used on both hair and scalp. It nourishes the scalp as well which improves growth of hair. When used on the scalp, it helps to soothe dry, flaky and irritated skin through its healing properties and moisture content. It also helps to moisturize the tresses thus reducing breakage and dryness. This results in stronger and longer hair.

Warm some Shea butter until it all melts. Work this through the hair and let it sit for 30 minutes. Cover your head in a plastic cap and wrap a hot towel over it for deep penetration. Wash off hair using shampoo and conditioner after this.

Another way of using it would be as a styling cream. Simply rub a small amount in your hands and apply it on hair. When using it for styling, keep it away from the scalp as it could make the hair look too greasy and unwashed.

Shea Butter Recipes For Natural Hair

Recipes are a great source of information on how to go about most things at home. These recipes give step by step instructions on various ways on how to make use of the product. These include how to whip it and making conditioners with it. There are many of them online for one to choose from depending on the needs of theirl hair.

Hair Butter for Natural Hair

Other than Shea Butter, there also are other brands of hair butter. These as well protect hair from damage, moisturize and make natural hair manageable. Some that are different include aloe butter and Cupuacu butter. These tend to be cheaper. A brand that is available in the market is Carol’s Hair Butter.

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